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  1. Has anyone done this excursion? Looking for any info and if anyone knows what tour operator they use. Thanks
  2. jbiker

    Rum Bus Beach

    Thank you. Was hoping they were more on the beach closer to the water on the sand.
  3. jbiker

    Rum Bus Beach

    Did they have any loungers right on the sand or was everything closer to the bar area? Thanks for the review!
  4. Hi Mkellyutah, Thank you for the details. Sounds wonderful and like something my husband and I will be doing in January! Thanks again!
  5. Thanks for the feed back! Do you remember how much you paid for the taxi ride and to get in?
  6. Thank you for the details. Calabash sounds nicer. I will have to look into prices!
  7. Trying to decide on a beach resort for the day. Any opinions and cost for taxis. thanks
  8. We will be in Puerto Rico in January. Looking for a good spot for dinner and great view! Thanks
  9. jbiker

    Rum Bus Beach

    Going to Antigua in January. Has anyone been here? Looking for prices for chairs and food. thanks
  10. jbiker

    Lobster Alive

    Does anyone know what the price for chair rentals would be and what time they open? We have eaten here before and loved it just wanted more info on chair rentals and time. thanks
  11. We are going to be cruising next week to Antigua and someone recommended Sheer Rocks. Wondered if anyone has been there. If the beach is nice, chair and the food. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the great review, just what we are looking for!
  13. We have our date booked! Cant wait!
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