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  1. It is pretty crazy, the entire thing. It reminds me of the Dr Seuss House in Alaska. Just add one more level of craziness type of idea.
  2. Happy Birthday Maureen. Hope you have a drink or 12 today.
  3. I heard on a sports radio show yesterday that they applied the league to wear this 3rd jersey during the playoffs. I guess they have been winning in them, and they want to continue the streak. They want to bang up the season I guess.
  4. This, is a sunflower in a neighbouring community. 23’ tall. The structure gives it support and the umbrella helps it weather any storms. At least that’s what they say. Here is a link to a news story. https://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=2266694
  5. A few years make a big difference from that review to today. He’s in this photo somewhere. Football tryouts continue today and development ice at 8-10 tonight. Hockey try outs start tomorrow and thankfully he has a PA day from school tomorrow.
  6. That’s the place. Amazingly enough the 72oz steak looked very tasty.
  7. Welcome home from your procedure Graham. I can envision your regime of drops and the timers on your phone after helping my mom and MIL. Hope things are going as smooth as possible.
  8. Is that the Boston in you coming out.😉😂
  9. Just a small break during hurricane season, from water to land. I like his last RV Doodles where he ate the 72oz steak in Texas. I mean, he tried to eat. 😀
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