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  1. Not really, I don't think, no more so than if you were having it at one of the panning for gold excursions in Juneau or Skagway. But it's the setting that makes all the difference. If it's that much of a premium over the cost of the seaplane tour then just stick with the one you have.
  2. A lot of nice choices!!! I've only ever heard really remarkable things about the Tracy Arm Fjord Glacier Explorer. Watched a really nice video on it the other day... https://youtu.be/WeYjbPCYr-U?si=GZhgJcjz_GKKGV_F I've done the Taku Glacier Lodge and it's also really nice! Does that include the salmon bake lunch? Very exciting!
  3. Only what I gathererd from their FB page and Marine Traffic, in addition to refueling prior to the transatlantic passage she may have also picked up more crew and supplies. I did notice a ferry running between her and shore while she was at the eastern anchorage. And you're probably correct that they may have wanted to run the engines a bit before crossing the Atlantic. Here's a closer look at her position while at the anchorages, and where she was located a few days ago...
  4. Islander has moved to the inner anchorage and is currently refueling...
  5. BOOKED!!! 315 days to go and the shore excursion I have been waiting on finally showed up in the app today. Soooooo excited. 🎉
  6. Absolutely not. The last time I was in Glacier Bay it was raining and you really couldn't enjoy it. Of the five times that I've been to Alaska everything else other than the glacier days were the most important part of an Alaskan experience. The shore excursions are incredibly important - get out away from the city and see the surrounding areas, do a helicopter glacier tour or float plane excursion out to a glacier area like Taku, enjoy a salmon bake, take the White Pass & Yukon rail trip, enjoy a whale watching adventure, or jet-boat down to Misty Fjords. Don't skip Alaska simply because you cannot see Glacier Bay.
  7. The Fleet Week ships arrived this morning. BATAAN is docked at Pier 88 south. In the last screen grab you can see: (1) the tail end of the aircraft carrier Intrepid; (2) the Concorde; (3) USS BATAAN; and (4) Europa (with the orange and black funnel) docked at Pier 88 north. 😁
  8. Oddly enough I've never been. That was actually me just watching the ship's bridge cam while sitting in my apartment in West Virginia. My first ever visit to Hubbard Glacier will be in April 2025 on Norwegian Jade. I've been paying particular attention to the Norw. Jewel's bridge cam because she goes to Hubbard Glacier. I'm overly obsessed with my cruise to Alaska next year, even though I've already been to Alaska five times. I've heard about the only way you can get really close to Hubbard Glacier is to do one of the small boat excursions I think they run around $350 or more per person. Here's the bridge cam shot from yesterday, you can tell it cuts out right at the best moments...
  9. I don't know if it's been mentioned or not, but she is appearing on Marine Traffic if you want to follow along... Heading toward Gibraltar:
  10. This made me chuckle out loud! 😂 Sooooo true!
  11. The picture from their Facebook page...
  12. On FB too.., King Crab Shack 300 Whittier St. Across from the JAHC/ the KTOO building.
  13. The screenshot from yesterday as the Norwegian Jewel had departed Hubbard Glacier and was en route to Seward...
  14. Very interesting. 🤔 I'll be on Norwegian Jade at the end of April 2025 when she docks in Whittier as the first-ever NCL ship to use this port. I wonder if that new terminal will be completed by then?
  15. I did a B2B on the Royal Princess right after she first came out. It's my favorite class of ship. Love Princess Cruises. 🥰
  16. Keep in mind that there is the NCL shore excursion discount of $50 per passenger #1.
  17. Isn't there already an existing cruise ship dock at Whittier? Are they building a brand new one? I know Princess Cruises and Holland-America already use that port.
  18. According to the NCL shore excursions listing it can be in either direction. Keep in mind that passenger #1 gets the $50 discount.
  19. The final thoughts on OP's experiences are the ones that will stay with them. I'm definitely like her, not wanting to drop an enormous amount of money and come away completely dissatisfied and regretting my choices. In the past week I've joined a couple of Facebook pages specifically dedicated to the Norwegian Jade. I am keeping my ear close to the ground with updates on every sailing.
  20. Just wanted to preface this by saying I truly enjoyed your Live thread. As a newbie to NCL and having booked 32-nights on Norwegian Jade for the repositioning cruise to Alaska next April your Life Rings review, along with the cruise comments and now the sickness reports from your fellow cruisers, are giving me major anxiety attacks. Even over on FB I'm reading bad things on Jade and NCL. In January I cancelled a Coral Princess EB Panama Canal cruise in favor of the NCL itinerary. I'm trying to stay positive with 319 days to go! 🥺
  21. What ship are you on and what is your arrival date? Depending on where your ship is docked, it could be 10-15 minutes walking distance up a slightly inclined roadway or boardwalk, or right next to your ship. Keep in mind that depending on how many ships are in port the sidewalks can be extremely crowded, especially when it is raining and everyone is under an umbrella and trying to stay sheltered. 😁
  22. My cruise on NCL is at the very beginning of April 2025. I booked my first shore excursion on March 19th of this year. I now have 9 total booked. Now, this cruise is a very LONG cruise that starts in Tampa, goes through the Panama Canal, up the coast of Central America, Mexico, California. and ends in Alaska. The very first shore excursion for the Alaska portion I booked was on March 28th of this year, still over a year before my ship even starts and still over a year before we even get to Alaska. So, if you see a shore excursion that you really want book it now. You can always cancel it later. 😁
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