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  1. Going back about 20 year ago the NJ Policemen’s Benefit Association chartered the Century for their annual Convention.
  2. We are just off the Summit, the room was beautiful and there definitely was a bar.
  3. I like that rumor also however Celebrity's rumor mill is horrible, do not believe anything until you see a press release. This is the first time I've seen anything about the Edge coming to Bayonne but we have had for several years now rumors that an S class ship would come to Bayonne. None of them are true.
  4. Correct but hit and miss as to what games they get.
  5. People have been writing about food quality going down long before a new executive was hired by Celebrity and long before you joined this board. You are entitled to your opinion but how you can blame it on a new executive is beyond me. I remember in the late 90s when the food quality going down was blamed on the purchase of Celebrity by Royal.
  6. FYI, correcting spelling is a violation of community guidelines.
  7. Celebrity does run buses to the FLL and MIA airports so your on board credit could be used for that.
  8. Better hurry, Bed Bath and Beyond is on its way out.
  9. They usually only show on the web site the perks you got from Celebrity, not an outside TA. Just bring They usually only show on the web site the perks you get from Celebrity not a TA. Make sure you have access to a receipt when you go.
  10. The ones I saw were big affairs in the MDR and people left the ship.
  11. Don't think you understand, I've seen full weddings and receptions on the ship with maybe a couple hundred people eating in the MDR, not just the ceremony but the whole wedding.
  12. Disagree with putting on the vests, they used to do that and people played with the vests, blew the whistles. Plus there probably would not be enough room in the current venues to put it on. Just simply created a terrible situation I'm sure if you think you would have a problem a crew member would be happy to allow you to practice.
  13. The new app has ships time at the top of the screen.
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