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  1. The grandfather made more than a terribly dangerous decision, he made a life ending decision. Unfortunately, it was someone else’s. Having lost a young child a extremely rare brain disorder, I can tell you unequivocally that we would not go after the cruise line. We would gather the internal strength to find resolve, and clarity to accept what he did. That is how we got through our daughters time on earth, knowing at 3 months of age that her time was limited. I will say though, if there was a lawyer involved it would be to guarantee the GF was gone for good from our lives. I’m not sure if being Canadian makes a difference to this no sue attitude. Or, is it the fact that we have lived through watching our two year old daughter pass away in my arms. If this happened in our household, we would be destroyed to lose a child to such idiotic and life ending actions, but the though of suing would never cross our minds. I guess we are not the “norm”, but this is who we are.
  2. @Yorkvillaincheck out the food porn on page 11. @niksmom630 thanks for the wet chin dreams. LOL
  3. living on a farm, with at one time having over 100 head of cattle and 3 2,400lbs bulls, I can confirm that you are 100% correct.
  4. And that should go across the board for everything. Sadly, common sense isn't common anymore.
  5. I have a few photos of that from one of my live reviews a few years ago. Lets just say the man on the least was consenting.
  6. There is a live reviewer there today with a beach front cabana. This is a link to their review. It is linked to the page of their most recent postings, of this morning.
  7. Enjoy your... 🎶 Perfect Day, Perfect Day, Perfect Day at Coco Cay...🎶 Just don't get the song burned into your mind. LOL 🤯 Anxiously awaiting food porn from your cabana. 🦞🥩
  8. A lawyer would argue that it was signed under/in duress. The guest signed it as they were under pressure and the fear of missing their cruise vacation. Sure the child might not have any medical issue the entire trip but RC made the exception and let them go. This says it all.
  9. You will have to get RC to see your point of view as I have no sway in that matter. What really is moot; the opinions of individuals expressed on CC and how it relates to RC's daily operations.
  10. This exactly. It’s the same reason why those same paediatricians wouldn’t allow some random doctor into their offices to do the same on land.
  11. There are some cruisers that would love RC to do that.
  12. There is a reason why the have rules for young children and pregnant cruisers. They are not as capable to care for them if an emergency arises. They tend to be more medically fragile than a 45 year old individual. It’s easy to say just change the medical clinic, but doing it is a different reality. Think of medical on the ship as your local mom and pop garage. Sure they can repair a tire on a Lamborghini, but they are not trained/capable of technical work. They get you fixed up enough to limp along to the certified dealership. You can’t expect them to bring in a import car specialist for the warm summer months, while you are out in your summer car, on the chance you might show up needing dire help. The same is said of the cruise line medical department. Yes, they have a doctor and a few nurses but that’s it for staff. They are not NICU doctors, and nor do they have the specialized equipment to care for specialized situations. If you want that I would think they would have to revamp the entire medical team, medical area layout and bring in specialized equipment just to sail in specific areas of the world. Or the cruise lines could continue to do as they are now, set restrictions for specific situations and keep those guests stable until they can be passed along to specialized care. It is easy to say change it. Everything after isn’t.
  13. All very well and true, until someone’s child is in danger and it becomes an issue. There will be a reason to why it is set up like this, and debating the ports of the world won’t change the outcome. This is a no win situation for the OP. If RC had gave earlier notification it would be the same outcome, but perhaps not as tough as finding out at the pier. Still sucks for the family.
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