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  1. My research shows "They're the same thing. Online and in marketing they call it the Ultimate Beverage Package. . .but on documents and confirmations they call it the Adult Beverage Package" Recently it was renamed "Premium Beverage Package" . All names for the same thing.
  2. I know you can exchange the mini-bar for 2 coffee packages. Has anyone exchange 1/2 of the mini-bar for 1 coffee package?
  3. I hope it is immediate. I will have to use 30 drinks on a 15 day cruise. I would loudly complain if I had to lose 2 days. If it was delayed I would still get the drinks and let the front desk sort it out.
  4. I agree. I was a programmer for 20 years. They have an online system so the information is available at any point. It would be simple to print it on the ledgers printed at the kiosks. You must understand that the IT department gets its instructions from the user. They can not just add a feature on their own but can recommend it.
  5. I will just have to write down the date, time, and count every time I get a drink. If at some point the count is too low I would quickly go to the front desk. Do you have to tell the barista that you are getting the package drink and not paying? Does he actually see a count or just a reject when you run out?
  6. It would be nice to know the definition of an extension cord. If a USP power source has additional regular outlets and a cord is it an extension cord?
  7. I sent an email to Princess and just received a phone call on the subject. There is no way to get a printed record of coffee package usage. You must ask the barista. I recommended that it be included on the ledger or a printed receipt. Do you think this is done on purpose to get people to order more than is in the package? It seems a simple programming change to log the purchase and then show a credit after it.
  8. I'm hoping for a mini-suite this time.
  9. That was probably my old list. Do you have the new name?
  10. Is it always possible to get the slip and does it actually contain the count?
  11. On my Sea of Cortez cruise I went from inside to obstructed, to window, and then to balcony. The only problem is that it rained most of the time and I couldn't use it. These were all free. I would not pay for an upgrade.
  12. Is the following person still the contact for the Grand Princess when scheduling a Meet and Mingle (Meet and Greet)? Jenny Streeck 661.284.4444 jstreeck@princesscruises.com
  13. I have always purchased the lowest cost inside room. Some sales give me category upgrades at the time of booking. Almost every cruise I have been on I have been offered an upgrade at a later time. On a Sea of Cortez cruise I actual received 3 upgrades and ended up with a balcony room. What is the highest upgrade you have received and how often is Princess giving them? Does my Elite status help with the upgrades?
  14. Is there any indication on the statement available from the kiosks that you have 2 coffee cards. I thought I saw someone say it appeared with the full charge and then showed a credit. I plan to call room service upon boarding to switch out the bar setup for the coffee package. How will know if it has been activated other than asking at the coffee bar? What should be done it have every purchase show up in the statement with a credit after it to make it easy to keep track.
  15. Most terminals only handle a single ship a day and it may not be every day. It is not practical to have dining facilities. You will be lucky to find a machine. There is usually a separate waiting room for cruisers with high club statuses where they might have coffee and donuts.
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