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  1. Let us know if you’re able to get it. We rebooked from canceled 7 day Western Caribbean to 14 day Caribbean islander. Maybe we weren’t able to get it because we had a 7 day and the deal is for 3-7 day cruises, and now we’re going to a 14 day cruise. Or because we were a pre-pause cancellation that fell into pause 1.
  2. I received an email saying that I could receive up to $200 for rebooking. The promo code was in the email (see pic). My TA tried to do it but couldn’t. Maybe it’s because even though I received the email, I don’t qualify since I canceled pre-pause 1 (but was considered pause 1 when it came to refund process).
  3. I disputed my charge in mid May (I think 5/13). I received conditional credit within 2 days from Costco Citi. I checked with Princess a couple of times to see if they would be quicker than the credit card company. Once, the Princess rep said it was “processed” on 6/13 and gave me the amount. Amount was correct. Waited and nothing. I called Princess after 6/13 was told that since I disputed the charge, I would have to get it from the credit card company. Costco visa said they received nothing from Princess. They finalized my credits before the date they said they would...6/29 instead of 7/14.
  4. So frustrating for both of you. I hope they are just doing an accounting adjustment and will credit the correct card that was used for the airfare. And not wait another 90 day s to do so.
  5. Oh no! This is beyond ridiculous. Why would they do this after the fact?! Seems like their accounting department confused itself!
  6. Today, my credit card company resolved the dispute in my favor and made my conditional credits permanent. Initially, my credit card company said that if they did not hear from Princess by 7/15, they would resolve it in my favor at that date. When I chatted with them a few weeks ago, they moved the date to 6/29 and sure enough, they did The credit card company definitely works in a different mode than Princess who says they'll do something by a certain date but pushes it out. My cruise was on the Sky Princess 3/28; I cancelled on 2/25 before Princess did after I saw what happened on the Diamond Princess.
  7. That’s smart you did the dispute quickly. I wish I had done mine sooner. I also used Costco Cit and disputed on 5/13. Online it says they will close in my favor by 7/14 if Princess doesn’t respond. When I called Citi, they told me a different resolution date of 6/29. Don’t know why. In any case, I’m happy to have a definite deadline versus the constant moving goal post.
  8. I see what you mean. Yeah, it would be safer to leave it at the higher amount and Princess can refund the correct amount. Agree...They have made this really complicated.
  9. Yeah, I was wondering the same. And it’s what the Princess rep seemed to indicate. But many here on CC have disputed and received their refund more quickly than I. My mom hasn’t disputed and we were on the same cruise. She has received nothing...not even goodwill FCC. I at least received that. No rhyme or reason.
  10. Can you call your bank to revise the disputed amount? Or would that make it more complicated?
  11. Today is day 88 since I submitted my Option 2 request. At least I received my goodwill FCC and refund for expired FCDs. But still waiting for remainder of my refund. Princess has been so disorganized during this whole refund process and their communication not consistent. The rep I spoke with yesterday was so condescending when she asked me if I had disputed the charge. Well...yeah, i was concerned about the refund, your communication was inconsistent. Anyway, she told me that I won't be getting the refund from Princess and that I'll be getting it from the credit card company because they did the chargeback and took the money from Princes. I chatted with Citi and they said that if Princess doesn't respond, they will close the dispute in my favor on 6/29. When i submitted my dispute, Citi said Princess had until 7/14 to respond so I don't know why the date has moved up. But I'm happy about that. We had always thought about giving Celebrity a try in the past. When we are able to safely cruise again, we will definitely give them a try.
  12. I disputed the charge on 5/13 after submitting my Option 2 request on 3/14. I received the FCC on 6/1 and on 6/4 received a refund for our FCDs used as deposits which have since expired. I called Princess today on the remaining refund balance and she told me that since I disputed the charge, I will be getting the credit from Citi and not Princess since Citi did a chargeback on 6/3/2020. When I called Citi, they said that if the merchant doesn't respond, then the dispute will be closed in my favor on 6/29. So, perhaps the dispute process made my refund a little more complicated. But it should be done soon! But yes, I received the FCC even though I disputed the charge.
  13. Thanks! So far, Citi has not sent me any questions about my dispute but they did give me the conditional credit within a couple of days. hoping this will all be resolved soon. I called Princess today and the rep said my refund was “processed” on 6/3. When I asked how long it would take for me to receive it. The rep said it would depend on my bank. So hopefully any day now.
  14. Oh...I should have added that her greeting said that if you’re calling about anything else, to leave a message. I’ve only spoken to her twice. Once when she called in response to my email and a second time when I called about the Option 1 versus 2 when that first came out. so...I ventured to call the 1-800# and was lucky to have only a 20 minute wait. The person I spoke to said my refund was “processed” on 6/3. The amount he told me would be refunded was $200 short. I asked about it and said that it was FCD. He said it would be put back as FCD for future use. I asked what happens if it’s expired (I can’t remember the expiration date). He said if it’s expired, it would be refunded to the credit card but in a separate transaction. Now I wish I kept track of which FCD I used and when it expired. Buy your $200 is a mystery since it wasn’t FCD.
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