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  1. Just make sure you stay with ship time. Almost found out the hard way that ship time is when the ship leaves in a port. Not what time I thought it was.
  2. The "Indian" selection at the MDR at night might be one of the best things available, if you like that style of cooking. This is what the majority of the crew and people cooking your food eat. Was outstanding when I have tried it. Not sure if it was vegan and some of it was spicy. I am not vegetarian but always enjoy it.
  3. The main problem with "excessive" luggage is you have no place to put all the stuff. Including suitcases. Nice to be able to walk around in the small cabins.
  4. Always nice to have a passport in a foreign country in case something goes wrong. I show my ignorance but do not know where the Dream goes these days. (I loved the Dream when on her a few years back). Depending on where you are going a passport may be required. The "closed loop" does not apply to enter some countries. They should tell you this when you buy your ticket. Also, be advised that some excursions may require a passport while the cruise does not. For example on our last Alaska cruise the excursion in Skagway up into Canada on the railroad required a passport. All of this probably does not apply to you but, make sure you read the info they send your way. You will have a great time.
  5. I have never been drunk enough to eat raw oysters or escargot. Maybe one day, but I probably would not remember it.
  6. Second that motion for any ship. Also works great for a motel refrigerator that is locked up in a cabinet. Keeping the cabinet open can lower the temperature in the refrigerator by 30 degrees.
  7. Great review. Thank you for taking the time and effort to post it.Pictures were great too.
  8. Highly recommend you check your closet as soon as you board to make sure TWO robes are there, if desired. If not, request them ASAP.
  9. Second the motion about your blog post.
  10. You have to request bathrobes. Usually though, they provide them without asking in suites.
  11. I disagree with you about Carnival's wine list being "terrible". Assume they did not have what you liked years ago when you cruised with Carnival.
  12. We have done excursions both on our own and through Carnival. The ones you do on your own always have less people. Have never regretted doing a Carnival tour though.
  13. We were in an aft-wrap on The Legend. Never heard a sound the entire cruise. Cabin was huge. Separate bedroom, living room, small dressing area. Bathroom had two granite sinks. Bath tub. Balcony comfortably held over 20 people and not crowded. Best cabin I have ever sailed in. Or probably ever will sail in.
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