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  1. That’s not the case in our cabin. The bedside lamps do not have USB outlets.
  2. What a pleasant surprise when I went down to the laundry. (After 3 days away, I already had plenty to catch up on!) The stewards have left a bowl of tokens to use for both supplies and the washer and dryer- free laundry! I’m also trying to find out why I had a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries delivered to our cabin- no note. I’m thinking it was probably my daughter’s doing, so I’ll have to ask her. The day has started out great!
  3. Thanks for both these quick responses. I guess it was too good to be true that a Princess “newbie” would get such a benefit.
  4. I’m curious why you’ll get the 10% credit. Is it simply because you booked pre-cruise, or is it because of your level? I ask because we booked WiFi and numerous excursions pre-cruise, but this is our first Princess cruise.
  5. We’re in the same situation, hoping to sit with a larger table. I’ve resigned myself to keeping the current reservations and then speaking to the MD after we board. I don’t want to risk losing the time slot we’ve reserved. I expect, however, that the MD will be swamped with requests that day. 😒
  6. Thanks to all for your thorough answers! (Now let’s hope I can win something😄)
  7. By charging the spending to the room account, isn’t that like taking a cash advance on the credit card? The bank would start charging interest immediately, wouldn’t they? I’d like to avoid that. With the Casino Gift Credits, would it make a difference if I’m playing slots (no chips to exchange)?
  8. How does Princess deal with offering cash for the casino? I know I can simply bring cash with me and store it in the safe, and I really don’t want to use an ATM. However, I’m not thrilled about carrying a lot of cash while traveling to the port. Will Princess cash a check on board?
  9. My husband and I do not drink alcohol, so we’ve booked our cruise with the basic cruise fare. On our experience with Royal Caribbean, we had lemonade, iced tea, etc. available without a drinks package. What does Princess offer?
  10. I’m new to Princess and to this thread, so please excuse me if these questions have been answered before. I keep seeing references to the Personalizer; where do I find this? I’m already set up with the MC app and have scheduled my traditional dining request, but I was never given the opportunity to request a table for multiple couples. My husband and I would prefer to eat with others.
  11. Thanks for your prompt reply. With RC, they have an email address to use to make special dining requests, like table size, location, etc. Are you aware of such an option with Princess? And one more question: Is smoking allowed in the casino?
  12. I have always cruised with Royal, but we hope to see Alaska on a Princess cruise in August. I’ve always enjoyed dining in the main dining room with the same group on people each night (always early- 5:30/6:00). Is that an option with Princess? Also, when I look at booking, they mention “crew incentives”; can I assume that’s another term for gratuities?
  13. Where did you hear about an announcement coming on Thursday? I have a Baltic cruise in August that I simply want to resolve- one way or another. This limbo is hard to manage, since it precludes us from making different plans for that time.
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