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  1. Thanks! Unfortunately I contacted island Safari and they do not have that tour the day we are in port :(
  2. We were unable to find a tour that took us to the donkey sanctuary. Ive heard they fixed their bumpy driveway so that’s a bonus! Has anyone gone there on their own in a taxi or bus? I really want to go. Thank you!
  3. So my plans for a excursion including the Donkey Sanctuary fell thorough 😔 “Thank you for your information. Unfortunately the island Safari eco Kayak is not available on the Tuesday your ship is in port. We are on schedule for Wednesday 10th .” Anyone know other tour providers that might include that? I’m reluctant to do it on our own as I know the driveway is in poor condition and taxis don’t like to drive it. Thanks for any ideas!
  4. Hi everyone. I’m an animal lover and want to visit the Donkey Sanctuary in Antigua. We are on Celebrity Summit in April. I’m reluctant to rent a car, and I understand taxis sometimes refuse to drive you all the way due to the condition of the road. Are their any tours anyone knows of that include the sanctuary? Thank you!
  5. Marriott day pass vs Palm court garden? mariott has beach access, but is 59$ pp. palm court - bigger pools, no beach access, only 12$. (2 ships in port, Summit and an unknown to me) Thoughts from anyone who’s been? Thx!
  6. We were booked in February 2019 and they cancelled it, saying it was going in for dry dock in February, so we had to choose between December 2018 (before dry dock) or March/April 2019 (after) - I chose April because I did not want to be the first cruise after dry dock, and that would have put us 4-5 cruises after they were done. I just went to to check my dates to book airfare and I saw that they totally changed the date of the dry dock! Now its the end of March? So, we COULD have gone in February on our original date, and now we might be the first cruise after dry dock, which was exactly what I did not want to do.... Anyone else in the same situation?
  7. We stayed at Embassy Suites 2 years ago and really enjoyed it. Is there anything similar or new in SAN Juan we should consider? We are there just 2 nights pre cruise. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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