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  1. Had an email from Oceania this morning advising that our cruise on Rivera departing 26 September round Western Meditterrean has been cancelled. Deposit will be refunded. No offer of FCC instead. Similar cruise in Sept 2022 suggested but it will cost another £1,000pp so will wait and see what next year brings before booking again. 😪
  2. We have a cruise booked on Seaview round the Med in late July but it now seems the ship will deploy to northern Europe or Baltic at that time. So the question is will we be required to rebook another ship staying in the Med or have the opportunity to stay with Seaview on its northern route? Looking at our booking on the MSC site we have been moved to early June which is no us as the kids will be at school. Hopefully clarification will be forthcoming shortly!
  3. I may have missed it in the deluge of comments today - but I am not entirely clear whether the 25% FCC is 25% of the total price of the cruise that P&O have now cancelled, or 25% of the amount paid to date i.e the 5% deposit. If the latter then it is hardly worth worrying about, but if the former then that's over a grand in our case which I assume can be used to book one of the trips round the UK when they come on stream? 🤪
  4. We had to pay £80 each for a Yellow Fever jab and vaccine passport in order to cruise to South America in 2019. This vaccination and the Oxford/AZ vaccine I had a couple of weeks ago are shown on my on line medical records which I can easily access and print off if I needed to. Whether this would be consider "proof" that I received the Covid jabs is debatable. One thing for sure though is if HMG or any other body come up with a vaccine passport then the criminal fraternity across the world will be churning out fake versions for sale to anyone who wants them.
  5. A hypothetical question right now I know, but is it possible that P&O (which serve a predominately UK based clientele) may consider resuming cruises round all or part of Britain only assuming sufficient UK Gov Covid 19 protocol's are in place by the early summer? What I could envisage is that some ships, especially Iona which is scheduled to undertake one week cruises to Norway, could, if it is not possible to meet the requirements of the Norwegian Government at that time, instead visit some UK ports, where presumably guests could go ashore and wouldn't be travelling outside the UK at all
  6. Hi – Regarding Oceania UK’s policy on refund of deposits when the customer cancels the cruise before the Company does so this year. I had two identical cruises booked with them for 2020, using different TA’s, and cancelled both before the balances were due. Although it has taken some months, I received the full amount of the deposit paid in one case direct from Oceania, but the other refund, which came via the TA, has been reduced by £400 with no explanation. I appreciate Oceania T&Cs state an admin fee of £200pp will be charged when the client cancels before the balance is due
  7. Hi - Extract from TAs letter seems to make it pretty clear. Your cruise operator is in the process of refunding you directly the monies you have paid, removing the need for us to process this and therefore reducing the time this takes to complete. We have been advised that this will be done within 90 days of the cancellation of your reservation.
  8. You and ORV are perfectly correct of course. The slightly worrying thing is that not everyone has access to CC so how many people take the reply from the TA at face value and either forfeit their money or rebook something that might not be entirely suitable for them? We had initially looked at Marina's Nov 2021 trans-Atlantic cruise but the main issues were that it isn't going to the Bahamas, nor was it offered as O Life Ultimate, so would have cost much more overall than the 2020 equivalent cruise when we booked it even though the brochure price is roughly the same.
  9. TA has now responded saying that I was right that a full refund of the deposit should apply under the T&Cs and that they will contact Oceania to arrange it. So no money back yet of course but looks like a positive result so will hopefully be able to book a cruise with them next year once things are clearer. Just goes to show if you don't ask you won't get!
  10. Thanks again . The TAs T&C regarding cancellation simply refer to the appropriate Cruise Company's policy, which I set out above in 788. Armed with your advice I have written back, copied to Oceania,. If that doesn't get the desired result I will go direct to Oceania
  11. Thanks for advice guys. Just to clarify further: The booking summary provided by the TA when we booked in February which is on Oceania headed paper, entitled Guest Cancellation Schedule states that "The following cancellation charges will be assessed for all cancellations received prior to departure up to the scheduled time of departure. 121 days or more prior to departure 0% of full fare 120 - 91 days prior to departure 24 July - 22 Aug 20 £200 pp" We are booked in a PH3 suite and the cruise duration is 16 days. No mention is made of loss of t
  12. HI - Grateful for advice, especially fellow UK Oceania cruisers who seem to have been in a similar position. Booked on Marina's cruise on 21 Nov from Europe to USA but have today advised my Travel Agent that I wish to cancel before the 121 days before departure stated in the T&Cs which I read to show that at worse £200 pp would be taken from our deposit for admin charges. However the TA suggests that the whole deposit would be lost if I cancel now, This doesn't seem to be the outcome for other members who have cancelled prior to the stated 121 days minimum. The TA suggests transferring th
  13. Thank you for the logical reasons for Marina's voyage to Europe. We are booked on her TA in November but I doubt if it will take place for the reasons expressed by Flatbush Flyer above. I have every respect for his/her views but sadly both here and in the USA there is a minority who believe there views on whatever subject is important to them need to be expressed through large gatherings which in the main ignore the possible repercussions to the majority.
  14. According to cruise ship tracker Marina is heading out into the Atlantic on course for Italy, where it will presumably arrive in about a week. Does this mean they intend to restart her late summer/autumn programme in Europe? Seems unlikely as at present all Oceania cruises are cancelled until 1 October and she is due to transit back to the USA in late November so it hardy seems worth it for about 6 weeks in Europe always assuming the ban on cruising isn't extended beyond October! She was due to have a refit back in April in Spain so maybe that is the reason for doing a 6,000 mile round trip?
  15. Like you we cancelled our August cruise on Marina on 31 March with our TA (copied to Oceania) well before the balance was due and was told in mid April that it could take up to 60 days - which has now passed and nothing heard from either TA or Oceania. Perhaps its time to remind then!
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