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  1. I’ve never been to Sabatini’s before and just checked out their menu. It looks REALLY good! I’m going to have to try this too! I hope they can accommodate my DH no salt restriction. The main dining room and Crown Grill have always been accommodating with that.
  2. I love the updated look of Alfredo’s!
  3. That’s what I do too. And I’m glad I won’t have to bring pump hand soap now.
  4. Following along! Thank you for taking the time to post...even a low key live is fun to read. The food pics from La Mer looks great. I’ll have to try it when we’re on the Sky in April. Looking forward to the Sky more and more as I read more reports. have a great cruise!
  5. Bummer about the noro onboard. Hopefully they can wipe that out and it doesn’t linger around for future sailings.
  6. Thanks for the live report! One of these days, I want to do the New York to Ft. Lauderdale.
  7. Thank you! Nice to see video of the new ship. Video was well done.
  8. Bon Voyage! Thank you for doing a live report. I will be following along in anticipation of my cruise in April on the Sky.
  9. Very disappointing to hear about the lack of pool stairs on the Sky. I can use a ladder but have disliked using them even when I was much younger.
  10. Thank you for the live report. I love following along. I really want to do a Transatlantic one of these days because I love sea days. But we have to wait for a time when my DH can take more time off from work. Right now, the longest vacation we’ve been able to take is 10 days!
  11. I’ve done that trick and it does work. But wish didn’t have to. Plus with curtain gets moldy and stinky.
  12. Bring back the soda only package.
  13. Build ships with showers that have doors instead of the friendly shower curtain.
  14. Thanks for your live report! Can’t wait to see pics of the Diamond Princess and read about your journey. Bon Voyage!
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