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  1. Depends on the show and the size of your party. A party of two can probably get by with 20 minutes, except for the comedy show where I'd probably do 30 minutes or more. A larger party that wants to sit together should go as early as possible.
  2. Symphony is newest, Oasis is the mot recently updated until March, then Allure.
  3. Not sure if this still works, byt you might also try asking the excursion people at shorex@rccl.com.
  4. The nightly function was originally implemented by one particular HD and I'm guessing that the company wanted consistency with Empress which did not have this event.
  5. Also check your Order History in the Cruise Planner for any reservations that may have been made.
  6. It does not really make a difference what Royal calls the dress suggestion, there's no real difference.
  7. Keep checking your Cruise Planner, the various items show up at seemingly random times.
  8. Yep, that's one of the bad parts. If you miss your reservation, then you have to use the standby line for antother performance.
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