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  1. I’m not familiar with it the program, but can’t you lift and switch this current sailing?
  2. Very true. There are also many that live beyond their means, who will come from groups you listed and other essential and non-essential workers as well. I’m sure there are some here too. That being said they still have to be welcome into other countries, to be able to travel there. I think the most important thing the resort owner is forgetting, we are in a pandemic. He’s optimistic but he has to be. However, just like the rest of the travel world things are not the same right now. All we have to do is look at cruising, and the pages right here.
  3. Under normal circumstances I’d say he is right. The big difference is how many of those American have disposable income right now, let alone the European guests.
  4. Allure or Harmony and I’d be more apt to say Harmony. Captain J, used to have the chopper on Allure and this electric bike on Harmony.
  5. Time to get it back to topic... should ships be lifted and switched away from North America? Cases are rising, no matter the cause/case. Will cruise lines make enough money to stay afloat by moving ships away, until it is safe for them to return? Speculation just like everything else on CC.
  6. I just saw that news story as well. Other Islands have followed suit as well.
  7. it took me a few minutes to find it but it is here on the side in the red circle. If you click on the day it shows the numbers. Not positive, even if beds stay empty.
  8. From what I have seen he usually only does live reviews, and doesn’t comment on the general boards about daily topics. As Biker said, he is active on a roll call.
  9. @Yorkvillain only on formal nights. That’s when we go to the crew mess. ln all honestly I’m losing hope for our January one, and by now I would have airfare booked for March 2021. I’m doubting that one will go as well. At the way rates are increasing March might be the beginning of cruising, only if a lot of positive things happen. Many Islands are now making mandatory testing prior to flying in and upon arrival for airplane flights just in the last few days. I’m not sure how they will take to cruise guests, but I can’t see it being any less stringent.
  10. Jamaica wants to before you travel and will test you again when you arrive. If you test positive you can’t come, and they double check upon your arrival. To make sure you didn’t get it between. I also think they are retesting for those that might have done it incorrectly with the home tests, or perhaps for those that may have falsified their initial results in some sort of way for whatever reason. San Juan is now looking at having testing done prior to arrival. Link below this quote. “Starting July 15, all passengers have to wear a mask and must take a test 72 hours prior to their arrival and submit the results to officials at the airport. Those who refuse to do so, or tested positive, or do not have the test results available, will be forced into a two-week quarantine. During that time, they have to undergo a test and share the results if they want to be released from quarantine, said Puerto Rico Health Secretary Lorenzo Gonzalez.” https://www.fox35orlando.com/news/puerto-rico-to-demand-covid-19-test-results-from-arriving-passengers
  11. Your garbage men were former executives from Carnival. That’s cool.
  12. “Free” in Canada means my taxes are paying for it. Don’t know where you get theft from, my understanding is that is called the five finger discount.
  13. Heading to Jamaica, you might want to read this. These are the new rules (July 10th) for Americans flying into Jamaican. This is a link from the US Embassy in Jamaica. A PCR test (Covid test) must be uploaded 7 days prior to arrival to a Jamaican website along with a survey. Travellers are also tested at the airport when they arrive. If no test is sent in prior to boarding, then you do not board the plane. It gives you the travel authorization to go. If you fail The Covid test in Jamaica then you are quarantined in a Jamaican government facility. 😱 This is all over Sandals FB group pages. link to the website. https://jm.usembassy.gov/health-alert-u-s-embassy-kingston-jamaica-07012020/
  14. World Tracker isn’t recording daily tests and I didn’t chase them either from other sources. My train of thought is is if they were having lots of positive tests, they would be showing/tracking them on that website. Who knows maybe they’re taking the approach of less tests mean less cases.🤷‍♂️ That being said, even if their protests/gatherings only lasted 2 weeks it has already been two weeks since that would have ended. If they were going to have an uptick in cases, with a 5 to 14 day incubation period we should’ve seen them already.
  15. Happy Canada Day folks. Beautiful day here, hope you can say the same.
  16. more just luck on being born here, but I will accept it. Supposedly the steak dinner at the Canadian Restaurant at Epcot is one of the best meals in the park. One more interesting video about our differences.... hopefully I don’t get the chance share it again here again this fall.😱
  17. I say Oasis as she was based in PC... but could it be Harmony as she was there too.
  18. they knew in advance... yet for some reason it was a surprise. I think uploading tests will be common, but I also wonder if by accident or on purpose these tests could be done wrong/poorly. Who wants to stick the swab into their nasal cavity 1-2 inches themselves. I have had a swap done once and wow is all I can say. I can’t envision doing it to myself, but I could see my wife do it to me.
  19. I don’t know ships with only one wave, but I might guess Navigator because of the slides.
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