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  1. IMO they should have been ordered ages ago and here for right now. I wonder how long it will take to arrive as the test line’s are longer every day and we are now in the second wave.
  2. If CV19 is here 5 years from now, let alone 2, cruises will be the last of our concerns. As for letting the people choose, isn’t that what Election Day will determine. You will know in a handful of weeks what approach will be taken going forward. I would love to see it happen just as an experiment. I won’t be on-board but it would be interesting.
  3. Agreed. l think that December 1st date might be hard to reach and having all crew on board and be Covid free. Chief says approx 4/6 weeks to crew a ship under normal times. If they started October 1st it would become Nov1 to mid-Nov. Add 2 weeks on-board with extra testing, on top of testing for crew as they travel to the ships it would be tight for a December 1st start. If a ship has an outbreak prior to welcoming guests it only goes from there.
  4. Timeline alone says it can’t be done, no matter what party is in power.
  5. I thought this was a politics free forum? Plain and simple, they can’t crew the ship in one week right now, let alone see that all staff were Covid free. The chief has said 4 weeks minimum under normal conditions, and those conditions are not today. The cruises lines might not want to sail November 1st even if allowed. Any Covid cases will bring negative press and lawsuits. They have one shot at reopening successfully and they won’t want to screw it up.
  6. Mainly needle trees in my yard, but they are here and in full force.
  7. Doesn’t seem promising for Thanksgiving but hopefully your in-laws have some luck in January. The CDC still has to give approval over and above everything.
  8. If it is a food service company that is a telling sign. It’s one thing to take on low supplies for current crew on board VS a ship at half to full capacity. This is a real sign, however if things do improve it can be ramped up quickly when needed. Thanks for the share, even though it is what some do not want to hear.
  9. That’s the theory.😉 I sometimes wonder though if it was man made VS a natural occurrence. It seems so strong, and has not weakened since it’s known life expectancy from last fall to today. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but it does make me wonder.
  10. Great share Biker. The drone video is interesting.
  11. Just curious to what they sell/supply to the cruise lines, to which they do not need until March?
  12. Unfortunately those taking calculated risks in larger cities like Toronto are passing it faster than those taking the same risks as those in smaller rural areas where it is not as common. If, and that’s a big if, everyone followed the mandate it would reduce. I do not see it disappearing though as external factors will play a role in it’s continued spread. Improper mask wearing would be the main one. The other inevitably being be people not following the rules even if they say they are. I would suspect the cases would decline and then slowly increase, so long as people were still mindful of each other after the 8 to 12 weeks. International travel without testing upon arrival is an example of how it would continue to live. In fact you could say Australia and New Zealand are examples of this. Australia got hit harder in their second round and NZ not so much. If you do not have everyone on board it seems to be an exercise in futility. No they aren’t saying it will go away. Our Premier just said we are in stage 2, as well as our Prime Minister. Now that is true for some parts of the country but not all of the nation. Some are not and never will take it seriously. Others did in the beginning and are now “suffering” from CV exhaustion. Then there are some that are “hiding” forever. I think it is the personality of the individual that shows their actions. As for Polls, I’m not sure what you mean. It is not as common, as we are not in a Federal election year.
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