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  1. Im sailing on Ovation August 21 and I concur. Hurricane Dorian completely ruined my last booked cruise that I booked over 500 days out so it will be well over 900 days since my last cruise when the next one gets here. There is NO WAY I am cancelling this one. My cruise is already paid, airfare already paid, spending money saved and my days off have been approved. The only thing stopping me will be death or a RC cancellation.
  2. I use to see it for 175.00 pretty regularly with the original pricing being 199.00 per person. it seems now that since "Black Friday" that the new sell price is 179.00. That is currently what it is for our Alaska cruise on Ovation.
  3. That is what I will use as well, from here on out. its like 32.00 for the entire trip.
  4. That is the problem with these "never again" threads. The OP generally never returns to them with any details whatsoever nor to read everyone's suggestions. Its as if this is just a place to come vent their anger and frustration out to strangers.
  5. I really dont see how Royal Caribbean is the big bad evil cruiseline in this situation. I have never ever purchased a cruise from either a TA or the cruiseline directly, that i wasnt offered trip insurance. I always always always get it either through the cruiseline itself or through insuremytrip.com. I would have to guess that the OP declined this coverage. These unfortunate type situations are EXACTLY what a trip cancellation policy is for. I bet with as many customers that RC has, they literally get hundreds of these calls a week. What if they gave in to each request? I would call another Rep at RC if I were the OP but fully expect to get the same answer. You might even try Resolutions. They have been known to show some compassion in some situations.
  6. This right here, would be my deciding factor. I havent cruised on NCL but $4K is two more cruises paid for. No way it can be THAT bad.
  7. "Honey Stung Chicken" on Royal use to carry the same hype as a Guys Burger. i guess it signifies that you are finally on a ship on vacation and that is a main go to when boarding except for a long time the HSC was only offered in the Windjammer on boarding day. People on Carnival tend to flock to Lido buffet upon boarding leaving Guys with very short wait time. I enjoy Guys burgers. I have to chuckle when i hear they are greasy. Burgers are suppose to be greasy. The best burger to me is made with 73/27 ground beef. I actually think Guys Burgers are 80/20 ground chuck though. They are certainly better in MY opinion than Johnny Rockets and it is a nice touch that they are included. I like the toppings like the carmelized onions etc. The thing i cant stand on Carnival that carries even more hype than a Guys burger is the warm melting chocolate cake. Gross!
  8. Our dining packages and excursions were automatically refunded for the hurricane Dorian cancellation. Pretty quickly too I might add.
  9. Sounds like a great deal to me. I sail on August 21st and balconies are $1594 before taxes. We are in a virtual balcony interior because there were no handicap accessible balconies avail when I booked last September. Even they are 1040.00 before taxes now.
  10. I would love to take a solo cruise! I just cant stomach having to pay double. lol ๐Ÿ˜ž Enjoy yourself!
  11. This is why I love cruising out of Port Canaveral. My vehicle is equipped with hand controls. Parking is free of charge. You can also park there for free if you are a Disabled Vet with a DV tag or you have a Florida Toll Exemption pass. I would still gladly pay it though if I had to. The convenience is very much worth it over parking at the hotel or an offsite lot
  12. Ben was right. I use the word "included" instead of free.
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