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  1. sail date 8/30/20 crystal cancelled 5/14/20 ask for 100% refund 5/16/20 no refund 6/29/20
  2. sail date 4/17/20 cancelled by Regent 3/13/20 request for 100% refund 3/14/20 full refund 2 payment 6/4/20 6/10/20
  3. Seriously? You don't know that the Irish divide is between England &Ireland.
  4. Sail date 4/3 /20 cancelled by Regent on 3/13/20 .received full refund to my credit card on 6/1/20.
  5. sail date 4/3 cancelled by regent 3/13 requested 100% refund on3/14 received 100 % refund on credit card on 6/1
  6. They should insist that people leave when finished ,not spend the afternoon playing cards.
  7. How do you book a cruise without putting down a deposit ?
  8. NCL has just cancelled till 5/15 .Can Regent be far behind?
  9. I would worry about car accidents .38000 thousand people in the US and1.3 million in the world die in 2019.
  10. Hi Last cruise on Symphony there was always a long line at 6 pm to get into Waterside.Is this still the case? Thanks Ed
  11. We had to cancel a 3/31/20 cruise and Oceania charged us $500 .Has this happen to anyone else?
  12. Which ship would choose and why. Thanks
  13. eby


    I would like anyone's recents experience getting a Uber after disembarking in POM. Thanks
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