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  1. I would not worry that much. If kids can sail without being vaccinated by RC or CDC rulings etc, and everyone else has to be, then others can determine if they want to cruise or not. In reality anything we do on a daily basis could impact people's health, let alone unvaccinated children going on a cruise ship. That really is the smallest on concerns when looking at the world at this moment in time.
  2. What part of tragic do you not understand? How do you feel about the societal consequences?
  3. Wait, they aren’t they sailing from Europe anymore? Wasn’t it Italy that was allowing sailings?
  4. Sadly we would have been boarding Freedom today in San Juan. I starting about it on Friday, and yesterday. Yesterday would have been fly day. Oh well, at least we have hockey and football to watch. Laundry as well. I wonder what would Lisa do if I threw the towels on the floor?🤪
  5. Sandals is as well, the free test part. I have not read reports of what they are doing if you test positive.
  6. What will be sadder is she gets Covid while hoping to get vaccinated.
  7. I read a story about a group that swim all year out on the East Coast just the other day. Other than bad storms they basically go every day. Makes me think about the Seinfeld Episode when Costanza went swimming in the Hamptons... it’s shrinkage.
  8. I knew someone on that cruise as well. We were to board Freedom this Sunday. She looked amazing after her Amplification.
  9. October 2019 was our last one. Pretty sure it was Symphony, but it was Oasis Class out of MIA.
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