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  1. Whatever you get, make sure you check and find out what the deadline is for turning it in. They usually don't want it turned in the last couple of days. They don't want to be flooded with items in the last day, just check for the deadline.
  2. Just off Summit last month, go to the ship after you check out from your hotel. What the others said about rooms opening at 1:00 is correct however you can go directly to your room and leave your carry-ons.
  3. The point is it is not something new and has been done on and off over the years. There was a thread a couple of months ago where people were outraged that Celebrity was doing this like it was something new. They were acting like kids don't belong on Celebrity cruises at all and most of that came from people who never took their kids on a Celebrity Cruise and obviously knew nothing about the subject. That was a meme that was played out 20 years ago in many, many threads.
  4. Celebrity had KSF in 1994 and beyond. Celebritys first family cabins were introduced on the Century which was around 96. We booked one on a Caribbean cruise.
  5. There was one woman who posted on the board her unique way of pulling the kids out of school and avoiding any punishment. She actually went to the trouble of pulling the kids out of the school district, getting all their records and then re-enrolling them when they got back. Seems like a lot of trouble. We had a built in vacation at an odd time of the year in New Jersey. Every year in November the public schools are closed on one Thurs and Fri for teachers Convention. This was mandated by law and very often fell during the same week as Election Day and Veterans Day. Sometimes the only day scheduled for school that week was Wed. School system got smart and closed for the whole week a few times. Funny going to Disney and almost everyone was NJ. The only thing was you needed to make plane and hotel reservations early.
  6. Most of these posts were from families sailing to the Caribbean in the winter. Makes sense since during the school year with some exceptions the ships are not in Europe, Alaska or exotic places.
  7. exactly, that’s why I don’t understand the almost panic. There was a thread a couple months ago that was really crazy.
  8. What I always found hysterical was the many kids taken out of school threads years ago. Every parent who took their kids out of school had straight A students who were on their way to Harvard.
  9. As I said earlier we did kids sail free 25 years ago. Those writing that they can’t understand why kids would enjoy Celebrity need to realize that not every kid wants an amusement park on board. I had one who could care less about rides and one who did but both loved Celebrity children’s programs.
  10. No but they will appreciate when they get older. Our son is E+ and uses the benefits.
  11. Another advantage is to use up any leftover OBC.
  12. Its actually at age 18, parents should save the cards though because computers change and are updated. Info can be lost, I know from experience.
  13. They run it on and off, it is not a permanent offer. Maybe run it for a month or so and that's it. Think they are having trouble filling Edge since some of the offers only allowed booking on the Edge. Don't forget they run the half off offers for third and fourth guests, that is popular and brings in kids.
  14. Everything Mark said plus when we checked in we just walked on board.
  15. They are just trying to fill ships, we did kids sail free on Celebrity 25 years ago, nothing’s changed.
  16. Should have been around when Celebrity was acquired by Royal, everything was blamed on Royal, legitimate or not.
  17. Keep in mind that many schools are not on Traditional Schedules and many more children are being home schooled, in the future may not be easy to find a time when there are few kids. Some have mentioned taking kids out of school, I laugh because years ago on this board there would be very long and nasty threads on that subject. Drove the moderators nuts. They were just as prolific as kids on a cruise and dress code threads.
  18. They have excellent children’s programs
  19. Sailing for 25 years with Celebrity and don't see any change in the number of kids. As a matter of fact, our last cruise which was the end of summer had less kids than I have seen on summer cruises in the past. The kids sail free promotion was short lived.
  20. How do you know that this is not part of the pitch to get the 10. I certainly wouldn't take one persons's self serving comment as gospel.
  21. When you do your pictures, make sure you do just headshots...... We just walked on after they scanned our passes on my phone. Easiest ever.
  22. Add to this that some casinos on ships are contracted out to companies not owned by the cruise line.
  23. I agree but many are blaming her for some of the negative things on the ships, as an example the nickel and diming going on and loss of perks.
  24. It occurs rarely, still best to book Starboard
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