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  1. Good luck with that! 😂 For breakfast I always ask for 2 strips of crispy bacon, one fried egg over medium and one soft roll. Have yet to receive that. It's always at least five strips of bacon so, of course, I need to order ANOTHER soft roll because....who can leave bacon on the plate to get thrown out!!!!
  2. We were there last May. Got off the ship, bought our ticket from Olden Adventures and were thrilled to be on the first lift up. It was a gorgeous day BUT.....the Skylift is at quite an elevation and we rose into the clouds and saw NOTHING. People who went in the afternoon said it was gorgeous. Just be aware, being the early bird will help you avoid the lines/crowds but in the end it wasn't worth it for us.
  3. Definitely have never seen caffeine-free Diet Coke which would be our preference.
  4. The only thing I've brought on board, aside from "packaged" food is bakery items in Norway and there was no problem.
  5. Hasn't YOUR state experienced increased crime? Unfortunately, it's a world wide problem, not likely to improve in the near future.
  6. The curry sauce would totally gross me out! 🤮 However, after visiting Amsterdam I'm quite partial to mayo with my fries! 😋
  7. We have received numerous offers to bid for an upgrade on our May 31st Caribbean Princess cruise BUT....we like the cabin/location we now have and I've read that you have no choice of location once your bid was accepted. It's a big no for us.
  8. When was this changed? We bought euros with U.S. dollars on board Enchanted Princess in September and others noted above that Princess did indeed allow the purchase of euros.
  9. You definitely need reservations at Dancing Man Brewery and this can be done online. We tried a month in advance last year for a Friday night and they were fully booked. This year we booked two months in advance and got a reservation for a Thursday night.
  10. I would rather REQUEST rather than demand. It will probably get you further.
  11. OP booked direct with Princess.
  12. One of our worst cruises was when people circumvented the "rules" and put their teens unsupervised in the cabin next to ours and the parents were a safe distance away. What a nightmare for us.
  13. We knew Santorini was a MUST for us when we were planning a vacation and read that often cruise ships can't make it in to port. For this reason we did a Greece land vacation and it was fantastic. Pays to do research and know what's important to you.
  14. Have never heard of ANY ships closing International Cafe! Room service breakfast is complimentary.
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