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  1. We are doing the Fjords on P&O's Britannia in July this year so I'll await your Silhouette review with interest to see how it compares to our experience. We've sailed Silhouette a couple of times but found Celebrity service a bit lacking lately (unless you are in a suite) so decided to try P&O. Not sure how it will compare?
  2. Norris, thanks for the Flikker link. It was such a pleasure to see the photos of the Valle Palace and Hotel Jagua. We stayed there on our land tour many years ago.. It was an interesting experience to say the least! The palace was in a very dilapidated state but we climbed to the top and enjoyed a wonderful night-time view of the city, great memories.
  3. Hi Norris I really enjoyed reading about your travels through Cuba, it brought back lots of happy memories as I was lucky enough to be able to go there in 1997. Looks like a lot of building has been going on in Havana since we were there, but at the same time it still looks like it's falling down, if you see what I mean. I liked the photo/comment about buses - we saw some truly strange contraptions - two different makes of buses welded together! The museum of the revolution has also changed considerably, when we were there it was very run down, we did, however, get to go up close to the ship as it was not in a protective case then. We were on a land tour and also visited Cienfuegos and Santiago and I was really looking forward to seeing your pictures, however, for some reason from about page 17 onwards they are not showing on my computer - do you have a link to your flikker page or similar? Thanks as always for your wonderful, funny and informative review 🙂
  4. These reviews give me cause for concern. I've booked Sindhu on my upcoming Britannia cruise in July (first time P&O). It will be my 60th birthday and I was looking forward to a special evening, now I'm starting to worry 😞
  5. We booked at Holiday Inn Express in Southampton for the night before our Cruise in July and Penguin Parking for the cruise itself. This means we just a short drive from the hotel in the morning to the Parking place and they take us to the port in a mini bus - suits us 🙂
  6. Just happened to check on 1st March for our July cruise and the excursions were there! All booked nice and early so very happy
  7. Waiting for our July Fjords excursions to come on line 🙂
  8. This sort of things seems to be common amongst cruise lines. We've only sailed Celebrity before and their web site is a nightmare! Maybe they all use the same IT provider 🙂
  9. I don't like using my credit card abroad, although I have a Nationwide one which is pretty good. From a security perspective I prefer not to carry it around. For the same reason, I don't have a contactless card. So what chance do I have of getting a coffee with actual money?!
  10. What else is there to do in flam apart from the railway? I know there is also a land train but any other options?
  11. Sorry, I could have worded that better ... I meant I've never been offered OBC from any TA and believe me, I've searched all the so-called "cruise specialists". Maybe the cruises I pick are very popular so they don't need to add incentives. My upcoming cruise I booked with a TA and the price was £40 less than booking direct with no other incentives.
  12. I never have any luck getting discounts from TAs. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've tried a few and while their prices might be slightly cheaper than booking direct, none have ever offered any discount or OBC.
  13. Many thanks for the link - very useful. Do you remember what the cost was?
  14. Can anyone tell me roughly how long it takes to walk to the glacier after you get off the troll car please? Thanks in advance
  15. this is another useful site: http://ships.cruisett.com/schedule
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