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  1. So what changed that made the difference in your opinion between the ships? The toilet angle? Or did you just get used to the ship?
  2. Thanks! Looking forward to getting away from the cold weather of the northeast (even though it hasn't been that cold yet). It's been over six months since we were on a cruise so we were going thru withdrawal!
  3. Assuming it's in the same place as on the Koningsdam, there will be a restaurant reservation desk across from Sel de Mer on deck 2 (near the Ocean Bar, I actually see it on the deck plan). They can take care of everything for you once you board. I find it easier than calling someone.
  4. I've seen people commenting that in order to make the beverage package worthwhile "you have to be a drunk". Obviously that is not true. I'm glad you get good value from it even paying regular price. For us, if we have it on Celebrity we enjoy using it and would order drinks we would not get otherwise but also survive fine when we do not have it on HAL. I also know that there are people whose cruise bar bill is as much as they paid for the cruise, so for them it's well worth it to have the package.
  5. They are worthwhile to purchase at regular price only if you drink alcohol. If they are being offered as a perk of booking, you need to look at the extra price per day to get the package as opposed to booking the cheaper fare that others have mentioned. Then decide if that price per day is worth it to you. If you like specialty coffees and can use the bottled water and other drinks available in the package, it could be worth it.
  6. Regarding the toilet angle, this is a welcome change! There was a rather large guy on our Norway cruise on Koningsdam in 2018 who hated the ship and his primary complaint was the toilets. I noticed a similar setup on the MSC Seaside, BTW. Odd about the Canaletto and Tamarind menus being listed, unless they just meant that they changed from what Koningsdam had. I'm pretty sure that he Koningsdam menus have since changed (especially since they separated out sushi).
  7. Yes, I always love it when he introduces the officers and says "Greek, Greek, Greek, Not Greek". BTW spells his name Dimitrios -- https://www.linkedin.com/in/dimitrios-kafetzis-5a329768/?originalSubdomain=gr. I have tried to get him onto social media without success. Captain Tasos is on Instagram as are several other Celebrity captains (but of course Captain Kate has the biggest following).
  8. It's actually Dimitrios Kafetzis, and he is Captain Tasos' brother. And yes, he is the funniest captain I have ever met. In fact, when they do the "Liar's Club" game show and he participates, he is typically the funniest person they have in the theater all week (more so than the comedian guest entertainer), plus his aforementioned talk. Captain Dimitrios will be the inaugural captain on Celebrity Apex. And yes, Captain Kate is wonderful. We met her shortly after she was named a captain but before she actually took over the helm but was shadowing the current captain (Leo) on Summit.
  9. I would add 2.5 HAL attempts to get government approval to sail with one azipod but does not receive it in time for the 12/14 sailing so that cruise is cancelled. Might even be before #2.
  10. Why would it be a PR fiasco for them? They managed to salvage this week's sailing and presumably plan to do next week's as well. And as i have said twice already, it is just ridiculous for someone who is sailing in THREE MONTHS to be concerned about their sailing. People sailing next Saturday should be curious to know if their cruise will be impacted in any way. If anything, being told that ships have sailed for months with a single pod should reduce the anxiety, not cause it. I'm almost sorry that I started this thread and understand why HAL did not put the info about running on a single azipod in their release.
  11. It apparently happened during your sailing, so you didn't really miss it, but you did miss the consequences.
  12. I know that. But they said "Multiple pictures of the display in the Crow's Nest shows the right side azipod at zero RPM in cruise." and there is only one of those posted here.
  13. BTW here is an updated post from HAL after I asked about plans for repair or changes to other cruises. They deleted their original reply to me and my follow-up question and left this: We have approval needed from ALL appropriate authorities. The ship is cleared to sail. Currently, the only impact is an hour later arrival to Half Moon Cay. Once plans are firm we will update our guests and travel partners. The moderator of a HAL FB group who had insisted that the ship was repaired apparently knows Orlando Ashford and has a call into him to learn the full details. He was going to get back to me when he learns more.
  14. But wouldn't it really need to be in order to make it across the "pond" in the allotted time? This isn't like the Caribbean where they have a fairly short distance to go between each port.
  15. Yes, but the pop-up menu is completely different from what they do on the ships that have a dedicated restaurant. Not sure why you think it doesn't make sense to go fixed price since all of the other specialities (with the exception of the sushi place) are.
  16. The menu they show is the current one. If the change is being made, say, as of 1/1, they would not have a new menu to show.
  17. Correct, and Allure left theirs unfixed for several months until it could go into dry dock. Of course, they had 2 operating azipods, but they still had to adjust the schedule of several sailings. It appears that this was a compact enough route that they did not have to adjust anything other than the return time. I wonder if the other itinerary(ies) they do have as much flexibility? I'm sure the cost of a tug is nothing compared to what it costs them to cancel a cruise. And the question is whether they can fix it on the fly (as HappyInVan suggested) or if it has to go back to Freeport for a repair (which obviously they did not have time to do last week).
  18. For what, the vibration? They did not change the itinerary other than returning an hour late.
  19. You've got three months, why are you worrying? Yes, I am sure they will fix it before then. People with cruises in January should be concerned until they hear of the short-term plans.
  20. It appears that Sel de Mer is going to fixed pricing on Kdam and NS. I'm on Koningsdam in 2 weeks and I can book it for $40, which they claim is 20% off regular price.
  21. So, my suspicions were correct! I had replied to the post on the Holland America Line PartnerSHIPS Facebook page thread that included "The ship has been cleared as safe to sail by several regulatory authorities and meets all international safety standards." HAL replied: "Nieuw Amsterdam has been approved as completely safe to sail with one azipod propulsion system by all relevant authorities." I replied and asked what the plans to repair it and when they would announce the impact of future sailings. Looking forward to hearing from @wesport on what they find out on the ship.
  22. If the repairs were not made, they still have a full three months to do them before the TA. One would expect them to do it before then, during a week that would cost them less and disappoint less people.
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