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  1. I have to look into that. I thought the 800 numbers do not work from outside of US/Canada. I guess I am showing my age πŸ™‚
  2. I guess I can make a wifi call from my iPad to the bank's number as that would be a call from my home number. That said, it works most of the time but there are times when the wifi calling does not work. Are you suggesting to contact the bank with a private message on bank's website rather than calling them?
  3. OT - does anyone have any hints on how to make a collect call to the bank with an iPhone. When you simply dial the number, it just connects at your expense rather than collect.
  4. Not only that. One should have the numbers of these cards and the contact numbers listed separately somewhere else. Once the card is stolen, its number and the phone number to notify the bank are a mystery unless one has that list. I have learned that lesson - the hard way πŸ˜₯
  5. ..and at a significantly high rate at that.
  6. This is what OP stated in first post: We will be on a longer cruise and some of the tours we booked asked for payment in US dollars. Sounds like credit cards or ATMs wouldn't do it as these tours are not likely to be in US..
  7. That can be a difference maker πŸ™‚ Perhaps Classiccruiser777 can check for you if they cash travelers check at the reception (and if there is a fee) and if they do, that may be the way to go in this instance. Even a private transfer in Lima may be a problem but probably would be safe.
  8. Exactly. Plus you get points that you can actually use. Amex rewards transfer to fewer airlines of interest to me and mostly less than 1:1 I gave up my Plat Amex a long time ago.
  9. I always ask for the butter - the oils are too messy and not nearly as delicious as the butter πŸ™‚
  10. I think it's best to take the money with you and keep it in the safe on the ship until you need it for each tour. It will be safe there. I believe that there is a charge if you advance cash against your account. I have never done it but remember reading about it when people wanted cash for the casino. If you have refundable OBC, you could try to force the issue of "cashing out" before the cruise ends but it may or may not happen - why take that chance? JMO
  11. After you check in and board the ship you will find the info or can ask about the "all aboard" time for this cruise. That will be the definite answer you are seeking. That said, it is usually an hour before sailing so I believe that you can book that tour - enjoy. Missing the drill is a different matter πŸ™‚
  12. I told you that they are flexible and aim to please when they can. Looks great!
  13. Hallie - I hope that the above posts answered your concerns and as noted, you will have no issues with this. Whatever picture of you is taken at check in that is the picture that will appear on the security person's screen (privately) to make sure that you are the one using your card (which has no picture on it). Enjoy your cruise πŸ™‚
  14. Is it possible for you to share the specific questions/concerns you posed to Oceania rep? Some here might have some answers for you, if that is what you are looking for. Just a suggestion.
  15. Only Jacques has it on their menu - as both cold and hot appetizers (terrine & sautΓ©ed). You can have both. MDR might have it occasionally.
  16. De nada. FWIW, there are variations of that surf & turf that you could ask for. For example, you could ask for double surf/no turf, etc, etc. Also, you could add the fried onions to any order - they are very flexible and accommodating.
  17. I warned you about the Terrace vs MDR πŸ˜€
  18. You can book excursions online but unfortunately to cancel or change them you need to call Oceania (or if there is still time to do so, once you are onboard)
  19. Clo, Sounds like your first impressions are positive - I hope it will continue to be so. If you like lobster, try the lobster Thermidore at Jacques and lobster Pad Thai at Red Ginger. For appetizers I like the crab salad at Jacques and the crab cakes & jumbo shrimp cocktail at Polo. Enjoy!
  20. That seems new to me. Is it where the Barista is ?
  21. Cynthia - that sounds like a wonderful trip - especially the overlands. Bhutan will amaze you. Enjoy! πŸ™‚
  22. You are guaranteed the number of reservations that your cabin category entitles you to. The only problem may be that you may not get your first choice of dates/times or table size that you prefer but you will get your allotment of reservations - no bribery is needed. See the reservation desk ASAP after embarkation.
  23. ORV - get well soon. Hope it’s not one of those that linger for ever - unfortunately, I have first hand experiences with those. PS it would be nice if you were getting young instead of old πŸ˜€
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