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  1. Thanks guys. That is what I thought
  2. Can anyone tell me the age requirements for booking? My daughter is 19 and her roommate at college is 20. They want to go on cruise for Spring Break. I know they can't book by themselves. Is it that someone has to be 21 in the room to be able to book?
  3. Never any noise for me. I've stayed on Lido twice on the Liberty
  4. Haha this money is burning a hole in my pocket!! ;p
  5. I just got off of my cruise yesterday. I charged everything to the card and wanted to pay it off today but there are no charges on it yet. How long will it take for the charges to post to the card?
  6. Is there some where that I can look to see where this is?
  7. I'll probably get flamed for this but we wait until the very end to go to muster. That was you are in the front of the group not stuck behind everyone. I've done it for several years and always works out.
  8. I did. They all want you to charter a boat. He just wants to join a group already going out.
  9. My husband wants to fish while we are there next week. Can anyone recommend a company?
  10. No one has ever snorkeled in Nassau?
  11. Thanks. I asked there too. Not one response. :(
  12. We live only 3 hours from PC so we do a lot of 3 day cruises. Its just a long weekend to us and perfect. 14 days and I will be on the Liberty again
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