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  1. Thanks to all for your responses.....hopefully we will find the game somewhere on the ship.
  2. Will we be able to watch Sunday football on our 12/14 Equinox Cruise? Where? Specifically the Bears/Packer game.
  3. Do you use a credit card or number to open and close the safe on the Liberty?
  4. Should your drink pkg "classic" show somewhere on your Express Pass? Do you receive your Sign & Sail card when you check-in at the Port or is it outside your cabin when you board? What should it say on your card to denote you have the classic pkg? Cruise Critic people are the best.......
  5. Four of us sailing on the Equinox - all have the Classic Beverage Package - on 3 of our Xpress Passes along side our Elite is the word "Pearl". What does that stand for?????? Should I be concerned that one of us does NOT have the word Pearl on their Express Pass?
  6. Have been on Celebrity many times, but in the past were given the Premium Drink pkg. but, this time only the Classic, so some clarification would be appreciated. I know you can upgrade a drink & pay the difference over a certain $ amount plus 18% gratuity and I understand the classic cocktails will be made only with the liquor offered in the classic pkg. My question is exactly what mixed drinks are included?? Martini - Manhattan - Old Fashion -Margaretta - other drinks made in the blender etc.
  7. Thanks everyone for your advise to just relax & take photo at check-in.
  8. Can someone help a computer illiterate ....... trying to get my on-line express pass, but it wants me to update a photo. I don't have the ability on my computer to take photo....can I use my Ipad? If so can you walk me through the process.
  9. Sailing on the Paradise 4 nt cruise 10/17/2019. Questions for any recent cruisers on this ship. I know they have drink specials at the Casino bar on embarkation day....are they available any other days? Does the Paradise have the Red Frog Pub? & if so do they offer the Fish bowl drink & if they do, what is the cost? Can you order a pitcher of Margaritas? & if so where & when?
  10. Thinking of booking this cruise, but read somewhere, can't remember where that the Eclipse was going in for extensive rehab in March of 2020. Concerned it may not be ready for service by the sail date of April, 2020. Anyone know if that is the rehab schedule?
  11. Just off the Carnival Paradise & we had 2 cabins - booked my husband in one with grandsons & I in the other with a grandson (for the perks). On the ship go to guest services and they will switch....no problem.
  12. Granddaughter forgot a couple things (just clothes) in our cabin U97 on the Paradise 7/11 cruise. Any way to get them back?
  13. Going to be docked at the Carnival Cozumel pier on Saturday 7/13th. Husband has walking issues....do they have some type of transport from pier???? & then back to ship????
  14. Looking for info about luggage valet......how does it work? how do you sign up? etc.
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