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  1. Just thinking out loud... it’s the replacement Dr’s note for Comfort Pets. I never even knew about that...
  2. to add one more. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/08/politics/us-intelligence-report-china-coronavirus/index.html
  3. CC needs to open a buy and sell page.
  4. I almost snorted my coffee out my nose. It sounds like ships might sail at half capacity for double the cost going forward with the same amount of crew. 🤷‍♂️
  5. That is fully understandable. I’d have a hard time coping. More BBQ food porn in a few days.
  6. 100% with you. Current technologies have no way to effectively test a ship’s worth of people In a quick time. As more tests are developed and the leaning curve is narrowed, they might have a capability to test a ship of crew and guests. I don’t see that being anytime soon though. edit to add: even if they could test all on board, it’s only the result for that moment in time. It can change within the minute, hour or day.
  7. We brought the front porch chairs out on Saturday, and Lucy has rediscovered her favourite sleeping spot. Please excuse the windows, we are still cleaning the inside of the house, before we get to the windows. We hope to have the house fully cleaned from top to bottom by Saturday. Maybe time for more food porn? The ribs were delicious.
  8. If you are referencing my pricing, it was by litre and in Canadian funds. I exchanged it to a price and volume for those south of my border so you would understand. Now, if it has doubled where you are that’s crazy.
  9. Abbott Labs has come up with one, with 5 minutes test results. “Abbott’s highly touted machines after it said they could detect the novel coronavirus in as little as five minutes, or give a negative test result in about 13 minutes. That compares with at least 45 minutes to several days to get results from most of the other types of COVID-19 tests being used”. https://www.fiercebiotech.com/medtech/trump-touted-abbott-s-quick-covid-19-test-hhs-document-shows-only-5-500-are-way-to-entire-u I call the elevator for myself.😉
  10. I guess in this case one might say he "fell on his sword" for this crew. I think most everyone would follow him to battle for doing this. If he did that for me, I would. He might not get a statue, by he is a hero in my eyes.
  11. I remember the news stories about that storm. People sleeping in cars at Walmart etc. It is all a matter of perspective.
  12. Buy a private Island is what comes to mind. It would need a fully stocked and functioning grocery store though, that delivers. Yup, you are right. No easy way to spend it.
  13. Cars are getting fuel ratings of weeks per gallon now. Costco here is 66 cents a litre. After calculations and exchange that would be $1.78 US per gallon.
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