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  1. Yes, they do look close together, and the photos I’ve been able to see thru google search show they are much smaller. I just priced them for my November oasis cruise and there is only a $50 price difference between the South Beach cabanas and the Coco Beach cabanas. 😳
  2. thanks! I took this photo of the south beach area, but we did not walk over there. The cabanas are definitely smaller and don’t have all the amenities as the coco beach club cabanas, but definitely good open water views, since there is only the floating bar and didn’t look too busy in this photo. 😉
  3. This photo representative of my husbands face when I tell him I’ve already booked a few 2021 sailings 😎 🥳
  4. Plenty of spa specials if you want to stay onboard and miss the coco cay beach day...
  5. c&a D+ I nfo..... Only stopped in the lounge once on Day 1 to get help with the Izumi reservation. Not a fan of this location, so never went back
  6. Random photo to break up the monotony of compasses. It’s almost impossible to resist the temptation get one of these before entering one of the show venues on deck 4. Royal really needs to up their popcorn game. 😝 not only was the popcorn cold, so was the complementary fake butter in the squirt bottle. Bleeeech. It was neither fresh, delicious or crisp.
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