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  1. 13 minutes ago, blue_water said:

    If you look at the updated taxi fare sheet (in my post from Nov 14) there is a section on tours.

    For 2 people the rates are $70 for 1 hr, $110 for 2 hrs, $165 for 3 hrs, and $220 for 4 hrs. So even if you just inquire at the information booth or with the taxi coordinator, you can get a nice private tour for a reasonably fare…Obviously if you add another couple or two from your roll call, the per/person cost goes down…



    Thanks so much!  How do I find your post from November 14?

  2. 15 minutes ago, Thrak said:

    I'm amazed you didn't have a basic chicken dish on the menu every night. I'm used to seeing Pan Roasted Chicken Breast on the MDR menu every evening. I've never ordered it but my wife said it was good.

    They explained to us that we were “lucky” that the everyday chicken breast had been replaced with steak.  Unfortunately the steak was quite tough.

  3. On 3/15/2024 at 12:13 PM, blue_water said:

    You can just hop one of the shared safari taxis that provide various island tours, you will see them identified, or you can ask the nice ladies at the information area for guidance. 
    The typical tours include spectacular views and photo ops from high up, and some interesting highlights. Other longer tours include a beach stop, typically Cane Garden Bay which you can read about in the Gorgeous Beaches of the BVI post.

    A private tour gives you a much nicer experience and you can choose your itinerary with help from the driver. The people of Tortola are wonderful, and meeting locals off the beaten path just give a much more personal experience…Just gives you the opportunity to stop at a less crowded beach, or see areas your fellow passengers will not. You’d have more to share at dinner! 😉

    If interested in the latter, AC’s Taxi would be our choice.

    We are interested in a private scenic tour.  We contacted Ice Willy but he sounds a little too "hip" for us.  We're in our 70's and cranked up tunes isn't our thing.  😂We haven't had a response from AC's Taxi yet but, if it's anything like the price from Stoutt's Taxi & Tour Service it's definitely out of our price range; $1,000 US for the 2 of us.  I think we'll have to satisfy ourselves with a shared safari taxi so thanks for the information.

  4. We just returned from a 3 week trip to Bruges, England, Norway, Shetland Islands and Iceland.  We used Airalo and had far better success than previous Europe trips.  Almost all locations had 5G service and, when we were docked, I was able to access the data without leaving the ship which wasn't the case on our similar itinerary last year nor our Mediterranean cruise in September.

  5. @pink845 Sorry to hear you have COVID and didn't have a great experience.  We were in D518 and had a wonderful experience; nothing negative to report.  We also enjoyed the MDR dining with the best waiter we've ever had.  We did this cruise last year on Sky Princess and missed 3 out of 4 Iceland ports due to high waves/weather.  We wore our masks and didn't attend ANY entertainment venues.  Fortunately we both ended up with just colds; negative for COVID.

  6. 17 hours ago, paddingtonbear said:

    You can always eat in the buffet which has a variety of food for breakfast and lunch. And it seems to change frequently as well.  

    IF you can get seating.  In order to find a table on Caribbean Princess this month we had to go at 10:45, armed with our e-readers!  Since this was a cold weather itinerary that ruled out eating outdoors at Slice or Salty Dog.  😢

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  7. 1 hour ago, MsSoCalCruiser said:

    Did you try the tacos or the roasted cauliflower? I’m looking forward to trying both. 😋

    A table companion loved the tacos, my husband liked the calamari.  I was really looking forward to the cauliflower but found it tasteless.

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  8. I couldn’t understand all the resistance to the “new” lunch menu.  Now I understand.  Was so looking forward to the chicken (without the waffles) only to discover it’s dark meat which I don’t eat.  Same with the spring rolls - contains shrimp which I can’t eat.  As for the yummy sounding colossal “truffle” fries; ONLY cheese sauce available and the fries are super greasy.  At least I got the spaghetti aglio olio but not enough options for 10 sea days.

  9. If you accept an upgrade you do not know in advance where your cabin is located.  Couple upgraded from mid ship balcony to mini-suite and ended up sleepless since the cabin was at the bow and we encountered rough seas.  Lesson learned; book what you want and can afford.

  10. 17 minutes ago, MsSoCalCruiser said:

    Can I ask for just 3 fries? 😂 

    Good luck with that!  😂  For breakfast I always ask for 2 strips of crispy bacon, one fried egg over medium and one soft roll.  Have yet to receive that.  It's always at least five strips of bacon so, of course, I need to order ANOTHER soft roll because....who can leave bacon on the plate to get thrown out!!!!

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  11. We were there last May.  Got off the ship, bought our ticket from Olden Adventures and were thrilled to be on the first lift up.  It was a gorgeous day BUT.....the Skylift is at quite an elevation and we rose into the clouds and saw NOTHING.  People who went in the afternoon said it was gorgeous.  Just be aware, being the early bird will help you avoid the lines/crowds but in the end it wasn't worth it for us.

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  12. 4 hours ago, John Bull said:

    ............. as long as you like mayo on your "French fries" 😏.


    In the same vein, in British "fish & chip shop" chips ( not what you call "potato chips" but a much fatter version of the fries that you get in the US or Belgium) you choose whether to add salt & vinegar - but in Birmingham they come ready-doused in curry sauce unless you remember to say "no curry sauce please".

    I rarely visit Birmingham - and always forget.😧


    JB 🙂 

    The curry sauce would totally gross me out!  🤮  However, after visiting Amsterdam I'm quite partial to mayo with my fries!  😋

  13. We have received numerous offers to bid for an upgrade on our May 31st Caribbean Princess cruise BUT....we like the cabin/location we now have and I've read that you have no choice of location once your bid was accepted.  It's a big no for us.

  14. 21 hours ago, Mississippian said:

    Princess no longer provides currency exchange. 

    When was this changed?  We bought euros with U.S. dollars on board Enchanted Princess in September and others noted above that Princess did indeed allow the purchase of euros.

  15. 3 hours ago, Moondogy said:

    If I were you I'd be demanding to talk to your CVP's supervisor.  My CVP said they must do this per ADA.

    I would rather REQUEST rather than demand.  It will probably get you further.

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