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  1. GM failed to adapt to a changing market, while also failing to satisfy their existing solid customer base that they built in favor of chasing one-off customers with an increasingly inferior product. When the solid base eroded, the financial dominoes began to fall. Strangely similar path. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.
  2. How did GM lose their once dominant market share? One customer at a time.
  3. Yes, we did YC (awesome) and we are pretty low maintenance. Look on the MSC USA web site & it details the status match. There is a stickey on the MSC board that is tracking matches.
  4. Our first was B2B out of Miami. We viewed the ship as our destination, having been to the usual Caribbean ports many times. Agreed, best cruise we have done in many years! That said, I probably would not cruise MSC outside of the YC.
  5. Saw this coming quite awhile ago - steady erosion and a product that is, in our opinion, going stale. We cancelled our 2 2019 RC sailings last fall and sailed on MSC Seaside Yacht Club for about the same $ as the RC balcony - but with MUCH better perks, service, etc. Nice status match too. Cancelled our 2 RC 2020 sailings for the Seaside YC again this coming fall. We are in that 500 point "neither fish nor fowl" area with RC and generally do about 30 nights a year at sea. We will look to RC & X again, but only for unique/bucket list itineraries and certainly not the twice a year B2B sailings we have been doing. Instead of wringing your hands and pounding your keyboard - just vote with your wallets. It's pretty liberating.
  6. Coronavirus outbreak in China & Asia. Has the potential to be a really big deal & RC put a lot of eggs in that basket.
  7. Been asked once - Vancouver - showed my VA card. No problem at all. Enough info on the DD214 to snatch your identity, no way am I giving it to anyone, especially a shore-side non-employee agent.
  8. When you budget your time remember this is a tender port, not docked.
  9. Thanks for the update. Nice lady - wish her well. (Sorry for the minor thread hijack).
  10. You mentioned that Mr. Balla is now the YC director - do you know if Mandy moved on to the F&B slot??
  11. And I thought I was bad with my waterproof mini-mag light for the bedside table.
  12. If it only had a second bathroom or at least 1/2 a bath.................
  13. Last month on Seaside the only movies were pay per view. There were like 4 different versions of CNN (which we can't stand) and very little else. Our TV was tight attached to the bulkhead and didn't swivel. Doubt you can reach the ports. Only channel worth watching was the one with the navigational map. Had decent music.
  14. Just off the phone with them after doing mock bookings. March 1 Eclipse cruise around the Horn. Added 2 more perks (OBC & Internet) so now have all four and also saved a bit over $200 off the bottom line, but deposit became N/R - which is OK - because we have air, hotel, parking, etc. already lined up. Interesting that the B2B March 15 Santiago to San Diego leg was more $ and not worth converting to the "sale" and adding the two other perks. Sometimes a sale really is a sale. I'm shocked!
  15. Were also on Seaside for 2 weeks in October. Slippers and robes, no problem. Meals/dinners in the YC restaurant were good to very good, except for one dish. I cook from scratch at home, so can be a bit of a critic. You were lucky to have Maria. She is like the energizer bunny.
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