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  1. Did you know Christmas is four months Sunday? Does Owen know that school starts a week Tuesday? Now that I have shocked both you and him, let’s get to the fun stuff. I’ll tell you more; about the summer heat and these summer nights.
  2. That and I don’t even know where mine went too.🤦‍♂️
  3. Can’t believe the chogs in the Suite sundeck. Hopefully that was one of them stuck in the water slide. Karma baby.
  4. Some of Owen's team mates could use Brandon's help. I think they sat on the couch all summer playing video games.😉 Hope the Falcons have success this weekend.
  5. Their cruise alias? Slick. Very slick. I like it. This is worthy of the trophy emoji. Thanks for sharing the info. John, I hope Laura is starting to feel better.
  6. Indeed. If it was the same as before, each one had a porch with a full inclosed cabana with AC. We enjoyed our day there when we went on Princess.
  7. John, a couple boarding day logistics questions. Over the last three weeks has Harmony embarked/disembarked on the port side in PC? I think you have been somehow related to each sailing by boarding or disembarking. I’m wondering if life boat drills will be this week? After muster is there a better side of the side of the ship to be on for sailaway? I’m guessing starboard. Thanks.
  8. Other than location there is none that I am aware of. At the current time the South Beach ones are not in what will be their final location, but they might be by the time you sail.
  9. It will vary by individual, the cost of the cabana and what is included with it. We will be one of the first off the ship at 8am and last to get back on board at 4pm. We plan on being on the Island all day hitting the slides immediately. Once the lines build we will hit the cabana and relax. When the lines dissipate we will slide again or hit the wave wave pool. The cabana will be our home base. Each cabana also has a lockable storage device, to which we can leave our camera etc in while out adventuring/wave pooling. We purchased our cabana for approximatley $525 and it comes with 6 full day water park passes. We should be "using" our cabana for 7.5 hours of our 8 hours there. We should actually be in it for half the time. In my eyes it works out to be a decent hourly price either way especially when you read the following. Right now for our sailing next week, a full day water park pass is approximately $95. Six full day park passes alone would be $570. A cabana like ours is still bookable/available for $1000. A Chill Island Cabana is available for almost $1,300. Oasis Lagoon ones are sold out but show the same cost of $1,300. Beach Bungalows are sold out at approx $400 as well as Beach Beds at approx $300. These are approx prices as I have exchanged them from Canadian to US Funds. None of those get passes to the water park included. As crazy as the prices are, people are booking them. It is what is justifiable too oneself. If we wanted to recoup some of our funds we could sell our extra three water park passes on the black market in Central Park. LOL. $50 each should be an easy sale. Just Kidding. That's US funds, not Canadian. 😉 Book early in my mind is the key and realisticlly consider how much time will you use it for. You can always cancel prior to your sailing date, either for a cheaper price or changing your mind. Sorry John for the digression of your review. Have a drink on me in the SL today.
  10. I can reply on our behalf. We have cabanas booked over 3 different sailings. 2 are waterpark with 6 passes for each visit and one at the beach. I could give you the pricing but in Canadian funds which for you would be like Monopoly money. We booked them well in advance and the price has only gone up. Currently the are all more than we booked them for, approximately 2.5 times more. I did however grab one price drop of $75. My suggestions, book the one you want early and watch for price drops.
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