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  1. Is was reported from the ship that it was a crew member.
  2. Thanks to all the live posters on this sailing. I have thoroughly enjoyed your photos and musings from the comfort of my home. Safe travels to you all as you head back home.
  3. Twangster, just caught up on your videos. Well done, and Haines is a great cell coverage pick-up along the way. I wonder when Voom will kick in today, and will cell coverage will kick in first? I guess we will find out later.
  4. His 5 minutes of spin was really just the pre show entertainment. I’m not sure how he could walk straight for the rest of the night. We were on board while he was on holidays, no one else took on this role. 😉
  5. Yes, more than the Harmony one but no where near the level on Oasis and Allure.
  6. Most likely the best option. New avatar, like it.
  7. Carcross Dessert is an amazing place. Was there in the summer of 1994 when I went on a Yukon Road Trip at the age of 20. Would love to go back one day.
  8. For those on board, just in case you haven’t done it yet, here is a pro tip. If you have cellular connection while on board shut your wifi off. Your device will bounce back and forth while trying to see if wifi is better than cellular, and we al know that answer.😉 While on the ship your upload times will increase if you do this. I was amazed at spots where you have cellular connection in the narrow channels of Alaska.
  9. I think the AT Shows have morphed on the newer ships to have less diving and more dance and aerialists. The reason being, they are not as effected as much by rough seas. I have not seen the shows on Harmony and Symphony cancelled like I have on Oasis and Allure. Even on the newer ships they can cut out one portion like the high divers if the seas are rough but more of the show can go on. Just my thoughts, and no confirmation of this theory. It is too bad your SO didn’t like the show.
  10. I like them all. I was just informing coffeebean that the Symphony show was the same style as Harmony’s.
  11. Don’t go to the one on Symphony if you didn’t like the one in Harmony.
  12. I thought I read somewhere else that it was $94, so $50 doesn’t seem so bad. Was it for the entire Glacier time or a set period of time?
  13. Hoopster, this is Glacier Bay right? Looks very nice today for early in the season.
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