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  1. I am going on a chartered cruise on Niew Amsterdam in 2021, and do not have any access yet to the Holland America site. I wanted to know if there is any laundry specials offered on the ship.
  2. I had booked thru a whole ship charter, so no HAL online registration available yet. And searching the cruise critic threads did not get me the answer without reading thru pages and pages of posts. I appreciate all the detail from Tad2005 and the menus from Seachef318, plus all the other info from others in the answers.
  3. Cannot find anything on HAL website regarding beverage packages. Does anyone have a link with prices, or know how I can find it? Also any menu links? I will be sailing in March 2021 on the Niew Amsterdam. Thanks.
  4. HI, What is your departure date for this cruise? Looking into taking it (I live in NYC, so can book something last minute and was thinking about a June cruise) and would love to meet you guys!
  5. For a 1 day visit (plus a ship's excursion) would there be any reason to bring some Taiwanese dollars for the port, for some local purchases? Might credit/debit cards be readily accepted, or perhaps US dollars?
  6. I am sailing out of Tokyo (Yokohama ) at the end of April and recieved an upgrade offer on the Jewel about 1 week ago! I was shocked, that I recieved this so early! I booked an inside (guarantee) and bid on a balcony ($100 per person, so $200 total) and I recieved the upgrade!. Perhaps because I am GOLD status? I am surprised and also thrilled, that my bid was accepted so early!
  7. Industry City is an "up and coming' area that has some interesting shopping and food areas. Please google it. https://industrycity.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=SR | BR | Leasing | EXM&utm_term=[industry city brooklyn]&matchtype=e&network=g&device=c&adposition=1t1&keyword=industry city brooklyn It would be an interesting place to explore prior to your cruise embarkaation.
  8. I want to second the Tenement Museum. I have been there and it is fascinating. The museum requires a "tour", which can also book up quickly, so try to get tix in advance. Well worth going there. And you can eat wonderful food in that area too. Katz' Deli, Yona Schimmel Knishes, Russ and Daughters appetizing, and lots more. Great bars also. And there is a wonderful Gangster Museum not too far also.
  9. And WOW for the Ecohydra....I just googled this (info prepared by the company itself)....http://www.antibacproducts.com/img/pdfs/EcoHydra_Technical_Bulletin_HS.pdf
  10. Thank you ZiggyUK. I will check out those products.
  11. Does anyone have recommendations for those who cannot use hand sanitizers? I have severe excema on my hands, and cannot do the washy washy upon entrance to the dining areas. I do wash my hands with soap and water very, very often, but it sure looks to most people that I am being dirty or intentionally non-compliant when I pass on the hand sanitizing offered at the dining venues. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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