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  1. The 7-day limit isn't the answer because Royal has released other 2022 Transatlantics that are more than 7 days. The Canada port call could, however, be a possibility. Another thing I thought of is that this sailing might be a private charter. Royal Caribbean agent couldn't provide a reason to me. Thanks to all who replied.
  2. I'm interested in taking a Transatlantic cruise to Southampton in 2022. Anthem of the Seas current itineraries show that it has a cruise ending in New York on May 1st and one starting in Southampton on May 13th but they show no Transatlantic itineraries for this ship but do for the rest of the fleet that is being deployed in Europe. It can't be a dry dock because it just had one. And if they plan to sail empty, which is doubtful, it doesn't take 12 days. Anyone know what's going on with this?
  3. Thanks to all for the information. I've sailed NCL a few times but never had lectures but figured ocean crossings might be different. This gives me some encouragement.
  4. I'm considering a transatlantic cruise on NCL and was wondering if they have lectures for all those sea days. Has anyone done one of these and have firsthand information? Would greatly appreciate it.
  5. Thanks for the info. If that's the case it shouldn't present any problem fitting into my schedule. I e-mailed Punta Sur Eco Park but they haven't had the courtesy to reply.
  6. I'm planning on visiting Punta Sur Eco Park and, among other things I want to do, is the boat ride on the lagoon. However, I can't find anything concerning the boat schedule or how long it takes. Does anyone have this information? Any info will be appreciated.
  7. Yes, the train schedules are different on the weekend but I've got something picked out for Sunday to Portsmouth that should work. That is my plan for the day unless I wind up having to stay on the ship a bit longer, in which case I'll head for Winchester.
  8. I won't be driving in the UK but I don't mind getting around by train. Have done it on several occasions. Thanks for the tour suggestions. Have already been to Windsor Castle. Since it appears I'll have sufficient time on shore I will get away from Southampton. I'm leaning towards Portsmouth because the Dockyards tickles my history fancy. But, Winchester is still an option especially if the time available is shorter than I would like it do be to do Portsmouth. Once again, thanks to all for the numerous suggestions AND info on Cunard's disembark/embark procedures in Southampton for R/T passenge
  9. Thank you everyone for your thoughtful replies. My plans are flexible at this point so I think what I'll do is pick out the itinerary (except for Winter) that has the most time in Southampton so I'll be able to do more ashore. If in-transit passengers can, indeed, get off very early, that would be just great! Again, thanks to all for the help. I should have enough info now to make a decision once I go through Cunard's itineraries more carefully.
  10. Thanks for the clarification. I've cruised almost 60 times but only once on Cunard (I don't like to get dressed up) so I was unfamiliar with the D. Now I know.
  11. What is the "D"? I might go to Portsmouth if I have enough time because the dockyards/Mary Rose seems like it would be really good but quite time consuming. Thanks for your reply.
  12. You are better off on Royal Caribbean even though it tends to cost more than Carnival. While there isn't anything seriously wrong with the Glory, the Voyager class ships are much more spectacular and offer much more to do. Royal generally provides a better cruise experience than Carnival although I have to admit that Carnival's shows tend to be slightly better and there food is just as good. In fact, Carnival's lunch options (free ones) might be the best in the business. Still, when all is said in done, the WOW factor or Royal would the deciding factor in my view. As far as feeling too crowded
  13. I'm planning to do a round-trip Trans Atlantic on the QM2 from New York. The only "port of call" is Southampton where many passengers will leave the cruise and others embark for the one way trip to New York. I would like to spend time on shore in Southampton but don't know how much time I will have since different cruise lines and ports handle "in-transit" passengers in different ways. Has anyone done the round-trip and can give me some idea as to what time I could expect to get off the ship? Also, would the on-board time be the usual half-hour before sailing as in most ports or do they requir
  14. Thanks for your reply. It sounds like something I can handle and will give it a try. If they try to eat my t-shirt they won't get too much to eat!
  15. I'm thinking about doing Avarius at Costa Maya port as part of the port pass program. However, I'm a little skittish about swinging bridges. Does anybody know if these bridges swing a lot and about how long they are? I can handle a little of each. Also, I'm coming on MSC Cruises and they don't seem to offer the port pass as part of their excursion program. I assume you can buy the port pass once on shore---correct?
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