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  1. The second without doubt, better weather, destinations, and ody is my favourite.
  2. Are you sure you booked a Seabourn cruise? Never seen or heard of either before.
  3. We love the penthouses, imho they are a vast improvement on the balconies. My husband is very tall and the space makes a massive difference to us. I also much prefer the location for observation lounge. I guess everyone is different,but i have to think twice about booking a veranda now,as we have a much more comfortable cruise in a PH, and also if you book at the right time there are enhanced obc's and free wifi, but I don't think you would get this on an upgrade. We also find the steward/ess more professional and helpful, than those in the smaller rooms.
  4. Oooh, and is it an Improvement ( we all know that wouldn't be hard)?
  5. M&P, good to know, Ody is my favourite,so will be nice to see her looking great this summer!
  6. I know from speaking to guarantee passengers that your room is not guaranteed for both segments for sure, and neither is the fact you won't have to go the drill twice. For some captains attendance for EVERYONE at the drill is a must.
  7. Vistaman, why not just book the room you want? I don't understand those who play the guarantee lottery and then complain about the outcome!
  8. Wesport, it has long been noted that guarantees on SB are not allocated according to club membership level. They are completely random, it doesn't matter whether you are silver, blue or not a member, 'tis irrelevant.
  9. Slsd, not sure they are still doing the Seabourn fries now anyway.
  10. Cece, we did ask and they are definately Panko coated.
  11. The others were clearly mistaken. We had been given the recipe for the coating from the days of the triplets and they were panko breaded fries. A special type of Japanese breadcrumb for those not familiar, and they were in no way dairy covered as my other half has a severe allergy to it, to which Seabourn is made very aware.
  12. If you mean the Seabourn fries they weren't parmesan coated, they were panko breadcrumbed. Last year they had them, but I can't tell you whether they have this year, until my next cruise. Sorry.
  13. 2Sailing, you are correct. It was the Legend they used to take.
  14. Qld, yes they take her every year, or at least have done since the triplets retired.
  15. Gale, of course. Yes the Ody is taken by Ferrari for the GP every year, so should be heading for Monte Carlo soon.
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