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  1. My cruise is Dec 3, 2019. It still shows the same 3 packages I have indicated but they inserted the In-Cabin Calling To Shore into the box with the 3rd package. Something strange is happening. Note that the by the minute packages are not shown but from all my reading of posts it is still available.
  2. The Grand Princess currently shows the following packages for my cruise in December. All the following prices include a one time activation fee. The minutes in parenthesis are bonus minutes for pre purchasing. This must be purchased in advance as a gift to yourself to get the bonus minutes. MINUTES PRICE 100 (20) $69.00 150 free for Platinum and above for 7 day cruise and less 200 (40) $99.00 250 free for Platinum and above for 8-20 day cruise 400 (60) $159.00 500 free for Platinum and above for 21 day cruise and above 600 (80) $199.00 The following are package prices for the 15 day cruise if paid in advance. Regular price in parenthesis. This must be purchased in your cruise personalizer to get the discounted price. Prices may differ for Platinum and Elite once aboard. I have heard it is 25% off instead of the above minutes. Package Price PrincessCONNECT — Premium Package From email to streaming, enjoy truly premium, unlimited access! $199.99 ($234.99) PrincessCONNECT — Surf Package Surf your favorite sites from email, news, sports and more. $139.99 ($169.99) PrincessCONNECT — Social Package Unlimited access to the most popular social websites and applications. $99.99 ($119.99)
  3. I have received on board credit when it went down. Do not know what happens up if it goes up.
  4. Maybe it was good that it happened. Someone who did not get married just because the wedding gown was ruined is not someone to marry.
  5. I do not know how current this is. I'll accept corrections. Princess Contact List Sapphire, Grand: Jenny Streeck (661) 284-4444 Streeck@princesscruises.com Ruby: Craig Blish (661) 284-4417 cblish@princess.com Regal & Coral: Bernadine Grayr (661) 284-4448 bgrayr@princesscruises.com Royal: Darlene Howell (661) 284-4455 dhowell@princesscruises.com Sun: Stacey Anderson (661) 284-4333 sanderson@princesscruises.com Diamond: Diana Hall (661) 284-4449 dhall@princesscruises.com Emerald, Island & Majestic: Rosanne Pennucci (661) 284-4443 rpennucci@princesscruises.com Crown & Star: Jodi Rudolph (661) 284-4450 jrudolph@princesscruises.com Golden, Pacific: Jan James (661) 284-4452 jjames@princesscruises.com Caribbean & Sea: Coleen Reyes (661) 284-4447 creyes@princesscruises.com Sky ???
  6. The cruise terminal is just one of the many things port operations runs and it may be nowhere the cruise terminal. If you do a search for Port of Xxxxx you should find a way to contact them and find out if a visit is possible.
  7. I like the silicone straws. They can be folded and snap back in shape. There are some that come on a case along with a cleaning brush.
  8. It is not safe to park with visible luggage in the van. By the time you receive the van you will have very little time for touring. It can be an hour between the time you leave the ship and get the van and a half to an hour to get to Hollywood. Then you have to return the van and get to the terminal at least 2 hours before your flight. Is it worth rushing around to see the tourist sites in 5 hours?
  9. You do not get the cost of the insurance back. Be sure to consider that in any savings.
  10. Speakers are aimed aft. I doubt you would hear anything.
  11. The website indicates that the bus only leaves from selected hotels. The other problem is that the return to the ship is very late. With all the drop off points and getting back to the ship you can be late.
  12. I was not able to find it on the deck plans but.... For cappuccino, espresso and other coffee specialties, as well as fresh pastries throughout the day, head to La Patisserie for quick treats in a comfortable, casual sidewalk café-style setting. Savor a buttery croissant or your favorite cookie while sipping on an aromatic coffees. For something a little stronger, specialty drinks, wine, and beer are available at current menu prices.
  13. The gifts are usually representative of where you live. For example I live in Chico, CA so I give a Sierra Nevada beer mug.
  14. I was on Princess but I am sure the group goes on many cruises.
  15. I was just referring to the 10 dogs that were working for the 10 blind passengers. I can not say that I have ever seen other animals on board.
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