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  1. Yes...my exact concern too. No rights at all. And while it is understandable the Diamond had to quarantine, it does not make it easier on the impact to people lives.
  2. Not worried about colds but am concerned about COVID-19. We made final payment in December for a cruise in March 2020. After seeing what happened on the Diamond concerns me if just one person infected with COVID-19 was on the ship. Our cruise is to the Caribbean and sails out of Ft. Lauderdale so hoping that if anything were to happen like it did on the Diamond, the ship could return to Ft. Lauderdale. If we’re sick, I’d like to be in a US hospital and covered by my health insurance. Definitely would not cruise or take any trips to Asia right now. I wanted to do the Caribbean cruise that leaves from New York to Ft Lauderdale in November...thinking of 2021. I’m glad that’s awhile away. We usually get Princess insurance and this is the first time we purchased insurance through our TA which has higher medical/evacuation coverage. Next time, I am going to buy both Princess insurance for cancel for any reason and the third party insurance for the higher coverage amounts.
  3. OMG! That poor man and probably many others who have a medical condition requiring them to get something regular nutrition, I hope he calls medical now and gets their attention.
  4. How fun! You are an excellent writer! Enjoying your writing style and story telling! Great pics too!
  5. How exciting! It’s almost time! Have a wonderful cruise. Looking forward to following along.
  6. Thanks for posting the pics in your Live! Nice to know there is some seating. That’s a pretty nice photo area!
  7. Thanks so much Astro Flyer!
  8. We will be on the Sky for the first time this March/April. I checked the Ocean Medallion app and it looks like we’ll be in Muster station D too. We’re midship Emerald deck. I’m assuming no seating in the photo gallery? I’m glad my mom is in a different muster station. Hopefully, hers has seating.
  9. Yikes! That’s scary. Good thing you noticed it!
  10. That’s such a scary glitch. Your TA sounds great going to bat for you and is even willingness to cover the cost. We recently got our invoice from our TA which includes Ez-Air and we paid in full. This is a good thing to be aware of to check your EZ-air bookings for odd cancellations. Hope the glitch can’t happen after final payment. Hope you get your original flight times back. Keep us posted.
  11. Hi Rabbit, you got me worried so I went in to check our EZ-Air flights and all is good for us. Nothing changed or removed. Hope you get your return flights back.
  12. Bon voyage and Happy Holidays! Following along!
  13. Thank you! We like to do that one too. Some of the Royal class ships had another one in addition to the one in the dining room. It was called the Royal Afternoon Tea. These were a couple of things I liked from it - the berries and cream and the Queen of Puddings.
  14. Thank you very much for checking! The wine tasting sounds fun! We enjoy those as well.
  15. Thank you for taking the time to do a review! We’ll be on then Sky for a Western Caribbean cruise in March. Do you recall if the Royal Tea was offered in the atrium area? It usually cost $10 (or $20 with champagne). I heard from previous cruisers that it was not offered on their cruise. I hope they still offer it. Have done it once on the Royal and really enjoyed it.
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