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  1. Harmony didn't get a Solarium pool. For Symphony Royal added a small Solarium pool.
  2. I believe they normally make the Sports Pool adults only.
  3. First I've heard that Evian is part of any unlimited drink package.
  4. Where does it say that prices must be justified? All RC needs to know is that someone will pay it.
  5. I find it incredible that they would try to foist that BS on you about sparkling water not being covered. I'm sure they have a 90% success rate getting people to back down. Unfortunately, it seems the people on board are acting more and more like RC corporate management.
  6. The credit is the is one guest's stateroom cost, using an average of stateroom costs of all your guests. I would strongly advise you to use a reputable travel agent and have the guests deal directly with the agent.
  7. Adventure has a Diamond Lounge (for Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Pinnacle) and Suite Lounge.
  8. The headliner show is the same during a single sailing. I doubt it is possible to make more than one reservation per cruise.
  9. Also check here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/95-key-west/
  10. Would be nice, but somehow I doubt that will happen.
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