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  1. Host Clarea

    The vexatious issue of tipping

    We don't normally opt for Chops anymore, but the service at our last few times at Chops unfortunately did not warrant additional tip.
  2. Host Clarea

    Anthem’s daily cruise compass?

    You should post the itinerary of interest to you, as the Cruise Compass varies by itinerary.
  3. No, I do not have first hand knowledge. I've read multiple reports here of that practice.
  4. Host Clarea

    Can OBC be used towards gratuities?

    Then you would have to call Royal's customer service to pre-pay gratuities. Should not be a long process, they seem to have streamlined their workflow when it comes to taking money.
  5. Host Clarea

    Concierge - Diamond Lounge Differences

    I agree, I don't think the numbers justify the change. Plus, it's not as if they have a large underused space available on those ships (like the card & game rooms on Voyager/Freedom) to use as a new lounge. I think they would actually have to change the name of the CL, which they seem reluctant to do.
  6. Host Clarea

    Can OBC be used towards gratuities?

    You must contact whoever booked your cruise to pay for gratuities after the initial booking.
  7. If you dispute a charge with Royal, they will typically blackball that credit card.
  8. Host Clarea

    Can OBC be used towards gratuities?

    Yes, you can use OBC towards gratuities. No need to tell anyone, it will be automatic as long as you do not prepay gratuities.
  9. Host Clarea

    Internet package

  10. Cafe Promenade, Windhammer, and the MDR have complimentary hot water and tea bags.
  11. If that is not a round trip, then it would be a repositioning cruise.
  12. With the exception of room service, I've never seen a pot of tea served.
  13. Host Clarea

    Concierge - Diamond Lounge Differences

    So far, I'm thinking they leave the CL on Radiance and Vision class ships.
  14. Depends on the itinerary.
  15. Host Clarea

    The vexatious issue of tipping

    Nothing when gratuity is automatically added to the room service fee. If room service is "free" (continental breakfast in the morning), then I'll give a few dollars depending on the size of the order.