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  1. With many lines if they cancel, you can get your money back. Id you cancel they give you FCC. Not sure about O.
  2. I just saw on the news that UA has a COVID test with 15 min return on their flights from SFO to Hawaii - the neg tests preventing a 14 day quarantine. I suspect it's not perfect but certainly a move in the right direction for both cruise lines and airlines.
  3. We had to do it once for a land trip and even though they had a consulate in the city it was a royal pain. Worse even then China or India.
  4. There are 6 bottles of booze in the room to start with.
  5. Each cabin is fresh air, common spaces are recirculated air
  6. AA has a MIA to LAX 3 class flights - or at least used to.
  7. I am afraid we'll have to do better than rely on passengers' answers. I imagine one would need a letter of recent (?how recent) vaccination at the minimum.
  8. Dan is in an Oceania suite. The others that get the same are Vista & Owners suites. PH gets a bottle of bubbly or wine.
  9. Great news. They must be all, caught up.
  10. You can definitely have guests for hors d'oeuvres and drinks but the dinner may count against their allotment unless they are in a named suite (I am just guessing here). You get 6 bottles of alcohol with your bar that you can exchange for others. Ask about the corn dog - I doubt your butler will know what you're talking about😀
  11. No extra fees (maybe a larger tip for the butler if you use him very often)
  12. You can order from the specialties every night in addition to your allotted reservations. Caveat -best to let the butler know early that you may be dining in that evening and each meal should be from a single specialty. You should order course by course. Know nothin' about birthing babies or drinks 🙂
  13. If you need glitz for entertainment I suggest you go to a gentlemen's club. It's not the number or the outfits of entertainers that makes for a good show - it's the quality of performers..
  14. Yea I know but I still prefer he thigh and drumsticks. Thighs are more tender meat, than breast.
  15. Thanks. For both chicken and duck I much prefer the “dark meat” - thighs and drumsticks. I wound if that would make any difference?
  16. On O class ships & Sirena where they have RG they have to make a lot of ducks for the salad. I wonder if you could ask to have it as an entree in the MDR?
  17. Fung Zhao - This is one of the few Dim Sum dishes that I will pass on 😀
  18. I'll take my duck "naked" or au natural (crispy skin) as it comes of the spit or oven. It is perfect as is - needs nothing else. Chinese BBQ or Peking duck are other options. Forget duck a l'orange.
  19. Just a guess - maybe O knows something we do not. There might be some mechanical issues with Insignia's engine and replacement parts would be hard to come by if needed in the near future? You can do the refurbishment at any time.
  20. Good luck with that one - double the price to make it presentable.
  21. Yeah - I've had a few of those as well as reminders for final payment, specialty reservations, etc
  22. I personally am way too conservative in investments that I should think that this is a good time to buy a ship - any ship at any price. Others I am sure feel this is just the right time to dive in. JMO.
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