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  1. Now we always take penthouse suite or above, but have sailed in verandas many times, and I would again in a heartbeat. I can assure you there is no more special attention or "perks" rather than those aforementioned. If you are looking for some attention or bragging rights than may I suggest Seabourn isnt going to be the place you get your kicks, as passengers don't roll like that! The beauty of SB is very much in the fact that nobody feels the need to tell people where they are staying, hence the intense dislike by many,myself included, of the retreat, which is just not the Seabourn way.
  2. How classy! I can imagine the passengers on Europa, rated one of the finest luxury ships at sea, being really perturbed by such behaviour! Im imagining their thoughts and eye rolls now.
  3. Total spending, we have received them on spend of our $1000 obc in the past.
  4. Must just be those attracted to P&O then! Also a perfect storm, pricing low and due to the marketing, think Ant and Dec show etc, Brittania has been marketed as a party boat, a certain social demographic as I and others have said previously.
  5. Krazy, this is not how ALL lines are changing, just the mainstream ones. There is generally a correlation between how much pax pay for their cruise, the social demographic and this kind of behaviour. There is plenty of alcohol flowing on the true luxury lines but this doesn't happen.
  6. Markham, my thoughts exactly! 🤔
  7. Skp, welcome pick ups athens have always been timely and excellent hosts and I have used them over a dozen times in Athens, i guess the ones in other parts of europe are only as good as who runs them,but nothing imho to be wary of in Athens. Also the total cost of the private transfer was around €50, and I haven't seen an SB transfer for much less than that for two, at a time of my preference.
  8. Seconding welcome pick ups, used them many times and they are excellent.
  9. I agree with Isklaar, the sunnier/warmer the destination the less likely the mdr is open for lunch. Imho, it makes sense as people are encouraged or more inclined to want to dine al fresco, or at least that is what i have been told. Of course there are always those who do not agree!
  10. No problem with this, have experienced both on different cruises, but prefer female stewardesses.
  11. Hi, we have used Welcome pick ups for some years now and they are reliable and very good value. They have taken us back and forth port to airport for the last 4yrs in Piraeus.
  12. Dc, thanks considering it for a port intensive med cruise, so I guess the outside issues will be less. Thanks
  13. Having only previously sailed in PH/ PHS and WG grade on Odyssey, can anyone give me an insight into the size of the balcony in OW grade, compared to say PH grade and are there sunbeds there? Thanks
  14. My advice is get up early and be off the ship asap. Rule of thumb is that the crowds take longer to arrive on the larger ships and Odyssey does get docked generally closer to the cable cars etc. We have only encountered crowds going in the opposite direction to us when we got up and returned to the ship at lunch time.
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