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  1. This is my last response to my post. Frankly the issue is not legal it is more marketing and customer relations. Turn a lemon into lemonade.. In order to maintain the goodwill of the passengers and more importantly travel agents the cruise line should go the extra mile.
  2. Class action for picking up all the passengers in Hong Kong when they knew the virus existed...A lot cheaper to be fair and generous now then having to be forced into a settlement which they certainly will do rather then risk a trial
  3. If they don't treat the customers fairly they will be in for class action suits and congressional hearings...it is a lot cheaper to do the right thing now
  4. Since you knew you would lose all your money you should not have cancelled...you should just have not shown up. Maybe the cruise line would have made a decision to refund there money.
  5. This is a situation that is truly an act of god and the cruise lines should be more concerned about their reputation rather then their internal rules or next quarters earning report. This is what should be done for this on the cruise now: 1. Full refund (not credit) 2. FCC credit for the same level cabin for any cruise in the next two or three years 3. Full payment for the air fares and hotels and 4. an inconvenience fee for an amount which I would peg as $10,000. They shouldn't worry about precedent as this is a once in a lifetime situation.
  6. Do any rental companies allow you to return the rental car to Port Everglades rather than the airport?
  7. Can you upgrade O air for an additional fee to business or first class?
  8. Will there be seder opportunities on the March 14th cruise to bermuda?
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