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  1. The media tells the people lots of stuff, and those that buy in will accept it no matter the political spectrum. Unfortunately folks only look at one source today, and see the others are false narratives. Sometimes looking up, at the world around is not a bad idea. Ferris Bueller might just have been onto something. So long as the media isn't "state controlled" people will make their own decisions. If they are right or wrong, that is an entirely different story. Common sense isn't common anymore. The Karen's and the Keiths of the world have to learn that yelling at someone is not going to change the reality of the situation nor the outcome.
  2. NYC is far from back to normal, while they are soon to enter stage 3. That is 5 months after the start of their Covid hit. As a guess to when cruises might start, just add at minimum 5 months to today’s date in Florida, Texas and California as the earliest start time for sail from there. Remember while you do that, NYC is still no where ready to board a cruise ship. If those states/citizens continue with their laissez-faire attitude just add more time onto that moving date, for cruises to start with the major lines. That is over and above getting CDC approval, crewing the ships etc. I’m starting to doubt my March 2021 sailing is going to happen, or it might be one of the first to go. There are still a few that think it will start any day, but I would tend to lean away from that happening until the curve is truly flattened.
  3. It started as a straight 6, drum brakes, automatic, with a manual top. We put it through a two year frame off restoration. It’s now a 289, 4 speed top loader, power top, pony interior, front disc brakes, and power steering. We went with a fibreglass Shelby style hood for better airflow and heat release, ungraded wheels and rubber, and fog lights. We also used new old stock steel where applicable. We built it the way we wanted it. The car was frame on restored in 1978, by the second owner and I am the third. The car was originally sold 200 miles from where it lives now. The second owner, was my insurance agent until he retired and was one of my dad’s best friends. He also spoke at my father’s funeral. I like that it has ties even back to my youth, riding in it as a 10 year old. It is a fun car that runs very strong and cool.
  4. Please stop in at Wakin's Glen International and pay tribute for me.
  5. What would I do more of... cruise in my cars. Out this morning. @John&LaLaI personally preferred Lee Iacocca’s work with developing the Mustang.
  6. but if she says you can go solo, you might not want to. 😉😂
  7. You need to be her first review.😉 Photo for effect. I always liked the Saturn Sky over the Pontiac Solstice. Had better lines IMO. Hot Rod magazine stuffed a corvette engine into the Pontiac many years ago for a article. Sounds like it was a blast to drive.
  8. A suite comparable to Star Class. We would not normally book this room, but a different butler room. In this case we booked a room that we could be fully contained if we needed to isolate from the masses.
  9. Just caught up. Busy enjoying the amazing weather up here. Little hot outside at 104F but the pool was 90 and amazing.
  10. Don’t feel bad. In fact, we have some of your citizens entering Canada under false pretences to escape the states. As it stands right now there are very few Canadians who want to cross the border and want to see it remain closed for some time. As for cruising soon, that is a wait and see. I was told by someone, here on CC, that in March that Covid would be “behind us” by June. We are now into July and the cruise lines are still repatriating their crew. Supposedly Bahamas Paradise Cruise lines is starting this month. However, I would not call them a major player in the industry, not to mention they have yet to push away from the dock. As for being allowed to leave, we can. Europe is welcoming us as of July 1st. We can also head to the Caribbean. We just need to follow their rules for travellers. We are far from isolated here.
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