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  1. So shorts are def OK 1st nite in le bistro. However I wish they would ban loudmouth 21 year old women with no class even if they are dressed up. Thankfully the table next to me, all in shorts, was normal and respectful Also shorts are banned the rest of the week in the manhattan. Taste n savor are for us heathens
  2. No booze in my fridge this week . Guess that changed too
  3. Sunday I waited 2.5 hours to get tested to get on a mask free breakaway. It really really was not fun. But now that I'm on board I have the privilege of complaining about being mask free. 2 weeks ago I waited 20 minutes to get on masks required oasis ship. Then I had the privilege of wearing a mask. Ncl feels so much more normal BUT getting on a 6000 passenger ship with 50% off was worth the mask. So it is pros and cons and u need to make a spreadsheet.
  4. Do u need safekeeping app while in bermuda to enter buildings
  5. It's in the Manhattan so it must be somewhat formal
  6. It's at 1230 tomorrow and I was wondering what goes on the breakaway
  7. can i assume there's a sign at the front desk when you board that says no upgrades avaliable
  8. found this on NCL which seems to infer shorts are ok in le bistro 1st nite Dress cruise casual anytime during the day, in the buffet and in most specialty restaurants. For women, it includes summer and casual dresses, skirts, regular or capri pants, shorts, jeans and tops. Khakis, jeans, shorts and casual shirts are fine for men. Swimwear is acceptable at the buffet and outdoor restaurant, but a shirt or a cover-up and footwear are required. Cruise casual is also allowed day and night on embarkation day.
  9. is this what people were looking for https://www.ncl.com/faq#!#if-i-am-denied-boarding-will-i-receive-assistance-travel-arrangements If I am denied boarding, will I receive assistance with travel arrangements? If a guest is denied boarding due to a positive COVID-19 test at embarkation, the cruise line will coordinate and cover costs for travel arrangements, for that guest and those traveling with them if they are also denied boarding. The cruise line will not be able to assist with travel arrangements if a guest is denied boarding as a result of a violating the cruise line's health and safety protocols.
  10. there is a 'rope' that leads from the beach out to the rocks. seems they want that beach and part of the water for the cabanas. will anyone stop you if you swim under the rope? no clue.
  11. for the fun of it i even logged in on the mychart app on the phone. it does have labcorp on but does NOT have my name on. you could assume since the app has my name that it's mine but still. the app result has no name on the result itself. oh and my test was noon yesterday and results after 6pm today
  12. here is something bizarre. the text link arrived 30 min after the email so i never opened it till now. when i looked at it and downloaded on my phone. it does NOT say labcorp anywhere on it. so the email and mychart was better since it did say it. also it gives you the option to import and save to your regular CVS account. i did it. well oh boy.....it changed my name! i never use my first name at the drug store or DR and so all the CVS stuff uses my middle name. thankfully since mychart on CVS is a different system it DID have my first name on the results since thats how i scheduled the test.
  13. just got mine and so applied for the visa. cvs def has a better form. only thing i can see is a sticking point is no contact info for labcorp but they probably see so many CVS they dont care
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