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  1. i'm blessed to have a garage. no cars are every outside. plus i love my ring cameras. they really are a deterrent. unless you are wearing a mask 😉 but biggest deterrent is my hill you gotta walk up to get to the house. i dont even get JWs to the house! 🙂 i dont know my neighbors but its ez to tell whos out of place in the neighborhood. plus the ones across the street are outside all the time which i think is a good thing
  2. i always wondered about the USPS hold mail system too. by definition no one is home to pick up the mail. yet..i use it😎
  3. on my 1st princess cruise a few years ago i was shocked to see the names on the wall. that being said it was ez to remove for anyone that wanted to. unsure why they were outside the door
  4. im sooooo tired of virus questions. so here's something better to chat about: I figured in the last year maybe something would change but it hasnt. I just looked up the most expensive room on Prima and it's 27K for the week. Theres one pic of the bed and one pic of the living room and one of the floor plan. I love looking at the floor plans of the cabins but even on my 17 inch laptop they arent that big. It's crazy! Why arent the pics 'clickable' to make them bigger? I do know i can blow my browser size up. but im not an IT person so im' wondering how hard it is to make pics bigg
  5. good point someone wrote about asking for things on the menu. i never thought of that and when i went the 1st time i was so disappointed i never went back . the OJ was undrinkable and the menu food selection was not my taste
  6. i should be in jail many times over i guess. sigh. this isnt the first place i saw wrong headlines. if they really wanted us not to travel they could have done it.
  7. maybe too good to be true but celebrity is including insurance that covers all covid things...test..quarantine after you leave the ship.. flights back home etc. if its all encompassing like the ad says, its a good deal for sure. full refund too
  8. ive never been on X but when i did extensive research thru pics and this forum, for suite restaurant seating, it seems the seating is waaaay too close together. hopefully that could change with todays virus issues. but to overspend for the honors of being inches from my neighbor, sandwiched between 2 other tables, just isnt my cup of tea. on the other hand if you are super social and the others are, this is perfect.
  9. if i get on the ship in nyc and i'm heading to florida for my 1st port stop, isnt there some kind of fine if i get off the ship and dont return to it?
  10. isnt anyone worried about being locked in for days while returning to port if someone gets the virus?
  11. do you buy cruise stock because you like or or because it's ez to make money? i'm sure there are other examples like this but the 1 year low of PENN gambling stock was 3.75. today is 115. i just wish i pumped lotta money back then..sigh. thats much better rate than any cruise stocks.
  12. that they only cancel till may is a joke. they are officially not getting all the crew even HOME till april tells us a lot. they arent stupid, no way they send people home if they are starting in may/june/july even. they know these people wont be needed for a while. yet now i'm seeing more cruising ads than ever. total misleading
  13. how can you prove where someone on a ship got the virus? and why have their been suits about noro virus or flu on board in the past? i just cant believe someone could prevail on a ship saying the cruiseline was the reason the got the virus/died. in the non cruise world has walmart/mcdonalds etc been held responsible for causing someone to get it? or maybe the NYC subway etc.
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