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  1. i sure hope insurance pays for me to fly back from another country when i come back to the port with a fever after an excursion. then im without all my stuff. is someone gonna pack it for me? oh wait, this is a known sickness so not covered by any insurance, correct?
  2. regarding the NYC subways cleaned at nite. doesnt that still leave literally hundreds of thousands of touch points dirty during the day? whats the point? ditto even using every other cabin on a ship. whats the point. immediately upon stepping out of a cabin you can get infected by someone coughing on you or touching a rail. i guess in theory 50 percent less chance but still, anyone that leaves the ship for any reason is gonna have the chance of bringing somethign back with them so i think canceling all ports is the only way to keep the people happy. once on board, you never leave. zero chance of any other country contaminating us then.
  3. 6 ft seating between tables, pool deck, etc etc would make me book many many more cruises! i love the idea of private space just for me. i hope they keep tables spaced forever. when looking at booking X i saw the private dining rooms spacing and how close it is and wondered why anyone spends 20K for a suite to be 6 inches from strangers while eating.
  4. whats the difference between sailings vs going to individual ports? to me, the exact same procedures need to be followed anytime anyone leaves the ship. period. end of story. taking a week between cruises is pointless if you let people get right back on at all the other ports. its literally the same thing. people mingling with the natives on land. more problems but no practical solutions. just crusies to private islands and back.
  5. all talks of limiting elevator use are moot. it simply cannot happen on a ship. even with 'decent in shape.' people. who wants to walk from 4 up to 17 to get a snack after an excursion. you are already hot and sweaty lol. plus then you literaally would have the stairs being too crowded. its just not gonna work and is an exercise in futility. just imagine 5K people coming back from a private island at somewhat the same time. or leaving to get there. lugging all your gear. or all the things you bought from your port. and what about people who carry on luggage. do you really really wanna have to go around a few hundred/or thousand people carrying luggage up flights of steps? with elevators its all or nothing. you can quote me when cruising resumes. anything trying to force people to use stairs wont work
  6. regarding the comment above about state parks opening with no bathrooms open. how can the govt with a straight face think that is sanitary and what they they really expect people to do. keep the parks closed if you dont have bathrooms geez. i do love the NCL response about keeping chairs apart. if they cemented teh chairs 6 ft apart id be on that deck all day every day. i avoid all pool decks in normal times because being shoulder to shoulder with people is not my idea of a vacation.
  7. ive never flown to a cruise but if they cancel the cruise do they pay a persons airfare and hotel that are non refundable as well? i cannot imagine people getting canceled and eating all those costs. i know especially in far away lands people book days in advance to explore.
  8. anyone on NCL breakaway class, bliss etc, knows the horrible setup there. in the atrium theres a tiny hallway the length of the ship in the middle and thats it. its THE Busiest part of the ship with entertainment and guest services etc etc. everyone has to use the central hallway on the 3 'business floors' theres no point in any distancing anywhere else when you cannot do it in the busiest part of the ship
  9. im not familiar with X ships but i know other ships that cabin corridors dont go around the ship so the one way idea is impossible there. ive been forward in a princess ship and its a dead end as with NCL as well people who paid old rates and get half the people off are blessed, that would be dream for me. and the extra crew not needed would be needed to clean every chair when every guest gets up
  10. will the back of every chair and the arms be wiped between every single guest. and even in the best times ive seen even land based restaurants using the same dirty rag out of a bucket to wash down every single table. im not a scientist but even if every employee uses gloves. unless they change them every 5 seconds arent they just transferring one persons germs to the next person while protecting themselves?
  11. are you trying to quash spirited dialogue or something 🙂 there really is no point taking any SD precautions on a ship because unless you do a cruise to nowhere, as soon as a single person gets off in any port, you can infect a totally healthy ship. also every thread on how things will change is really pointless but no one is talking about anything else these days. you can become infected 10 feet out side embarkation port and my guess is a test inside the door wouldnt even show it. personally id book 100 cruises a year if they could truly keep everyone away from me in an elevator and keep the prices down all while doing i,. during dining, and ive never sat on a pool deck because the horrible crowds. you get rid of crowds, id travel so much more often 🙂 imagine sitting i your favorite suite restaurant and not being on top of your neighbor. pure delight. will i ever get my wish never....
  12. theres more than enough non smokers so give their money. pretty sure casinos have the numbers on land to prove that non smoking doesnt kill revenues.
  13. you can easily turn off every other slot machine so it cannot be used but whats the point really. every single pathway in a ship is a point to catch something as is every elevator. id love to hear someones plan on distancing on a pool deck and who will listen and who will enforce it. only by kicking people off for disobeying will they get anyone to comply. imagine the lines getting on and off the ship at the beginning /end/ and during excursions. thats a nightmare today with 'perfect' circumstances. i would welcome and LOVE if they had every single venue be 6 ft apart on a ship. id be at the pool every day. to date ive never sat on a pool deck because of the crowds. so they would win me over if they can keep everyone 6 feet away. especially at dinner and the theater and in an elevator. but everyone here knows the reality of cruising. i believe not a single thing they plan will actually happen nor be enforced. because the crew size would have to be increased exponentially and theres no room for all those new police. plus they dont enforce now because they dont want angry customers. you can see proof positive on all the beaches that have reopened that people still line up for beach passes/food etc. nothing is gonna change what is engrained in people's minds. i just wanna know what happened to the sea turtles now that no cruisers arent throwing straws into the ocean. and the environmentalists must be going crazy with all this single use gloves/gowns/grocerybags/silverware/plates thats coming down the pike.
  14. interesting. well as long as they quarantine every on land the same as on sea i think thats fair. like if an infected person on a subway, they can track who was on with them and keep all those people home 14 days. or if you went to a movie and someone was infected everyone in that theater be told to stay home . track them down with their CC receipts etc. big brother is everywhere anyway. and when infected people dont show symptoms for days until they are off a ship just quarantine all the people in the cab/airport/bus/plane/train that they were with. seems impossible to me.
  15. i dont watch the news or do research but has any study been done about how something like the subways /taxi/skyscraper traffic did with infections. just wondering the comparison between number of people on a cruise ship to the number of contacts a daily resident of NYC or LA has? to me cruise ship vs walking in NYC and living daily life is the same.
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