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  1. I tried to do a search on the several previous threads on the Celebrity board on this subject but the search function or me is lacking. The Grandfather of the child who was dropped on the Royal ship will plead guilty in the child's death. https://www.aol.com/article/news/2020/02/26/grandfather-of-toddler-who-died-falling-from-cruise-ship-to-plead-guilty-to-her-death/23934708/
  2. Anything you get from Room service in AQ will come from the MDR not Blu. Also you can order lunch and dinner from the MDR menu in all cabins.
  3. If you go to Murano's you can get a Grand Marnier Soufflé's. It is the best dessert on the ship and out of this world.
  4. Have never seen that published, might be on the app just prior to the cruise.
  5. As I’m reading this and watching HGTV, the commercial came on. Maybe they should make Grace Slick the godmother of Beyond.
  6. In Alaska I recommend an aft cabin because you head up the inner passage and they have a running commentary of the sights. Often there is wildlife that may not be there on the way back. if there are no aft cabins available I always recommend Starboard because all the outside smoking areas are port.
  7. We've done Bermuda in the Spring, summer and fall on Celebrity. The summer is loaded with families even without water slides, etc.
  8. Bermuda cruise in May will have older crowd but weather can be iffy. Mid June until Sept will be totally different demographic, lots of families and all ages.
  9. I actually meant that for the OP, didn't want to write another post. Sorry.
  10. You are correct, priority tendering is not a CC or AQ perk Also, don't get too excited about priority boarding, it is just a separate line in the terminal, sometimes the regular lines are shorter. The big perk with AQ is Blu, a smaller restaurant for AQ customers, it is your assigned restaurant, you do not have a seat assigned for you in the Main Dining Room.
  11. In Alaska I wore my designer jeans by Le Kirkland for $17.95, no holes.
  12. The dress codes apply only to the restaurants, no where else on the ship except the theater which hasn’t been enforced in years.
  13. Normandie, patterned after the French liner that burned and sank in New York Harbor, even had some artifacts from the ship.
  14. Agree, I call Sushi on Five, Bait on Five and its always good to be proactive with prices. We were last on Summit and really think Celebrity made a big mistake pulling Murano out of M class ships.
  15. I love Aqua but would not upgrade for that price. Many on this board do exactly what you said, go to Specialties.
  16. The main benefit of Aqua class is your own separate restaurant, Blu. It is smaller and food is more cooked to order. It is your assigned restaurant in Aqua, not the MDR. Most people book for Blu not the spa benefits especially on the M class ships.
  17. On this thread there is anecdotal evidence of people wearing shorts and getting away with it most of the time, we don't know the circumstances such as not getting luggage. Bottom line is shorts are prohibited in the restaurants in the evening. If someone want to just bring shorts on the cruise and not pants, it is their choice of course but based on over 25 years experience on Celebrity, you will more then likely not be denied admission to the dining room. Your choice, your chance. Also, I have never cared what other people wear because I don't know the circumstances. Have felt that way since many, many years ago meeting on the cruise a man who did not get his luggage. He was a very heavy man and they didn't have clothes on board that fit him so he was in the same T shirt and shorts all week.
  18. Shorts are not allowed in any of the restaurants except the buffet. You will be asked to return to your room and change.
  19. You only get free Specialty dining in the higher suites, I believe Royal and above, sky suites do not get free specialty dining.
  20. Beds can definitely be separated and suites are definitely not just for couples. If its reasonable go for it, a great experience if only once..
  21. Sorry. but MDR has been available in all rooms for at least 25 years, I know because we did it in the 90s when the kids were little.
  22. Celebrity has excellent buffets with a grill for made to order items like steaks and theme nights. Funny because the MDR is going downhill and I have been sailing them for 28 years. Back to getting rid of Buffets, In Atlantic City they built a billion dollar casino and decided no buffet. Bankrupt and closed in a year.
  23. Here's a story in Seatrade News which has Millennium going to the west coast and offering cruises to First Responders. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is redeploying two ships from Asia to humanitarian efforts in Australia and California to support some of the people affected by recent crises. Spectrum of the Seas and Celebrity Millennium Spectrum of the Seas will be deployed from China to Australia for free cruises from Sydney in support of Australia’s first responder community during the bush fires crisis. And Celebrity Millennium is repositioning from Asia to the US West Coast to offer a series of sailings for California firefighters and other first responders. Royal Caribbean noted the coronavirus outbreak has caused pain and disruption around the world. 'When things go wrong, we want to find a way to help' ‘When things go wrong, this is a company that wants to find a way to help,’ Chairman and CEO Richard Fain said. ‘At Royal Caribbean, we consider ourselves fortunate to be able to use our ships in a positive way during difficult times.’ ......... 'Cruising for Heroes' Celebrity Millennium, meanwhile, is heading to the US earlier than scheduled, as previously reported, and will now offer a series of ‘Cruising for Heroes’ sailings in support of California firefighters, other first responders and veterans throughout March and April. A variety of three-, four- and five-night sailings have been added to the brand's offerings to travel the Pacific Coast. The cruises will leave from Los Angeles, and details will be announced soon. ‘The women and men of Celebrity were keen to have this opportunity to give back, even though this repositioning presented a challenging timeline,’ Fain said. ‘We know the hard work and sacrifice of those who have been keeping Californians safe, and it feels good to be able to say thank you.’ ‘While the circumstances have not been what any of us would have wanted, we now have the opportunity to show the state of California our stunning Celebrity Millennium and do some good in the process by honoring and helping our everyday heroes who do so much for so many,’ added Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, president and CEO, Celebrity.
  24. Yes, the menus are on the app.
  25. Don't forget also that for lunch and dinner hours you can order from the MDR menu....
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