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  1. Off Seaside 2 days ago (GREAT cruise(s)) and all was fine with the mini-bar.
  2. Just off Seaside YC yesterday. Unless you are ordering the really top shelf stuff, it is included. Saw no charges on our bill at all. Many places saw the YC wristband and didn't even scan it.
  3. FINALLY got it resolved this afternoon. Took 5 tries over 9 days to resolve a really bonehead mistake they made. Wasted way too many hours of my cruise squaring this away. Probably will not book on board in the future. Not impressed at all. Certainly can't recommend booking on board. Keep the OBC, I'll do it myself next time (and do it right the first time).
  4. Currently on Seaside, last day. Anyone else had problems with the on-board/future cruise bookings folks?
  5. Currently on Seaside B2B in the Yacht Club (turn-round day today). We have mostly cruised RC, with some Celebrity sprinkled in. We love the YC. Have booked 2 weeks for next year. Dining is not rushed and seems more intimate. Food(subjective) has been very good. Service is top drawer. Nice to have escorts around the lines off and on the ship and to the shows. Great sports bar on this ship if you are interested. Crew is very friendly and engaging. We would not sail this ship outside of YC though. Just our two pennies worth.
  6. Don't know. Booked this trip on line back in December and it came with 5G included. May have been a promotion??? Bookings I made last night show the 4G for October '20 cruises.
  7. Looks like 4G per booking, not per person. Currently on Seaside and the included net was a shared limit. Booked a B2B for next year last night and was told limit was per booking too. Time will tell though. With YC pricing climbing the way it is, should include a per person booked plan.
  8. On a thread I can no longer find, someone had a question about the beds in 16049 and I said I'd let them know. There is the standard "put together" main bed and a 2 cushion couch that pulls out into a double. There are NO bunk beds in this cabin, regardless of what the deck plans say. Cabin is nicely located and very quiet!
  9. Have done the ETA twice for two different trips where we did the same - few days in SYD then cruise out. No problem.
  10. I'm not sure what their math will be. Best bet is to price it out on the site (logged in of course) and then call them. My price over the phone was substantially better than I thought it would be even with the Elite discount. Again, if they offer you a great "deal" I'd jump on it immediately and ask for email confirmation.
  11. It's for 2 devices - meaning 2 devices can be on line at the same time. You choose the 2. If you have Captain's Club status you "may" be better off calling and asking for a discounted price. We got a killer deal on our 30 day big B2B coming up in March that way. If they make you a great offer grab it. May not be there with the next person you talk to. Can always cancel it later if you want.
  12. Thank you (and thanks to the OP for allowing the small thread hijack). If we ask for a YC escort off at 8:00, when could we reasonably expect to be curbside with luggage collected? Barring unusual delays, of course.
  13. Opposite issue - assume we would be relatively safe (barring docking issues) booking a car service to MIA airport for a 9:00 terminal pick-up for a 11:00 domestic flight? Seaside YC.
  14. I have both a passport book and a passport card (and Global Access too). Just looked at the back of my passport card and here is the exact verbiage: "Valid only for international land and sea travel between United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda". Given the clear language imprinted on the card itself, Celebrity may be 100% wrong. (But I still strongly advocate traveling with the book).
  15. Open loop rules are different. They are the ones who are liable for any fine imposed. You have two choices: 1) Get the book or 2) Sit tight and fret/lose sleep until November that you may be denied boarding (with no insurance reimbursement since it is a document issue). He said/she said ain't going to cut it.
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