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  1. I checked my Cruise Personalizer for March 2020 cruise on the Sky. Looks like the Unlimited Soda and More Package is back.
  2. Very sad to hear this news. Prayers to all those affected. We were on the Royal less than two weeks ago. I can only imagine how sad everyone on the ship must be.
  3. We were also on the 4/27 sailing and also enjoyed our time onboard. Love the ship and thought our steward and dining room staff were great! We only encountered one grumpy waitstaff person and that was at breakfast in the dining room on disembarkation day. Figured turnaround day should must be the most stressful for them. Liked the Medallion although I had to wave mine in front of the reader to open the door while my husband’s Medallion could open our door from 2 door away! Shame to hear that about the Alfredo’s staff. We like the food there and went three times. I really liked one of the staff there...her name was Za Za and she always put a smile on my face. Agree about the elevator doors!
  4. My friend said he can get the Herradura Anejo in the States for $50 so $40 would be a good buy if we can find it. He’s willing to spend $75 for the Sotol (which I have never heard of). The Herradura Anejo is soooo smooth that we sipped it straight. You wouldn’t want to mix it with anything. I haven’t tried Sotol before.
  5. No problem Hank! Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  6. Would the Walmart in Puerto Vallarta carry Herradura Anejo or Sotol tequila?
  7. We’ll be stopping in Mazatlan (tomorrow) and Puerto Vallarta (the day after tomorrow) and wanted to buy some bottles of tequila. Particularly looking for Heradura and Sotol. Anyone know where we could find this in Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta?
  8. Thank you HB Cruiser! This is very helpful! I see that the Royal Tea is only on one afternoon...Friday. I have wanted to do this so I will be sure to set aside time that afternoon and plan to not eat breakfast that day!
  9. Thanks for the review Cruise Raider! I’m really looking forward to boarding the Royal on 4/27. Just a couple of questions: What is a wedge pillow? Did you embark and disembark from Berth 91?
  10. Thank you! I think it was Bravo that we saw when we were on the Regal. Thanks for the heads up on Encore...I’ll give DH a pass. I usually do love the orchestra music. Bummed about Secret Silk. We’ll be on the 4/27 sailing and was hoping to see it.
  11. Thank you for your review and wonderful pictures! Good for you for pointing out poor buffet manners. Some people may just need to be educated. Thanks also for you’re honest feedback on the forward cabins. I’ve always wondered about booking those but was worried about the motion. I too think I’m a tough sea gal but I bet in really rough seas at the front of the ship, I would not enjoy it. Just one question...what is the show Encore about? Is it opera? One time we unknowingly went to one that was opera. We only realized after it started and I wouldn’t let poor DH leave. He was a good sport and sat through the whole thing. Now before going to a show, I make sure it’s not opera.
  12. Thanks OP! That was really cool! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Yum! That looks delish! I’m getting that in 3 weeks!...and the shrimp salad!
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