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  1. i only play slots and for the record i sailed princess a 2nd time last october and gf and I put at least 120 in the machine and no deals on cruises. so i think it was a one time deal
  2. but pride has the retractable roof so indoor swimming, correct?
  3. secondary question. i did a cruise out of NYC in december before and i'm aware you lose 1st 2 days to colder weather. would the same be true out of baltimore in march?
  4. in oct. on regal u could get steak and lobster but i dont like it so i got steak and salman. pee wee was a fantastic host and really took the time to make an excellent presentation. my gf and i were impressed! only thing is they dont have the picture special they had 2 years ago. just one free pic and thats it. before it was 6 for 90 or something like that. 99% sure we got flowers but would have to look at my pics to be sure
  5. is this gonna be overrun by the younger party crowd? due to scheduling this may work for use but would be 1st time on pride and it's close to home so that's nice. by luck i see we will get a refresh in feb. so thats a big plus too!
  6. would the march 10 cruise be far enough away from drydock that all 'last minute' things would be totally done by then. id think yes?
  7. re: the best mini. dont do L225. I had so much room noise during bad weather. the creaking totally destroyed my sleep. that being said, i think lido is the best position on the ship but no one else does as evidenced by the lower pricing. with all that stuff on 16 right out your door it's an amazing location in my opinion. 99.5% no noise from the retreat above either on my trip. close to hot tub, pizza, buffet etc etc. regarding the deal 899 for the mini. we will let the hold expire monday. we just did canada 5 day in october and the other 3 ports dont interest me and they are close enough i could drive if i wanted to. gf hasnt been to bermuda or bahamas yet so if we are gonna pay 'full price' then id rather go there. also as a side note, whoever pays full price for this cruise.just wow. i think its so overpriced. i do wish princess did more out of NYC than they do. leaves me with ncl , royal, celebrity etc. i do admit even 899 for a mini is a steal for this trip based on list price though. so does anyone know how things like this truly happen. did someone click 90% off on their laptop instead of something else.it seems pretty deliberate to do this plus the obc.
  8. they called about my other booking so i reserved it..on hold till monday. she offered me deck 12 and 14 forward and i just took 12. 899 for mini. ME. she had 2 specific rooms offered and i didnt ask if they had more to choose from. signed in the room is 1892 and i'm sure more while i'm logged out. so it's a 'legit' 1000 off. now at least i can talk to gf and figure it out. only perk is 150 PP OBC and 1 specialty so that means free grats and soda pack basically.
  9. zoinks. looks like 2117 is the price actually for MB.. so 899 wouldnt be 'that' bad really. wonder if id be interested they will still do it?..still undecided though
  10. offered mini for price of inside which is 899. i think she said MB and something about midship
  11. do you mean the quoted 96 for inside? gotta admit that would be reasonable
  12. i booked 2 weeks cause didnt know which one i could do
  13. i found my invoice. 169 cruise. 183 air, protection 59. 110 taxes. hated had to cancel it! but no one i called could go on a cruise with 1 week notice that i had to find someone new to go with.
  14. to me the 250 PP was a sign it was a mistake. otherwise i thought it was one of my casino offers. i could see 322 for a suite but not 322 minus 250. they really were paying you to cruise. the taxes more than the fare was just nuts that being said a year ago i got super casino rates that were totally legit but i canceled last minute. some were 99 insides..169 balcony.....there was one 14 day cruise that was like 600 if i recall. over christmas. they had EZ air like 300 bucks off and around that time woulda only been 100 for my flight i think. i was hoping for more offers this year since i played a lot more in the casino. sigh.
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