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  1. It wasnt, under formal it was tux or a dark suit, then they removed the word dark.
  2. New England, one word Hurricanes
  3. They can be purchased by anyone not just suites.
  4. Keep in mind for anyone going to Normandy this year, it is the 75th anniversary. Prices will probably be higher and should have heavy crowds. I remember previous anniversaries people got cancelled for dignitaries.
  5. Chances are they don't want their last names used. Check whatever board he works on and usually there's an email there.
  6. Yes, that was wonderful but just for those who weren't around then , it was not the buffet food, it was off a menu that was different from the MDR.
  7. Almost bet that they put it aside for a few minutes and then put it back.
  8. Here's an FYI that's a bit weird, yesterday April 15 of course is tax day in the US and Notre Dame burned down. Also, the Titanic sank on April 15 and Abraham Lincoln died on April 15. Not a lucky day in history.
  9. News reports said fire brigade was evacuating workers
  10. I have seen those doing the shade and sunny routine also. The most gutsy thing that people do is reserve seats and leave the ship for shore excursions. Saw that on the Summit a couple years back when we stayed on board and did an afternoon excursion.
  11. I guess it depends on when you are going, someone else on another thread reported that there are no free sauna's after the Revolution. Below is a link to a thread, read post #10
  12. Yes, someone on the news said it was made with 52 acres of wood, 900 years old.
  13. If you're coming in at 9PM. I would suggest an airport hotel, makes no sense to go into the city and then go to pier the next morning.
  14. Just reporting for everyone and those going to Paris on cruises this year, that there is a major Fire going on right now at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Large portions of the roof have collapsed and a spire over the Cathedral collapsed on TV. As someone who has been there, this is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world with major art and artifacts going back 1000 years. On live TV now and the regular TV networks have cut in.
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