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  1. Anyone recently on Mariner to confirm sky pad is open? It is listed for reservations on the cruise planner for our cruise in July.
  2. Is the Solarium Bistro open for dinner on Mariner?
  3. You are correct about events going on, and there have been shows, movies, line dancing that have gone on. They did not reach the threshold of this event. This , however, was extreme noise , much more than anything we’ve experienced this week. That is my complaint about the extreme shouting, music ,etc.
  4. We are currently sailing on Allure. This cruise was booked after the cancellation of our Oasis cruise, after which we booked a boardwalk balcony cabin on Allure as choices were limited. Everything was going OK with a few minor problems until last night. They had informed guests they were rewarding crew members for a 99% rating on their last inspection by allowing them access to the Boardwalk from 8:00 til 12:00 last night. That seemed OK to us until we returned to our cabin at 9:30 after dinner and a show. The noise from the Boardwalk with the door closed was unbearable to even sit and watch tv, much less go to sleep. There was a reggae band blasting music and a person singing, yelling , and more from the crowd. After dealing with it for a while, I called guest services and they said they’d send security to our room! What? My husband went down to guests services at 10:30 to complain again. They took his complaint and said it would stop at 11:00, which it did. If we had been outside in the hall making such noise , I’m sure there would have been security there right away! Needless to say, I am not happy with the situation that unfolded and are going to request compensation for several hours of interrupted calm in my cabin, much less the lack of sleep. By the way, when they did shut it down , the singer yelled out somebody closed them down! Yes, a paying guest!
  5. We are going on a family cruise with our children and grandkids , staying in 3 separate cabins. Is it possible for me to purchase onboard credit for each grandchild prior to boarding?
  6. As an update, we won’t be in cabin 9695 next week as we changed to one closer to the aft. Not because of the haunted cabin, just the location was better. So I can’t give any feedback on our experience regarding the haunted cabin. However I do have evidence of such in a photo during the day and cold sober!
  7. Well, we are in Allure cabin 9695 for the May 12 sailing!I will post our experience if we have any paranormal activity! I will say that several years ago we were at the pond on our property in the country and randomly took several pictures of the trees as it was fall. When we looked at them that evening on the digital camera there were wispy areas of smoke in the shape of people. Not a fire around! This property was the home for native Americans as we have found arrowheads (hundreds) and pottery on the property. Needless to say, we believe they were real spirits!
  8. We are looking at this excursion and would like feedback from those who have done this excursion. The description names several sights to see on Nevis and then lunch on Pinneys Beach. Any idea which restaurant is included in the tour as it does specify a meal and drinks are included? We specifically wanted to eat at Sunshines Beach Bar.
  9. We have always enjoyed going to Saint John on a cruise, especially Trunk Bay and Strolling around Cruz Bay. We'll be there in May 2019 and wondering if Woodys and other restaurants are open. How much damage is still there!
  10. Has anyone been able to use drink vouchers on Oasis in main dining room or specialty restaurants?
  11. We are flying to MCO for our Oasis TA in April and have booked Cocoa Shuttle to Radisson after our flight arrives. We usually drive to this port but we won’t have our car this time, so what are our options for purchasing wine for our carry on? Would a taxi be a feasible option to a Publix or some other store in Cocoa Beach? Any suggestions?
  12. Got an email about delayed boarding today. Seem to remember there is a separate boarding line and seating area for diamond guests at the terminal. Hoping that will help us to avoid the crowding they anticipate due to repairs on the ship. Is this correct?
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