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  1. So my final payment was due today. I decided to do the Lift & Shift one reservation and cancel the second one since my son-in-law was not interested in cruising with a baby. I will get the FCC in my wife and daughter's names. I will have to ask Royal to change my daughter's FCC to me, which hopefully they will do because of her situation. I could have paid in full for the second reservation but I did not want to take the chance (however slight) of the cruise not getting cancelled and ending up with more FCC than I wanted. This way, the worst I am at risk of losing is $250, since the second FCC will be in my wife's name and I will apply it to the 2021 cruise once it's moved and we change the second person in the cabin to her. I got the TA to waive the $100 cancellation fee, so at least I didn't have to pay that.
  2. Given that the rate I was asking to be switched to was refundable, I didn't think that was relevant info. The TA (actually a customer service person at TA) should have asked before moving me to an NRD given that I was not already in one. I think this is not the place for this discussion.
  3. I had, but at a different rate that was still refundable. I was told that rate (TA Friends & Family) was only for new bookings but was switched to a slightly higher rate. She never asked if I cared that it was NRD. I had said that I was OK losing some OBC in my initial note but did not say I was OK going to NRD. BTW it turns out that TA F&F rate is not eligible for L&S. Someone else on my roll call is in that situation.
  4. Ugh, just heard from my TA and apparently they switched me to an NRD fare when they lowered my price a couple of months ago. I was not on a non-refundable deposit fare previously and they did not warn me before making the change. Not at all happy. Now I'm not sure what to do. The only good news is that if the do the L&S I do keep the free gratuities. But if my daughter ends up deciding that they do not want to go next year, I would be out $500 unless this TA does something to fix their error. Or I wait for them to cancel the sailing (which I still think is very likely for New Jersey in September) and then I get the money back.
  5. I generally only use this TA (the large online agency that starts with a "C", not the warehouse club) for last minute cruises or those I am sure I am going to take. I had no intention of cancelling this one, my wife and I were extremely excited to have Oasis sailing out of Cape Liberty (which we can drive to). And I had an amazing deal which included group pricing that other agents did not have, free gratuities and a bunch of OBC. I have another agent who does not charge (and as this whole mess was starting I learned of another that also would not and offered competitive OBC). I actually a reservation on HAL for 2021 that I made while on board in early January which I did not move to that TA because they refused to agree in advance to waive the cancellation fee. I am still due a bunch of FCC on Celebrity for Asian cruises I cancelled in March that I had booked with another TA. Have yet to see that and I have not booked anything new there. I need to find out how much of what I have on the reservation is movable if I do the Lift. I already lost a bunch of the OBC when I repriced a couple of times. But I'm down to under $500 for a CP balcony with free tips, which is still a pretty good deal.
  6. I have a similar issue except my TA wants payment tomorrow (but final payment is due next week so not a huge deal). I have 2 cabins on Oasis of the Seas out of NJ on 9/6. We were going with my daughter and son-in-law. She is currently pregnant and due in December. Her husband does not want to go because of the virus concern and does not want to commit to going next year with an infant (even though my wife would be happy to help with the baby). Complicating things is that the TA I used charges $100 to cancel a reservation. I figure I have 3 options. 1) I do the Lift and Shift to next year. Worst case my daughter still decides not to go I cancel and pay the $100 fee then. 2) Cancel both reservations now and pay the $100 per cabin fee 3) Pay for the cruise and wait for Royal to cancel the cruise or move it later if necessary. Another option is to cancel just my daughter's reservation and pay the $100 and do option 1 or 3 for my reservation. My deposit is refundable. To be honest, I think the odds of this cruise sailing are very slim. New Jersey is still under severe restrictions and hasn't really started reopening yet. The odds of them getting approval to sail and then return to the port are slim. If it were out of Florida it would be a different story. Advice? If not for the $100 cancellation fee, I would likely just cancel, although I do have a pretty good rate on the cruise. I need to read up on my options should they decide by some miracle to sail.
  7. BTW if since I got bonus OBC for booking an actual cruise while on board (as opposed to just the FCD), do I lose the extra OBC if I change the fare from what I booked?
  8. It doesn't say what year final payment is due. Clearly it's 2021, not 2020 (since 6/10/21 would be 90 days before your sail date). They probably should show the year but it makes no sense that it would be 2020. You have to factor in the drink package in the value, and of course the gratuities. It was $2000 more for me with the all inclusive than with the other fare being shown and I also don't think it's worth it for me. Sadly, the lower fare is non-refundable, so I'm not going to switch to it right now.
  9. Breaking news -- they cancelled the visit to New York, supposedly due to the Coronavirus. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22523-virgin-voyages-cancels-new-york-introduction.html
  10. The promotion has been extended thru 3/12. I have until 3/10 to transfer my reservation, so I guess I'm going to have to move it with the all-inclusive package and then change it.
  11. I think that you are VERY confused. You're either looking at a 2020 cruise, or misreading the final payment date. There is no way they'd take final payment 15 months in advance.
  12. That's odd since many people (including me) have taken videos of the BBO performers with no complaints.
  13. Well, they didn't send email since i'm on their list and did not get it. Probably publicized to some sites that target people younger than me. Or Instagram, as you said.
  14. As does Holland America, for the most part. And Oceania did have some self-service stuff (like sushi) when I was on Regatta. I think they're just trying to avoid the negative connotation that their target market probably has when they say "cruise ship buffet". Sorry for the duplicate posts, CC is acting up.
  15. The promotion is supposed to end tomorrow, 2/29. Any idea what will replace it? I booked under the promotion but still need to transfer it to a TA by 3/10 so I would like to change it before I do so. I don't want the current Restricted Fare since its non-refundable.
  16. Emily was great! Amusingly (although not for her, as you'll see), she was supposed to be the AM when we were on Koningsdam last June. When we boarded we were told that the AM had just been taken off the ship unexpectedly due to an injury, and they were without one for a week of the cruise. When we met her on a cruise in January and she told us about her injury we said we were on starting June 12th and she said yes, that was when she left!
  17. Remember that if your spouse has an American Express card, you can set up a separate login for them and add the offer to their card as well. AMEX card numbers are different for each person. Then you would be able to use their card number to redeem the offer a second time right now. If your spouse does NOT have a card, check to see if you have an offer from AMEX for $25 back if you get a card for an authorized user and order one. If if you don't have a bonus offer, it would be worth getting a card to be able to take advantage of the HAL offer. As others have said, if there is another offer once this one expires in March, you can use it on the same cruise.
  18. We agree on this one. This reservation is still under the old terms which means no perks or anything else on the reservation. Submitting again won't help unless someone makes a mistake and approves it.
  19. You could submit it two weeks before sailing and have already sold it the day after the statement closed. So waiting for almost the last minute is no guarantee that you still own the stock. There is no way they can verify that you still own it no matter when you submit it. I've had discussions like this with someone on the Holland America board who also claimed that you needed to submit it 2-3 weeks before instead of what the terms actually said. You do what you want and the rest of us will go by the stated terms.
  20. But once again, the "right way" is to go by their rules. And their rules do not say that you need to wait until final payment, or even 2-3 weeks before the cruise. But we can agree to disagree.
  21. I don't see the big deal here. On their website they don't even allow you to look for cabins for more than 4 people, you have to chat with them, so clearly they do not have many cabins for 5 people and what they have is very pricey. Personally, I wouldn't pay that per person price for even 2 people, but I'm sure that someone will.
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