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  1. Thank you! I think it was Bravo that we saw when we were on the Regal. Thanks for the heads up on Encore...I’ll give DH a pass. I usually do love the orchestra music. Bummed about Secret Silk. We’ll be on the 4/27 sailing and was hoping to see it.
  2. Thank you for your review and wonderful pictures! Good for you for pointing out poor buffet manners. Some people may just need to be educated. Thanks also for you’re honest feedback on the forward cabins. I’ve always wondered about booking those but was worried about the motion. I too think I’m a tough sea gal but I bet in really rough seas at the front of the ship, I would not enjoy it. Just one question...what is the show Encore about? Is it opera? One time we unknowingly went to one that was opera. We only realized after it started and I wouldn’t let poor DH leave. He was a good sport and sat through the whole thing. Now before going to a show, I make sure it’s not opera.
  3. Thanks OP! That was really cool! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Yum! That looks delish! I’m getting that in 3 weeks!...and the shrimp salad!
  5. Thank you for taking pics of the Patters! I’m interested in the shows and times.
  6. Didn’t do anything. But checked this morning and it’s fine now. Probably worked out the quirks overnight?
  7. I got the same error message. I had app updates installed so thought maybe the update caused it to go hooey!
  8. Can’t wait to follow along! We’ll be boarding the Royal 3 weeks after you so looking forward to reading all about your trip!
  9. Sure seems like they’re just learning the ropes and where things are!
  10. This is completely awful. It seems like they have a brand new crew who needs training in customer service. We’re boarding the Royal on 4/27 and really hope they get things worked out. I sure hope they get your soda package issues corrected. I’ve always been nervous about purchasing in advance of the cruise for reasons such as this. Now I will definitely purchase once onboard. Did you eventually get a new bathrobe with a belt?
  11. I prefer to not have mail on the floor. I plan to make my own DIY mailbox. Probably won’t look as nice as the two shown above.
  12. Awesome vlog! Have never been on the Coral. She looks like a beautiful ship and in great condition. Can’t wait to see more of your vlogs.
  13. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Royal Princess. You have a wonderful room with that huge balcony. Glad to hear the food on the ship has been very good. You should also try Alfredo’s. The pizza is very good and there is no additional charge. I also like the veal ravioli dish...I forget what it’s called. Oh...and the tiramisu.
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