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  1. IMO, they deserve and should get double tips for infants.
  2. Which can bring up another argument in these threads as to whether they have to turn that cash into the tipping pool or can they keep it. Ive seen it reported here that if you remove auto grats that any cash you give has to be turned in. If you leave auto grats in place, they can keep cash you give above that. Who really knows how it works other than Royal Caribbean.
  3. At the time you book online before confirming everything it gives you the option to prepay grats. After that, I think you have to call 🙂
  4. its been a while since weve had a good tipping thread. Yes they know. I too have seen the list. Ive had cabin attendants tell me they know Ive already prepaid. I prepay and then give cash at the end to those who I think deserve it. That generally means my cabin attendant, waiter and asst waiter. I however do not "bribe" them anymore by handing them a 20.00 immediately the first time I see them. Personally, I look at the daily gratuity charge as a service charge and would be ok with Royal making it mandatory. Its just another expense of the cruise. YMMV
  5. And it will likely be as good or even better than most Cuban cigars too. Im no connoisseur by any stretch but Cuban cigars are highly overrated IMO and too expensive.
  6. Thanks for that info! Its an August cruise to Alaska 🙂 We had it purchased for the 9-1-19 Harmony cruise at 175.00 pp but cancelled because the cruise was shortened to three days because of Dorian. Ive heard of prices as low as 126.00 pp on Black Friday sale. I would love to see that!
  7. I am in hopes that the Unlimited Dining Package will be included
  8. Royal use to have the most comfortable beds Ive ever slept on. Now, the number one complaint is they are "hard as a rock" even from people that like a firm mattress. It never ceases to amaze me at how this company is always looking to "fix" things that arent broke. They must have got these new mattresses at a blowout special.
  9. Cocoa Beach Shuttle will take you directly to the front doors of your hotel. Its a little more expensive than 20.00 per person though https://cbshuttle.com/cocoa-beach/
  10. I havent added the travel insurance yet. I have not assumed anything. Yes I will confirm that Air2Sea flights are covered through Royals Travel Protection. Either way, booking the flights through Air2Sea were reasonable and there is some added protection if things go wrong. That was mainly my point
  11. I would give them a call. I actually went through Air2Sea for our flights from Atlanta to Seattle next August. We got roundtrip, nonstop on Delta for 512.00 per person and the tickets are refundable. Right now that beats Deltas rate on their website. Good, bad or indifferent, I was comfortable with those prices. I could have likely went with Southwest for a cheaper rate but they dont offer non stop to SEA and that was very important to me. I also like that I dont have to pay any money until our final payment date and since I am going through Royal for travel insurance, our flights should be covered. We can actually choose our seat right on Deltas website but Im not sure how that would work with me being in a wheelchair so Im not going to change anything
  12. For our 9-1 Harmony cruise that we cancelled because Dorian, we got UDP for 175.00 per person. For Ovation It is still 199.00. Hoping for a Black Friday sale or at least hoping it goes to 175.00 pp again
  13. The UDP is also showing up for $215.00 on some sailings too. I guess as long as people will pay it, they will keep raising it.
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