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  1. I have a real problem with what he said about having a problem requiring vaccines, given that they chose to cancel their entire summer sailing season out of New Jersey a few days earlier (cancelling my Oasis sailing in the process). The governor there would have been happy to let him require that passengers be vaccinated. Yet they choose to sail out of Florida and Texas instead. Makes not sense to me.
  2. So I'm confused. What does this mean for other ships? They are still showing Oasis sailings for July from NJ and they didn't even post test cruise news for that ship. Presumably it's just a matter of time.
  3. I also ran into this courtesy hold confusion on Friday, although in my case it was an 80+ day hold. I had $600 each in FCC (which was actually a refunded $300 FCD and bonus FCC for cruise cancellation) that it was using as the deposit. I was very confused at first because the default was to pay in full, which I certainly was not going to do. They definitely should describe it as something other than a courtesy hold. I ended up booking by phone with HAL, and they ended up using $100 FCD's that my wife and I also had and applying them to the reservation without telling me. Probably n
  4. BTW here is a buffet update I just got in email today from CC: Is the Cruise Ship Buffet About to Make a Comeback? (cruisecritic.com)
  5. There will still be buffets but they probably won't be self-service (but most of the stuff on HAL already wasn't). I booked a cruise last week through a HAL phone agent (my TA was having problems with a private fare and I had a question about OBC that was showing up) and when booking my dining choice, she told me that they had not decided if there would still be anytime dining. She said that they might force everyone to early or late dining and divide it by floor in the MDR. I had not heard this before and hope they do not do it since I do not like either the early or late times. O
  6. I''m sure that guest services can move people between cabins once you're on board, and probably does it all the time. Although it was on another line, we've done it when we had to book our kids in cabins with us, or when we wanted to get friends our Royal Caribbean balcony discount. Rereading your post, I think we are in agreement.
  7. Perhaps, but it won't fix their cabin assignment since the highest inside cabin is the spa category.
  8. Well, the category I cabins do seem to come in regular and large size, so that is a chance she'd take. She could also upgrade to an IQ spa inside for what looks like $30 more per person. Those are all larger size, it appears, not very many of them and maybe a better chance of an upgrade. But then she could end up on deck one or two in an ocean-view, and maybe being in an interior on deck 4 is preferable to her. But like you, I would not want to sail in that cabin so I am more inclined to try for an upgrade.
  9. No, I was suggesting booking the current inside category as a guarantee and hoping to get an upgrade to an outside. I checked the category they booked, it's a cat I which is one below the top inside category, which is the IQ, Spa inside. At the moment the only available cat I cabins on her sailing are down on deck 1. Not sure if they are also the large ones, someone with more familiarity can say. So if she booked a guarantee, she could end up with a cat I cabin, a spa interior up on deck 10 (which also look large), or an outside. Booking an outside cabin is like $900 more per person, so I am o
  10. Yes, and the Royal ships she listed aren't even the newer ones so it's not like it will be a step down in amenities.
  11. If you don't care that much about your cabin, I would recommend switching to a guarantee cabin assignment. That way you have a chance that HAL will upgrade you to something better like an outside cabin for the same price. I know that many people don't like them because they want to be in a specific cabin or spot on the ship. But in your case, I don't think that is the case.
  12. How can you say that when you have no idea what other lines they've been on? Never mind, I see her signature says Carnival and Royal.
  13. Free Fax • Free Internet Faxing (faxzero.com) has always worked well for me.
  14. Just got this email advertising the cruises titled "Discover the Best-Kept Secret in The Bahamas" and they are pushing the itinerary change as a positive. Given their comment about lobster should we expect them to bring some on board, or will they already have fresh lobsters? Take your wanderlust on a sun-soaked journey this year to discover the best-kept secret in The Bahamas, tiny Spanish Wells. This serene paradise of powder-white beaches, clear turquoise waters and brilliant reefs ideal for snorkeling is just a stone’s throw from posh Harbour Island – both are fun to explore by
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