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  1. Probably just my cop instinct, she would do the same.. You should see us going into a restaurant we both rush to get the seat that's facing the door.
  2. I have a similar situation, wife still likes to snorkel and enjoy the water sports on excursions while I enjoy the ship and its amenities because I physically can't do things now that she still can. I go with her because I just don't like her in foreign countries or islands without me.
  3. Don't think it really matters, if the policy is to pool, they would be pooling either cash or credit.
  4. I was talking about the suite amenities, Celebrity was way behind and had to compete with them. At the time they were aiming high because they were lacking.
  5. That but also keeping up with the other cruise lines especially NCL with their Haven concept.
  6. I don't do social media but sometimes on this board people ask about various meals and its nice to just see a picture of it. Don't see a problem with that for future cruises use who have not had the meal.
  7. Some places have agriculture dogs, might pick up something in the sand.
  8. we enjoyed it even without the pool, I need shade and we found some on Starboard side. One other thing is getter no to it, there is an elevated if you ou walk past the stairs. Had a very nice lunch.
  9. They used to have the Beef Wellington in the Midnight Grand Buffet but of course that is gone. Also, they had in Crepes on Five a Grand Marnier crepe that was really good but that of course is now Bait on Five. Now you still get the Grand Marnier soufflé' in Murano, my favorite desert on Celebrity.
  10. Just to point out that Celebrity’s web site states that on all cruises above 7;nights there shall only be two evening chic nights so three nights is part of Celebrity’s inconsistency but they do it. Thankfully it’s not formal clothes where people might get on board and not have packed what they need.
  11. Yes, I think that’s just people drifting to the other side of the bar.
  12. Smoking areaS on all Celebrity ships has always been port side.
  13. You do realize that Priority boarding really only means a separate line for Concierge. Sometimes the regular lines are shorter.
  14. We lived in NJ at the time, right outside the NY Harbor across the Raritan bay. We lived on a flightpath into Newark Airport and it was weird not having planes coming in for a week or so. The other thing weird was there were no birds in the sky for a few days. Also, when George Bush went to New York and gave his talk on top of the pile with the Fireman, his helicopters went right over our house, four of them I believe coming from McGuire AFB. Unfortuately we went to the beach at one point in the morning and saw the second tower fall. Our area lost a lot of people and there were constant funerals, town we lived in lost 6 people and the town next to us I believe 45. Lots of commuters by passenger ferry into the city. Now our daughter takes one of those ferries into the city. The weird thing was the last funeral was only a few years ago.
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