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  1. At this point, I sure hope you are correct.
  2. looks like a big ol juicy nothingburger, at least where return to cruising is concerned
  3. My question is, how much longer can these cruise lines stay afloat with no cruising? It seems they are purposely trying to kill the industry.
  4. Im starting to wonder if I will ever get to cruise again. My TA (thankfully I actually have one this time) has been trying to lift and shift my September 2021 Alaska cruise to September 2022 and now Royal Caribbean is telling her that because my original FCC was issued because of a cancelled cruise over Hurricane Dorian that that credit had to be used by December 31 2020. The thing I dont understand is that FCC from the cancelled Harmony cruise was used to book the Alaskan Ovation cruise which was suppose to happen in August of 2020 and they had no problem lifting and shifting to Septembe
  5. My TA is out of pocket for a bit right now so thought I would ask here. She lifted and shifted my up coming September Alaska cruise to September 2022. Same cabin, same ship but a little different itinerary. Now BOTH cruises are showing up on the Royal Caribbean website under my account. Is this normal? I dont recall that happening last year.
  6. At this point, I would just gladly take a full refund and use that to book a land vacation to Alaska. Around 2K of my money has been held up since Summer of 2018. I booked Alaska for August last year using a FCC from a cancelled Harmony cruise because of hurricane Dorian. Of course Alaska was cancelled and we lifted and shifted to September 2021 and thats not going to happen either. No refund for me. I originally booked refundable deposit.
  7. I have decided to go with the experience cruise over the glacier cruise, if they will allow the swap for my lift and shift. It adds Sitka instead of the Dawes glacier. Both cruises list going through the inside passage though. The reason being is as BecAus said, sometimes the glacier isnt accessible.
  8. Thank you Jimbo! Never even crossed my mind!
  9. I cant tell if you are being sarcastic or not? Its so hard these days. So holding his toddler granddaughter out the window from the 11th deck wasnt wrong? They were just suppose to overlook the gross negligence? You cant believe charges were brought against the grandfather. Most of us cant believe the family is suing the cruise line.
  10. Yes, I absolutely am because I require a wheelchair accessible cabin and those are booking up over a year in advance now and a refund is not an option. Thats why I HOPE my TA will know something Friday. I already have the 2022 cruise and cabin picked out.
  11. Now that Alaska is pretty much "off the table" of course in my cruise planner, EVERYTHING has dropped in price. Deluxe Bev package - 43.00 pp/pd, UDP - 179.00, White Pass train - 110.99. They are already holding over 3 grand of my money and have been for a couple years. They arent getting another dime from me
  12. Sigh. Honestly, Ive been expecting this any day now. Guess I need to be looking on to 2022 in order to get an accessible cabin reserved. Make that 5 years between cruises now, in order to answer a previous thread.
  13. Following. Im in the EXACT same shoes.
  14. October 2017 😅 on Carnival Magic. I had Harmony of the Seas booked for August 2019 and hurricane Dorian happened. Cancelled that one and used the FCC to book Alaska August 2020 and COVID happened. Used the FCC to book Alaska again for September 2021 and I really dont think that will happen either. As someone said above, I just hope my last cruise isnt my last cruise. It will have been almost 4 years in between cruises if i actually get to cruise in September. WAY too long
  15. Sigh, I guess I need to contact my TA. My August 2020 Alaska cruise was L&S to September 2021 and the last two invoices Ive gotten after my FCC was applied shows I have actually "overpaid" 58.90.
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