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  1. Never knew there was a difference between booking independently and transferring into a group vs initially booking with the group.
  2. Weather varies. We've done this about a half-dozen times. Sometimes it's around 70 and sunny, other times it can rain and be overcast almost the entire trip. Motion has been constant, varying between mild and moderate.
  3. You can call Gifts & Gear yourself and have the wine delivered to them: 800-722-5443
  4. You pay in full at the time of booking. However, if you have onboard credit from Royal, you can use that for pre-cruise purchases.
  5. I don't think an onboard account can be secured with the prepaid credit card. However, a cash type onboard account can be paid off with a prepaid credit card.
  6. Depends on the port personnel. Sometimes they allow it, sometimes they are strict.
  7. From what I've read, the ability to limit arcade spending varies by ship. Guest Services will be able to tell you about possible arcade limits on your cruise.
  8. Julie, thanks for the enjoyable review and all the scans of compasses, menus, wines, cocktails, etc. This will be useful to many.
  9. Just looked back on some old bookings and saw we had a group rate on a Jewel transatlantic back in Nov 2017. One of the best prices we ever had for a transatlantic, JS was $1259pp (before taxes) for 13-nights, and from that they gave us $350 off for the balcony discount.
  10. Yes, each guest in a GS (or better) gets a one-device stream package.
  11. It's been so rare that we get a JS group rate that I never noticed that Royal didn't play the fake discount game on those rates. Very good to know.
  12. Unfortunately, we don't often find JS category available at group rates. Also, are you saying that group rates don't do the fake discounts?
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