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  1. Yes, I forgot to mention the "like" function either. When logged on and it doesn't function, so I log out and log back on. I've taken to copying posts before I hit post, because enough have them have just disappeared to outer space.
  2. If I am Gold today and become Pinnacle on the World Cruise, can I just have it given to me on embarkation day?🤣 (joke font on)
  3. I recommend you sacrifice a Canadian goose. They are class one A wholes.😉 This one will even ride home with you and they are tasty.
  4. Problems for weeks for me; in private mode, not private mode, deleted cookies daily and it happens on wifi and data mode. Other examples, it says I’m logged on the top of the page and yet on the bottom of the page it says login to post. Other times when you quote, it shows the entire thread posts in order of newest to oldest below the post box and you can not submit. I will be logged in on one page of a thread, and when you skip to the next page I’m logged out. No rhyme or reason. It’s been happening on IOS 14 and the newest IOS 15.0.2. 🤯
  5. Sometimes if I see something while I am walking about the ship I use the “take photo” option from the posting function. I don’t have to transfer it or anything. It saves time, if you want to get it done quickly.
  6. A must, I do two under a photo then post the next text, One line followed with a photo. Like this… Sunrise today was like this. And sunset tonight was almost as nice. (Double space between photo above and single space below). I’ve always found it visually pleasing.
  7. Today was operation plumbing fix for the new washer and dryer on the main level. Plumbing rough in complete. Drywall might be started tomorrow and then the laundry tub will be installed after. It only took 6 weeks for the plumber to make it, and they are family by marriage. This could take a few more weeks, and hopefully not months. Tomorrow is furnace cleaning day at 3 homes with 4 furnaces, among many other items to be accomplished.
  8. Project garage AC is on hold for today, but good progress was made. The base unit will sit here on the generator pad. All the pipes can’t cable will be in tracked pipe. The same type of track pipe will cover this as well. Some island plates adorn the wall.
  9. As a frequent live reviewer (pre-Covid) my advice is once you start, you have to stick with it. There have been a fair amount who have started and by day three they have faded away into the distance. IMO once you skip a day, it’s hard to get back into it. Biker is right, caping photos on the posting side helps a lot.
  10. That was my first thought too. Cut off in FLL was 11:30, and I believe MIA was later possibly noon.
  11. We all know the same as you. Until it changes, expect it to remain the same. You can always book a test in advance and cancel it if the requirements change. Better to be prepared than caught off guard.
  12. I think I counted about 40 bills in the money fan. I ignored the stack of bills in the background. 😁 I approve of whatever this is.
  13. There have been reports that Labadee infrastructure has already been compromised with no RC staff on site. IMO the only reason they will return is the Haitian government will want their payments for the land lease. RC won’t want to pay if the outcrop has been overrun and run down. Top that off with concerns of guest safety going forward. I certainly would not want to invest big funds into it to revitalize again; if it has to be repaired again after another government coup, assassination or earthquake etc. It might be some time before RC returns to Labadee but only time will tell. Unfortunately it reminds me of the Family Guy skit where Godzilla attacks Haiti. It’s sad, but in reality it is accurate reflection.
  14. A heat pump won’t keep up with our cold Canadian Winters (-10-20C), but it will keep up with deal with the reasonable cold weather. I’m curious to see how my upcoming hydro bill compares after this winter. Did it work well at your place?
  15. That is the right attitude to have Mimi. My family and your extended CC family are all praying for you during this challenging time. ❤️
  16. Operation air condition and heat pump the garage is now under way. All three bays are getting units run off a base station, similar to what they use in the Caribbean. Should be done tomorrow. We are keeping the eclectic heater as a back up. One guy is working inside. One guy working outside getting the electrical and AC lines run.
  17. Oyster shots can lead to Hersey squirts. 🤢 Glad the OP is still onboard.
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