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  1. just checking my list … they have Royal will have a Transfer debarking at 7.15 for a 7.45 departure to the international airport. This transfer is geared for flights between 12noon and 3pm.... but like Gbenjo says as long as she is on time.....
  2. Unfortunately that I do not know... as we only know what happens in Sydney.....
  3. As my dear friend Gbenjo has said our new agent app system works a treat for Ovation. Unfortunately no matter how fast we can get you checked it, our biggest hold ups are immigration and security screening onto the ship, which is out of our control.
  4. We have friends on the diamond who said they missed their last port so they could get in front of a Typhoon.... they arrived in Yokohama a day early and are bunkered outside the harbour as it is closed.... probably why embark has been delayed
  5. Yes I would love to know this too.... the Sea Princess has them installed and it was great to have a point to charge my iPad that didn’t use up a PowerPoint nor clutter the desk...
  6. Duncan they are taking in the Downline's in Auckland... like you I thought tenders were a no go... Tenders are usually smaller ports... larger ones like Auckland probably have the officials that can process the passengers and allow them to board.
  7. Yes on our world cruise there were lots of downgrade offers.... not for us as you can’t get lower than an inside....lol the OCB is refundable.....
  8. Stu.... look at haku tours.... you should be able to book and they can make up a group... kings and queens tour ending with the magic fountain tour... The shuttle from the ship will take you to Salaverry Mall... there will be taxis there to meet the buses with tours Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. Tahiti is probably a full day so you can catch the ferry over..... this year on the way back on the world cruise we went to Raiatea, you can see bora from there.... Raiatea is beautiful we had a great day snorkeling .. the sail in and out is magnificent... looks like we will be on this one too
  10. Thanks stu for all your hard work … I hope everyone enjoyed following our cruise as much as we did experiencing it... Joanne
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