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  1. We have done the pullmans and the sofa with 4 in a room, but at a certain point it became easier to put our two boys either across the hall or next door. You may not be able to do that on the website, but we never had a problem having that done by calling when they were under 21. Started that when our oldest was 13 or 14.
  2. Fruit is a big no-no. Even from Hawaii to the main land. My mom (seasoned traveler) forgot she had a banana in her bag. A very nice beagle helped her remember it 🙂 Eat a big breakfast and take only sealed food off with you.
  3. The "specialty coffee" is not Starbucks if the ship has a Starbucks on it. It is from the Cafe Promenade, and they can make pretty much everything you can find at a Starbucks. I have never had an issue with it. You can also get lattes in the main dinning room if you enjoy those things after dinner. I have ordered frozen, virgin cocktails on the ship and then gotten a shot that I paid for. I don't believe that with the refreshment package OR the soda/pop package all have to buy it in the stateroom.
  4. We ran into old neighbors on one cruise but the most interesting one was on Harmony. March and the Wisconsin Badgers were in the March Madness. We got on an elevator with two ladies also wearing Badger gear. In our short ride we discovered that one woman was a good friend of my parents (who were also on this cruise!) they were headed off one way and us another and none of us had a pen to get room numbers! We exchanged contact info and arranged to meet them for drinks with my parents later. My parents were so surprised.
  5. Presuming Florida? I can't recall the Jags coming to Green Bay. Went to the Wisconsin/LSU game Labor Day weekend of 2016- it was VERY hot at that game, but we weren't passing out, but think they went through a record number of cases of water. Yesterday fans got two free hot chocolates or two free hot apple ciders as it was so cold....don't think that the beer sales were down at all 🙂
  6. Yep, if out of Wisconsin and I have a need for Brandy it is only Brandy and Coke. Wouldn't ever try and get an Old Fashioned....have tried and gotten some very interesting interpretations 🙂 But beer? Really, who runs out of beer?
  7. I would imagine that they have enough data to make sure they know what they should have on stock, but then again maybe not. As far as mint goes, that gets delivered with produce and my understanding is it can take some time to come up from the galley. Especially true on the first day or two. Just on a side note, we went to the Rose Bowl in 1994. Wisconsin hadn't been there in 30 YEARS! We were staying at the Big 10 Wisconsin hotel. They ran out of beer. Yes, they ran out of beer! We weren't being picky. No beer, at all. They weren't in the middle of the ocean, they were in LA. The hotel had no idea how much beer we would drink. They also didn't have brandy.....so it made for an interesting day or two until they were able to get restocked 😂
  8. Well, if you want to really go traditional, since the Captain is most certainly from Norway (at least on our last several cruises) then all should eat Lutefisk in honor of the Captain. If you are not familiar with it my grandmother would always make it for Christmas. We ate it (although most of us didn't like it very much). Google it. Now I would appreciated the lefse on the table and meatballs, and still enjoy those "traditional" and "cultural" foods. I think what most of the people here were trying to say, is if you sail out of a US port you will most likely get US related food. If we were sailing out of a European port I would expect to see more of what the area offered. Go back to my spaghetti on Christmas story. It isn't what you eat- it is who you are with and the memories you make. We too had spent a ton of money to spend Christmas at the "happiest place on Earth" but weren't staying on property. I guess we could have been really angry at the entire community of Orlando for not having either restaurants or grocery stores open on Christmas Day near our condo but we made spaghetti from Walgreens and enjoyed our family.
  9. This website has some nice templates that you can use- https://www.tripsavvy.com/parental-consent-forms-for-traveling-minors-3265651 We took a son's friend a number of years ago and he was 16 or 17. We had a notarized consent letter from his parents also indicating the ability for medical treatment if needed and to allow us to sign off the activity waivers as well. The waivers are actually in your cruise planner and are just check boxes. If you miss them or can't find them they will have waivers on the ship. FYI we were not asked for any off his papers from his parents, but I was prepared to show them.
  10. As an American, it is beef or ham but sometimes it is spaghetti from Walgreens. Long story on that one, but in short we were on vacation in Florida for Christmas and we thought we would be able to find a place for Christmas dinner (wrong) then we thought we could find a grocery store open on Christmas Day when we realized that the restaurant wasn't going to happen (wrong again!). The only place open was Walgreen's and the best we could do was spaghetti. We had 4 little kids with us. Our vacation wasn't ruined. We now just laugh about it.
  11. We did HAL round trip out of Seattle in 2008 for a 50th wedding anniversary. We had 4 kids (elementary, middle and high school), 4 grown kids and then the grandparents. We chose this route as the grandparents are HAL loyalists (hey, why not give them the points), air round trip out of Seattle was more favorable than one way and the itinerary went to Glacier Bay. Alaska is port heavy, so entertainment was not a big issue for us. The few shows we went to were fine. As we went in June it was light until midnight. We often were too tired to go to a show or just wanted to sit in the Crow's Nest, drink some Alaska beer and watch the world go by. Many multi-generational families. We found the food to be great and the service outstanding. I loved that HAL had fresh flowers everywhere! As we sailed from Seattle we hit Pike Market the morning of departure and bought huge bouquets of fresh flowers for our staterooms. Our attendant brought us containers for them. They lasted the entire 7 days and were a nice addition to our rooms. HAL and Princess are the ones known for Alaska and so I would start there. Look at the itineraries they are offering, and of course the dates. The prices may surprise you a bit if you are used to Caribbean cruises. I think just because the port taxes are a bit more. Check out the Alaska board here as well for ideas.
  12. Thanks for the information! We are looking forward to it. I like the idea of a small cooler for beverages. I have heard great things about Klein Bonaire so we will have to see how that works with our all aboard time or how tired we are after our day of adventuring.
  13. We haven't done it yet, going in April, but we are renting a golf cart. Look up Bonaire Cruisers on Google and YouTube. It looks like great fun.
  14. My bet is that your college aged son may have his BC- is he employed at school? If so, usually you need proof of citizenship to get a job- documents include BC or passport. Is it possible he took it to school? Did he go and get a new "real ID" driver's license? He would have needed his BC for that. Have him turn EVERYTHING upside down while you go to Vital Check and work on getting it replaced.
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