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  1. earn

    Azamara gluten free

    So, having started this post, I thought I would add some comments now that I have returned from my cruise. This was our first Azamara cruise but we have cruise on other lines many times. I found Azamara’s gluten free provision to be below average and I suppose that was really disappointing, as I was expecting it to be above average. Staff were fabulous and tried to help. Here is my summary Bread was the absolute worst I’ve ever eaten. Bagels were ok if they toasted both sides but mostly they just toasted the inside. Bagels ran out day 7 of a 12 night cruis
  2. Simply, which restaurant do you eat in twice and why?
  3. earn

    Azamara gluten free

    Does anyone know if gluten free beer in available on the normal drinks list?
  4. earn

    Azamara gluten free

    Again many thanks. That’s great to hear.
  5. earn


    Up until yesterday anyway, NZ was letting people in who had been in Hong Kong recently. I know someone who came off NCL Jade’s cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore in the morning and flew to NZ last night. No issues at immigration in NZ. I spect that might change though.
  6. I don't know about NCL but Royal had a full programme but combined age groups. Our boys did four Transatlantic cruises and they would rank them amongst their favourites. There were less children on board but that meant they made closer friendships and the KId's club staff were less busy, so had more time with them.
  7. earn

    Azamara gluten free

    Thank you everyone, that is very helpful. The tip about the chocolate cake is particularly useful. We have the three meal specialty package and I love chocolate cake 🙂 The best gf deserts I have had on a ship were on MSC Preziosa. Italy is great for gf, as testing for Coeliac is the first thing they do rather than the last and consequently there are a higher number of diagnosed Coeliacs per head of population than anywhere else, I believe.
  8. I have contacted Azamara to tell them i’m Coeliac and need to eat gluten free. They gave very general advice , as you would expect. I have cruised Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and most others many times and know that each line has gluten free items that nobody tells you about and often staff have no idea exist, until you tell them. For example; they will make gf pancakes at breakfast. You can get gf bagels and even great pizza. Celebrity gf pizza is amazing but has to be ordered in advance. They also do gf muffins. Often on the buffet they will keep one frier free of breaded items, to all
  9. earn

    Port shuttle buses

    Thank you both very much
  10. We are sailing from Buenos Aires mid Feb, taking in ports in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Can someone please tell us if the busses provided by Azamara drop you off somewhere useful. Particularly interested in the bus in to Rio de Janeiro. Also how early do they start? Thanks
  11. Hi Sue, How did the gluten free beer go? I’m hoping they had it for you but think it is a bit off that it is not included like normal beer. We will be on Pursuit in Feb. How was your experience with being gluten free in general. We have sailed a lot on RCI and a bit on Celebrity and they were both great. Thanks.
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