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  1. luckyinpa

    ALL things Regal, now that she is back in the Caribbean

    ive watched this for weeks and wondered why but from all i hear it would be 59 for the week
  2. luckyinpa

    # days to your next Princess cruise

    8...a tortuous 8...ate....eight...🙃
  3. in the past it was much much more. that is the only way i ever looked for my active threads on CC. i hit managed content and those with new replies were at the top. i clicked on them and they took me to the first new post. your solution is a great 2nd solution so far to my issue but i still have to wonder if indexing will help populate my old managed content. thing is the threads dont even appear in managed content anymore . thats what leads me to believe it will be 'fixed' someday. but it is perplexing why posting today in a thread wont get it back up in the list.
  4. luckyinpa

    west of peggys cove. what to do

    thanks for the suggestions. just one week to go! i looked at the map and luneburg is farther but i guess as long as we leave early enough to get back we'd be good. last year i was somewhat at the tide change time and it's hard to see so thats not a priority this year.
  5. DO THIS! her instructions showed me things i didnt even notice before on the settings. it doesnt fix the managed content button but gives you a secondary option which i'm fiddling around with today
  6. luckyinpa

    Regal late dining times

    assuming on a ship: bfast may or may not happen depending if its port day or sea day. port day id want to be up and eat before leaving the ship. lunch would totally depend on the port and what i'm doing. food takes back chair to sightseeing. on sea day i'm definitely going to avail myself of sabatinis for the 1st time so i think they close by 9. so id have bfast by 9. depending how stuffed i am id do lunch 12 to 1230 ish. planned dinner depends on hunger. coudl be 5 if im starving . then you would have time for a snack in IC or on the lido deck before bed. i'm assuming those who eat at 8 did stay up later cause how else would you have time to eat more food. now if we were home no way in heck could i ever maintain that hour. i'm in bed after 9 most nights since up early for work. so 6 would be dinner.
  7. luckyinpa

    FaceTime on Regal Princess

    i read thru this post and its not clear. what services do you get if you dont pay for nor get free internet on board?
  8. luckyinpa

    Suite Balcony Dining

    do the MDR menus come the night before? regarding the UBB, how far in advance do you need to reserve? i'm gonna def eat in sabatinis to see how it is 1st day but if its that good i may want to forgo UBB especially since i have a UBD already paid for. for those who have gotten credit for the UBB, did you ever book thru princess TA as i did?
  9. luckyinpa

    ocean medallion

    hmm it is not..yet in a lot of princess threads the word is now masked with **** when people write it
  10. luckyinpa

    ocean medallion

    test to see if ocean medallion is banned
  11. luckyinpa

    Are cabins being added to OM on Regal?

    why is so much with ***** in this thread now. who is swearing that much? 🙂
  12. luckyinpa

    Regal late dining times

    seating times fascinate me. so for those that eat late i must ask when did you eat lunch and when do you go to bed?
  13. luckyinpa

    Regal Princess to New England / Canada Sept 29, 2018

    thats totally opposite my experience last october. we were there at 5 and no one was in line and i wasnt sure that DR would even open up. ..thankfully it did
  14. luckyinpa

    Soda (Only Card)

    tumblers are great if you wanna fill up before going back to the room. on our ship they never even asked for the card
  15. luckyinpa

    Regal Mistake

    those that have not have no idea how great regal is compared to BA. the buffet on BA is horribly arranged in a single line. regals is fantastically spread all over the place. never any wait or dishes in your back from people in back of you. atrium in BA is smaller than my local bar ....you have to fight literally for a seat. piazza on regal is soooo much more spacious. on BA if you have a rain day theres nothing to do inside. on regal you have the big piazza, intl cafe, princess live and tons more indoor seating than BA. regal is a cold weather ship. BA is not the only area BA excels in is outdoor play activities. virtually nothing on regal can come close.