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  1. Layering is key as mentioned by bonsai3s. Being from the "north" we get layers and so we didn't have to buy really much. We took as a base long sleeve t-shirts or turtle necks, then a bit warmer base- for us sweatshirts/sweaters, then fleece jackets (which we bought in Alaska as a nice remembrance and pretty inexpensive) and packable vests (Land's End) to go over all if needed. For cruising in the bays we also had gloves/mittens and hats. We did not pack long underwear or tights for under our jeans. We cruised the second week of June. I do remember seeing many from the south finding the temps cold, but we left Wisconsin with the same weather we found in Alaska. As far as excursions, you should see if the ship offers accessible tours. If so, they have less walking. If you share where you are headed many on the Alaska board should be able to help you pick out things you could do in port. The views are amazing and so while you are cruising you might be just happy to sit and watch the world go by. Our ship also had many guest speakers come in and speak for the day we were in Glacier Bay.
  2. And remember to collect all of your bags at agriculture (again, a story for another time) 😉
  3. One tip. If you have not used a porter at the terminal to retrieve your luggage in the past. PR might be just where to do that. We did this past April. There is a different customs line for those of you who use a porter, and our porter got us a cab. We were quickly through the terminal (one we made it into the terminal.....but that is another story 🙂 ). Very much worth his tip- and we gave him a bit more as it was only two of us with three bags....some porters had a ton of bags with large families.
  4. Thanks for sharing! Very funny writing, and it sounds like you love Brandon very much! Glad he can see the humor in his misfortune. Keep writing.
  5. You do not want Kinos if you have flat feet. They are very simple sandals with NO arch support. https://kinosandals.com/
  6. Not sure if you would find the caffeine free at the bars but I do know the freestyle machines have it. The machines are just like the ones you find at Noodles & Co. or Wendy's. Here is a link to the machines if you have not had a chance to see one at work: https://www.coca-colafreestyle.com/
  7. Unfortunately if you go to their website they will not sell directly on any days cruise ships are in port. " Children of 3 and under enter free.Prices are per person.Cruise passengers must purchase their tickets directly with the Cruise lines. " Now I am not sure how they would know or be able to enforce this, perhaps they only sell to the cruise ship on the days ships are in port and they do not have general admission tickets on those dates. We have also been looking at this excursion.
  8. You can ask them to set up a special shoot just for your family. No sitting fee. We have done this on HAL for a 50th wedding anniversary with 10 people and on Royal. They are more than happy to help and as there isn't a line of people you get individual attention. With all the color you might want to do the shoot with one of their white drapes, barefoot. We have done that and the pictures were awesome. Just ask about it at the photo shop area once you are on the ship
  9. We just did a tour to Harrison's Cave in April. Our tour had a big bus out and an open four wheel truck on the way back which requires a big step up on a bumper step. As long as it isn't this tour (we bounced over rough off road trails on the way back,thank heavens for seat belts or I would have been very acquainted with the gentleman across the isle facing me!) When we arrived at Harrison's Cave the main upper entrance to the best of my recollection did not have any barriers. You take an elevator down into the gulley where you can wander around a bit and look at the beautiful trees and plants growing in the walls. The path is paved. When they call your group you then go into another building for information on Barbados. The "holding" area before you go into the small movie theater had limited seating, but hopefully someone would let your mother sit if needed. The little theater had some steps- but not in the first row. The tram was comfortable, and a small step up into it. They do stop to allow people off the tram, take pictures and such but you would not need to get off the tram. You take the elevator back up the main area after. I don't have a picture of the area up top, just from down in the gulley. First is the elevator down to the gulley, the next is the building you access the cave into. Here is the website that might be able to tell you more about what to expect. http://www.harrisonscave.com/
  10. Your destination is Jacksonville? I would drive and not deal with the hassle that is flying (TSA, boarding, sitting on the tarmac because you can't leave). A four or so hour drive is less stressful than trying to not stress about making an early flight- and if you opt for the late one- well, you could have been home by then. We have driven more often than flown to Florida for cruises (from Wisconsin) so I may be a bit jaded on this one 😉
  11. I wasn't thinking this June 🙂 yes that would be a very quick (and most likely expensive!) turn around. Just a thought for the future. Round trip meant a cruise starting and ending in Seattle. When you look at Alaska cruises you will find many that go one way, either from Vancouver BC north to say Seward, or just the opposite, Seward back to Vancouver. Those itineraries require you to buy a one way ticket to your port of embarkation and a one way ticket from where you get off, with one of course being in Canada. Often that can result in a more expensive way to do things- instead of starting and stopping in Seattle and buy one domestic round trip ticket.
  12. If you are considering Alaska at all you may want to do a round trip out of Seattle. Airfare because it is roundtrip may be more affordable, and you wouldn't have as long of a flight, also consider going on shoulder season. May or early June. The Alaska cruise we did was 7 days out of Seattle and was the first part of June (just after our kids got out of school) only a week later and the rates went up significantly. It might have been a bit cool for some, but it wasn't much different than what we left in Wisconsin 🙂 We also chose round trip because the airfare was much more reasonable. This was in 2011, so things may have changed. Would love to go back.
  13. Just because I am from Wisconsin, I get a bit annoyed when people say ice cream has eggs in it. Ice cream never has eggs in it, if there is egg in it, then it is a custard. Now, Wisconsin is also home to many great custard stands and yes, people get lazy and say lets go get ice cream at Kopp's (um, they don't have ice cream, only custard). Here is a link to the flavors at the UW Dairy Store, if you click on the flavors, you will get the ingredient list you will note that only the custard based flavors have eggs. The bigger issue (at least at Wisconsin) was that the ice cream isn't vegetarian. Ice cream has gelatin, which is an animal by-product (and is used as a binder), so people who would be willing to eat dairy (and eggs) were upset that they had been eating gelatin and had no idea about that, so now people look at the ingredient list to find the one or two flavors that don't include gelatin, the "super premium flavors" use plant based binders. So, now you have one more thing to worry about. https://babcockhalldairystore.wisc.edu/ice-cream/
  14. We were in the wall during the downpour, inside the gate. I have enjoyed your review. Thank you for doing it and allowing me to see some things we didn't see- even though we were on the same cruise. Below is the river that ran through the gate during the 30 minute or so downpour.
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