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  1. i regretting not going when they opened and love that oceans is now open. such a nice big airy place to spend time.
  2. i'm assuming ok to drop bags in the room as they probably dont want them in the MDR?
  3. i never heard of the disembark bfast for CC. what goes on/where?
  4. that stinks. princess and NCL let me have a strip. only request was u unplug all from the wall when you leave or steward will happily do it for you
  5. great bump. i personally now i want to know if there's any busier week than christmas. i did that week out of NYC this year and it was def not as bad as i thought maybe because i was in haven?
  6. fyi my TA said he could hold a room 3 days. i booked WED nite and he said i had till saturday. shocked me!
  7. ive never been on either brand mentioned here but reading thru this forum i can pretty much guarantee no one that loves x will go on virgin. those rooms are too unrefined and 'crazy decorated'. ive never flown to a cruise so flying for a 4 or 5 day doesnt excite me. i wish V offered longer ones as i may actually do it. i love the idea of all inclusive dining and all the other 'free' perks. however if it hasnt been mentioned in this thread, you really better look at the beds in great detail before you book. theres quite the surprise there in the balconies! also not being able to pick your own room is a downer for me
  8. wow thats insane they wake you up for that! id be furious. on NCL the concierge leaves messages on the phone but the phone never rings. i think thats a great feature. it was just reminders about when the captains party was and when to meet in the hall to walk to the theater. i dont remember any 'ads' thankfully
  9. try a few times a day, you may get different things on the website. i knew a sale was changing and sure enough after the sale the price went up. was like from 5200 to 6200...checked the next day..8200..crazy!..right back down the following day to mid 5K range somewhere. one thing i learned is it pays to research on here when sales will change so you know not to get caught up in the day or 2 around the change. also it took me a bit to realize the non/refundable choices. but half the time you arent even given non refundable choices now that i think about it, my TA never even warned me it was non refundable but i knew because of this forum it wasnt.
  10. hmm but what if i want coloring books and crayons and a nice placement . i do wonder why such a good piece of meat is on the kids menu. on ncl we just had nuggets, fries etc.
  11. you're welcome. also less 'big boned' people than me may not have any issues but it was a significant downgrade from the big bed for me personally. literally too. was surprised how close to the floor it was. i feel your pain about researching. i was also researching the aft but it was too expensive but impossible to find any pics of that sofa open either . the 2 br was pretty easy to find pics but dang that was 15K that week.😲 i also imagine these pics would mimic any of the other NCL ships. at least the newer ones in the same class. I really should post closet pics too as i was surprised by the one side being a fixed panel, thus taking away 25% of the entire closet space
  12. isnt the only time you see what someone is wearing 'down below' when they walk in/out of the restaurant? assume a slow walker and it takes 3 minutes to get to a seat. does seeing someone in shorts for 3 minutes really destroy how your food tastes or how good a time you have with your tablemates? to let others affect you in such a way is kind of sad to me. i cannot imagine going out to eat at any restaurant with you because you would be judging what everyone else is wearing and probably talk about it the entire time instead of giving me your attention. perhaps better to keep your eyes on your tablemates and enjoy their company rather than gawk at every person coming in the restaurant would solve the issue.
  13. i will have to check the date of the pic at home to be sure the pic wasnt taken after i made the bed on christmas but since the bed looks so neat, i am pretty sure that wasnt me that made it . i would never take the time to make it look that pretty.
  14. I'm almost ready to post my review of bliss but since i was very interested in the outlets in the bliss courtyard penthouse cabin and i wanted to post these pics separately. also wanted to do a review of the sofabed since that info and pics were hard to find before my cruise and i promised to write about both. also note you must unplug all your stuff when you leave the room or they will do it for you. it's official policy in all literature and told to us at muster i believe On the desk there are two standard outlets. The portable phone is plugged into one of them. We did use the phone once or twice when I went out into the lounge somebody could call me when they were ready to leave. you dialed the room number and the number 3 at the end to get the portable phone. Also note the observation lounge has many usb ports in the end tables throughout. Between the bed and the sofa there is a single outlet above that end table in the cabin so we used a non surge protected strip. Also controls for all the lights were above that outlet. I was able to put my phone on the arm of the sofa while i was sleeping so i could see the time. On the side of the bed with the telephone there were no Outlets that i saw (had to be something fro the phone but i didnt look that closely) but there was full lighting control for the room. The lights above the bed had USB ports and a separate switch just for those lights. near the door was a panel to control lighting and the do not disturb/make up room light. this setup is superior to the other ships ive been on and allowed our steward to become virtually invisible to us. I did not take pics of any outlets in the bathroom. We kept the bathroom light on at night, the door open and the curtain closed. the door has a magnet so when its open it stays open. also there are blue lights under each of the end tables to use for night lights. There is a switch to turn on/off the balcony light as well. Im sure behind the coffee maker is an outlet but unsure if there's a spare for you to use. The single sofa bed with just one eggcrate on was miserable. I had them put 2 more on it and it became bearable. There are also at least 2 pillows to choose from and other sofa pillows if you needed them. i asked for the bed to be out all week but i think my guy had off christmas day as it was put away that day. it really wasnt fun putting it back as a bed but i didnt wanna call him just do to that for me when i was ready to take a nap lol. access to the balcony is not impeded by keeping the bed open. If you dragged in a chair from outside you would be able to put it at the table for 3 to eat there but we didnt do that. we just ate off the bed. watching tv in the cabin was awkward with one person pulling a chair over near the fridge and one on the bed and me on the sofabed. and yes after a long day on excursions we did watch tv 🙂 . overall since it was christmas im glad we got the haven but i wouldnt again choose to be on that sofabed during another cruise. I'd call it an adequate accommodation. If you can spring for a larger room I really recommend it. I would have loved the aft but not at christmas pricing. This was 8400 for the 3 of us thru a TA. 1000 more thru NCL.
  15. entire left side is smoking..wow! that would be a selling point for some. they should put that in the literature were there towel animals at all? also chair hogs is something that should not be on such an expensive ship. i think reserved chairs for all very appropriate.
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