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  1. I think most people are focusing on the "Canada" thing but forget that Seattle or San Francisco will not be allowing cruise ships for a long time to anywhere either.
  2. Best to start making reservations early. Very limited capacity for everything in Alaska.
  3. Love Cove balconies as they are so close to the water. Location is important though so research is required.
  4. The forward 2-3 cove balconies might get a little spray. Anything behind those should be OK.
  5. Do not consider Italy or South Korea a "third world country".
  6. They have not started really discounting cruises yet that I could find. Seems like if they were anticipating docking ships they would get right with prices.
  7. I have not received any offers, but have not cruised with Carnival in a couple of years. Have also not seen the great rates I was expecting to find when searching any cruise line. Glad someone is getting a good deal. Will keep looking though, as things do not look good for the cruise lines.
  8. Looks like they would want as many passengers as possible now instead of turning some away.
  9. Might mean a less crowded ship. That is always a good thing for you.
  10. Been on both Carnival and Princess. No dramatic difference. I prefer Carnival. You get what you pay for. Many options, more expensive, out there. The luxury cruise lines are not known for great entertainment though.
  11. We like milk in our coffee. Not cream. At first when ordering from room service always requested cream and sugar with our coffee as it sounded right. They always brought real cream. Are you kidding me. Learned to request milk. Anyway, last couple of cruises when we requested cream for our coffee from room service, they brought real cream.
  12. Thanks for taking the time to write a review. Enjoyed reading it.
  13. This is a great suggestion. Not just for a ships refrigerator but for a hotel also. Keep the cabinet door propped open with a towel or something. Makes a major difference.
  14. I would not worry about missing ports because of the media inspired hysteria. I assure you the ports that have turned away ships, and the ones that have accepted them, are being reminded that there are alternatives to visiting these ports. And the large sum of money that comes with them. When boarding a ship in New Orleans (dock is adjacent to The French quarter) you will be tested for alcohol in your blood. You will be denied boarding if you have not been drinking. (kinda kidding)
  15. On most ships they sell the same thing at all bars. Exception being a few additions at specialty restaurants, maybe . If the ship has a wine bar there might be a few different pours. Pull up a current menu for Carnival and you will pretty much see what wine is available on all ships at all bars.
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