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  1. Its not listed on the HAL website under Mariner Benefits and the last cruise I was on, the Maasdam, didn't offer the cooking classes.. American Test Kitchen was giving the classes and only offered very few different classes. It seemed the class on egg boiling was offered on every ship. The class would be 30 minutes, then you would sit and try one deviled egg and walk away with a red apron. Basically a waste of time and not something you would want to repeat. When the 5th * was created, and the cooking class was made a benefit, it was an event. One of the chefs would show you how to cook a real meal, then you would eat a similar meal in the PG. The class used to be informative, fun, and varied.
  2. Am I the only one that didn't know the 5* perk of a cooking class no longer exists? Maybe they had too many complaints about the ATK egg class.
  3. This was in an email from a TA that came today. Related fares as low as $12.499 Holland America Line Full Grand Voyage Amenities when you book Neptune Suite category and above: Complimentary Laundry, dry cleaning and pressing** Complimentary Unlimited In-suite bottled water soft drinks** Holland America Line Full Grand Voyage Early Booking Amenities when you book by February 28, 2020: Pinnacle, Neptune & Vista Suites (Cat PS-BC) $1,000 per person Shipboard Credit for Cat PS ($2,000 for single occupancy) $750 per person Shipboard Credit for Cat SA-SB ($1,500 for single occupancy) $500 per person Shipboard Credit for Cat A-BC ($950 for single occupancy) Prepaid Hotel Service Charges Prepaid Internet (4,000 minutes per person) One Complimentary EXC Tour Unlimited Luggage Delivery Service for U.S. and Canadian Residents (To/From Boston/Ft. Lauderdale only) Initial In-suite Liquor Set-Up (4 bottles) "Welcome Onboard" Bottle of Sparkling Wine Select Ocean-view Staterooms (CA-F) $300 per person Shipboard Credit ($480 for single occupancy) Prepaid Hotel Service Charges Luggage Delivery Service for U.S. and Canadian Residents (To/From Boston/Ft. Lauderdale only) - 2 pieces per guest "Welcome Onboard" Bottle of Sparkling Wine **Guests receiving complimentary upgrades or purchasing a PLUS offer are excluded.
  4. HAL checks you in at open dining using your cabin number (At least they did on my last cruise). A slip is given to the waiter that leads you to your table and it indicates that you have a special order. When the waiter takes the other orders, he or she will check to make sure they have the correct order for you. If he doesn't have your order, you can remind him, and he can find it. Your waiter for the night will give you the next day's lunch and dinner menu during or after the meal so you can make your section for the next day. I don't think you will have anything to worry about, other than getting to eat at the exact time you want, in open seating.
  5. The new policy affects the purchase of travel insurance. The insurance the BBA offers costs approximately the same, or less, than the HAL premium policy but offers 50K vs HAL 10K medical, 1 million vs 50K evacuation, and 100% of the cost of the cruise and flights - not the HAL 90% , and has trip interruption, luggage and all the small stuff. But, to get the pre-existing waiver, you have to get and pay for the insurance within 20 days of moving to the BBA. Sure you can cancel the reservation without a cost, but if you buy the insurance within the 20 day transfer time period, the cost of the insurance will not be refunded. On one cruise last fall, a passenger became critically ill and was in the ship hospital for several days before we reached a port, the HAL insurance barely paid for cost of the ship hospital and almost none of the foreign country three week hospital stay and only a portion of the evacuation home. HAL needs to revaluate the price of critical medical care and what medical insurance they offer. This is my reason for booking late from now on. If HAL offered a better policy, this would not be a problem. I liked working with my PCC because it was done almost totally by email, so no waiting for calls or on the phone waiting for the telephone menu loop and horrible waiting music they subject us to. And she, somehow, could figure out what cabins were saved for another portion of the cruise and if they could be opened up, so we could stay in the same cabin for BTB cruises. BTW Does anyone know if the insurance pays for the paid taxes and port fees or does HAL refund that portion of the payment?
  6. This is the reply from my PCC: "As a company we would like guests if they know they are going to transfer their booking to a particular agency to book with them from the beginning so you have continuity of service." They said the new policy was the industry standard. I guess I won't be booking early anymore.
  7. Personal Experience. Quote from HAL Personal Cruise Consultant: " I just got notice this morning our policy for booking transfers is changing. Bookings need to be transferred within 60 days of the booking creation date. The bookings you made with me were 2/26/19. There is also a new form now that is required for transfer now."
  8. HAL changed it's reservation transfer policy today. Bookings need to be transferred within 60 days of the booking creation date. And to transfer, a form needs to be filled out and sent in for each booking.
  9. Be careful of using your cell phone on the cruise ship, roaming charges can be very high.
  10. I've spent months on the Pacific Princess. It has 200+ less passengers than the Prinsendam, so almost no lines and problems tendering. It has a cabaret lounge and no main stage, but the entertainment is good and varied. The buffet only offered a rotating dinner menu on some sea days. The PP is the world cruise ship and the staff is the best. The only issue I had with the PP was no open seating.
  11. You get 150 free minutes for 7 days or less.
  12. Thank you. I called directly to Princess this morning and ended up getting it. Princess always come through.
  13. Funny, I called the day the e-mail came out and they told me it was limited to just so many people and the numbers had been filled.
  14. I found something on the HAL website that indicated an email was sent asking for your choice. I didn't get one. I miss the Food and Wine.
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