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  1. The basic reason is supply and demand however I would look at the menus before committing. Lately many of the ships are having Prime Rib on the first night in the MDR, I certainly would not want to miss that. Also, years ago we did a few AQ cruises and BLU was having Filet Mignon the first night. Finally, many of these discounts are very often available on other nights of the cruise.
  2. And also to get an alternative since the Steward is the one who brings them.
  3. Celebrity has great children's programs, many have come on this board over the years saying their kids preferred Celebrity over Disney or Royal. Just go and enjoy.
  4. Having dinner together is important however just a warning, make sure you are eating in the same dining room. I don't know how many times we see posts from people who are booked as an example in Aqua Class and don't realize their friends can't eat with them because they are in the MDR.
  5. THat's why I said not so much, that Concierge cabin may go for the market price at the time also which may be lower. Works both ways.
  6. Because they can make money on it, downgrade not so much.
  7. Agree, from past experience cruise credit and OBC are basically the same thing. OP needs to keep taking this higher at Celebrity. Just a side note: this is not a bait and switch
  8. On most ships now you can drop your carry ons in your room when you board.
  9. Probably somewhere in this thread it might be mentioned that Pres. George H W Bush and Barbara sailed Celebrity a couple of tiles.
  10. Did Celebrity Summit at end of August this year and Sean Connery was on board. He got off in Bermuda, did not do the return trip.
  11. That's interesting, won't be going there until 2029 according to the article. For those who are unaware, Royal was banned from Glacier Bay many years due to some kind of polluting issue. Below is a quick link, note the date, 2002 https://www.travelweekly.com/Destinations2001-2007/EPA-raises-bar-on-Glacier-Bay
  12. But in a restaurant like Murano, I would state that obnoxious adults are more numerous than unruly kids. I do like how that one Maitre'd handled the situation. Problem is not the kids usually, it is the parents failure to control them and that includes crying babies. Never forget on an airplane with a baby crying behind us, baby was only a few months, obviously had a cold, adding to that the ears might be irritating with the pressure changes and the mother had no clue whatsoever to do. Stewardess thankfully did know how to handle the baby and it quickly quieted down.
  13. So every cruise we have every been on I took care of all the arrangements including last cruise in a Royal Suite. Who gets the mailings, wife, son but not me.
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