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  1. v3cruiser


    What a bummer.
  2. v3cruiser

    Smoking is such a nuisance on cruise ships

    They should have never gotten rid of the smoking/cigar lounges. Most are just unused rooms now specially on carnival or they are getting rid of the lounges entirely and moving in more staterooms. Poorly designed layout didn't help as you would have to walk through them much like the casino to get to spaces on other side. People smoke and will bend the rules if necessary such as smoking on balcony when options are limited. I'll have a few cigars on a cruise(on the rear deck outside where it's still allowed,) reminiscent of the gilded years of transatlantic travel. It's not about smoking, but the people I meet and converse with even though a nice stogie and scotch in hand are a plus. Back when there were cigar lounges and men could discuss topics of the day and network. Things have obviously become soft and touchy-feely. I think I'm due for a QE2 experience.
  3. v3cruiser

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    My upgrade email and banner disappeared entirely. LOL. I guess they didnt like i lowered my bid.
  4. v3cruiser

    Norwegian Star water slide removal??

    so glad the slides are gone. So many cruises we've sailed where slides are closed and deck space wasted. Looking forward to sailing her and modern, sophisticated look! All the updates look amazing. There are a whole host of ships with plenty more kid orientated areas.
  5. v3cruiser

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    So not much chance of an upgrade after a cruise is sold out?
  6. Love the victory. Had our Honeymoon cruise out of san Juan. Perfect ship for that port with the spanish themed lido. Will certainly miss the Emerald green atrium if they change it up. Glad they will be adding a steakhouse!
  7. v3cruiser

    Women scared by towel monkey!

    Oh the humanity!
  8. v3cruiser

    NCL Excursions or Lack of Excursions

    I havent been overtly impressed with excursions offered on our upcoming cruise either. not many reviews at all. Few photos. I understand central america isnt traveled as much as Caribbean, but reading many of the excursion descriptions doesnt exactly make us all that giddy as I know from browsing online that there is alot to see at most stops but some of the excursions are pretty milk toast when I know there is more to see but dont weant to do a private excursion without ncl's umbrella.
  9. Seems the seas on the eastern side of caribbean islands, the Atlantic side, is more choppy than sailing on the western side. Sailed it twice in within 45 days and the pattern was the same. It also depends on weather/storms as one time we where headed north after visiting the ABC islands and a front pushed through by Cuba and we were rocking and rolling that night on the Glory while staying in a 4j!
  10. v3cruiser

    Carnival Vista - Not great reviews?

    That's quite a profound observation there. I'll have to check out deck mm plans but always enjoyed walking the promenade and having views of the sea or port.
  11. I would think original price paid does have influence on whether or not your bid is accepted. Lets say you paid 1000/person for an oceanview, got the upgrade choice for balcony. its current rate is 2000. Your current oceanview room however, due to others being sold out is now selling at 1300. I would think your upgrade offer, lets say 150/person(300 total) plus the difference they will gain in selling your room at a higher price, for this example $600 total or more , than what you paid would increase their revenue as well as influence what bids getting excepted for upgrades or not. In the end NCl is getting your upgrade money plus the additional room rate difference from the room you are moving from. In this example ncl would gain 900. not so much if the oceanview paid for the person upgrading was bought at 1200, the upgrade bid and cost difference would only add up to 500. just theorizing here. cheers. . .
  12. Wife and I decide if we’re going to hang out on lido, preferably the aft pool, which may or may not be adults only still, to get out there early. She has her beach bag and I my backpack. Unless we’re both in the pool, only one of us will leave are chairs to get food or drink. There’s been many times I’ve heard people complaining only minutes after we left our chairs to take a dip. I think this chair problem will only get worse in the future as ships only get bigger but the chairs per passenger ratio and size sq /ft of lido deck only gets smaller or stays the same as a 90k ton ship with double or triple the passenger counts!
  13. v3cruiser

    NCL Panama canal cruisers ...

    I booked an excursion thru NCL as well. I hope it pans out. Looking forward to the cruise none the less!
  14. v3cruiser

    How far out do everyone book cruises?

    6 months to 2 years out, average 1 year. . Besides onboard expenses, we like having everything paid off before we sail as well as having time to plan and we always have to figure in airfare as well. Doing Panama Canal but booked that one almost two years prior to sail date.
  15. It’s a great ship. Plenty of space and the roof over lido is pretty nice if weather turned sour. Steakhouse experience was excellent! Hope it can get into drydock for some fresh paint and some sprucing up soon.