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  1. I think they are simply cost cutting, buying much cheaper quality food (especially meats) and taking as many shortcuts as possible to maximize profits. Its been going downhill for years it seems. My last RC "included" dining experience was not even close to my first. Neither was the experience in Chops Im actually thinking about getting the Unlimited Dining package for my Harmony cruise and only going to the MDR on rosemary lambshank night. Hopefully they havent messed that particular dish up
  2. Im really surprised they let him in. That is one of the very FEW prohibited clothing items in the MDR. Of course this sign is likely old too. Shorts are permitted any time and people wear their caps too. Oh well
  3. The cruise lines are trying their best to get away from doing them IMHO. Same thing is happening on Carnival and Carnival hasnt even been doing them that long. They can claim "lack of participation" as a reason to 86 them if they dont get the invites out in a timely manner and no one shows up. Its always best if you are in a Roll call or on a certain social media platform that shall remain unnamed group to set up your own unofficial meet and greet. They are better anyway IMO. The last one I set up on a Carnival cruise we had around 200 stop by. I pre arranged it through John Heald to have it in the Red Frog Pub. Totally filled the Pub. The bar attendants made bank on all the extra tips from ordered food and drink.
  4. Thank you so much! I leave on Harmony in 83 days (but who is counting?) on this same itinerary. Do you happen to remember which nights were formal nights by chance? We are trying to figure it out in our group but havent seen any cruise compasses for this itinerary yet. Thanks again! Great review!
  5. Sorry, but I chuckled aloud at this! Mass half organized chaos in a loud dining room that serves banquet food and has singing waiters twirling napkins over their head does not equal fine dining in any way, shape or form lol.
  6. You actually can go back in and add the photos later using Update check-in/Set sail pass, or of course, have them do it at the terminal
  7. Because Ive heard of horror stories of peoples cruises getting cancelled over a small balance they didnt even know they owed and I wanted an updated invoice. THAT is WHY I be calling. Not that I owe you an explanation or its any or your business or anything.
  8. Im on Harmony September 1 and someone on the current Captains list has done the math and told me Captain Johnny should be back off vacation the week before my cruise (or even the week before that) so yes he should be your Captain as well ๐Ÿ™‚ Very excited to finally get to sail on his ship!
  9. I highly doubt it ๐Ÿ™‚ I would say that risk is VERY small. If I dont use mine I just wake up gasping for air in the middle of the night. The very second you stop breathing for even a fraction of a second, your brain will likely wake you up
  10. That is my concern too. I generally do the same thing as you mentioned. The last one I got was in February when I paid the cruise off. Something told me to call last night and now I am glad I did.
  11. Yesterday was final payment date on my upcoming cruise. Ive been paid in full for months but I called RC last night just to make sure NOTHING was owed and to get an updated invoice. Being it was going to be 15 minutes to talk to a CSR I opted to use the automated service which did in fact confirm that no balance was due. I requested an updated invoice to be sent to my email. Got to work this morning and checked my email and its showing a $41.98 balance so I called RC back. They confirm once again that I am paid in full and they would send yet another update invoice showing that and said that the call was recorded and there was nothing to worry about. Well I get TWO more invoices about 20 minutes later. Once shows a 0.00 balance and the other still shows a 41.98 balance ๐Ÿ™„ Sigh! I guess the only thing I can do is keep an eye on my reservation and take the invoice with me that shows 0.00 due that is dated one day after final payment date. Or maybe Im just worried about nothing. Could be the case too.
  12. UPDATE - I requested an updated invoice last night as yesterday was our final payment date. It has "mattress toppers" listed as a "disability request". This was done by the Special Needs dept. Now whether or not we receive them without having to make an additional request remains to be seen ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. I havent sailed out of FLL yet but I am very partial to PC. I love the area and getting through the port is such a breeze. FLL is 3 hours further and I already have a 8.5 hour drive so it doesnt really appeal to me. Not to mention, RC has always kept a fairly new ship at PC to sail the Eastern and Western itineraries. There are more choices out of FLL but for me, I will stick to PC or Tampa because they are both closer to home.
  14. That is the real HSC! This is how it was prepared before they went to the frozen Tyson product correct? There was a show about Oasis released about 10 years ago that showed the galley making what Im pretty sure was the real Honey Stung Chicken on embarkation day.
  15. I just emailed the special needs department at special_needs@rccl.com requesting two egg crate pads. I will let everyone know what the response is. Im pretty sure they will tell me to request such an item after we board the ship.
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