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  1. Great minds or in this case stomachs think alike.
  2. All the soufflé s are good, love the goat cheese and the dark chocolate one in Murano. Onion soup and multiple creme brûlée
  3. We just did road trip from Pa to Florida and hit two hotel buffets for breakfast, same chain. The first was in N.Carolina and there were only a few items most packaged. pretty much just Yogurt and fruit. The Florida one was the same as pre COVID, bacon, eggs, oatmeal and I made my own waffle.
  4. Grand Marnier soufflé in Murano...
  5. I think LLP is trying to get a new demographic but has not quite succeeded in getting rid of us old f***s. Ultimately everything is dependent on supply and demand, why do you think we don’t have dining rooms open for lunch on port days. Same thing.
  6. Yes but they are not included with the drink packages. Also the minibar in the room is not included.
  7. celebrity used to have midnight buffets and late night bites where waiters went around the public areas with food. Lots of wasted food, especially at the buffet. Celebrity has always had an older clientele therefore people going to bed early. Just about everything is supply and demand.
  8. Most will dine on the veranda where there is a table.
  9. Just an FYI, you also have a room steward.
  10. Perhaps you could provide where Celebrity said that.
  11. With all due respect I would not count on being allowed into retreat areas and dining could also be a problem if you are not in a suite. That privilege is given with minor children.
  12. Little more info and one suggestion. If you intend on doing any reading in those cabins bring a light, they tend to be very dark especially the deeper they are. Suggestion is to look into Aft cabins in Alaska. Celebrity usually has a naturalist doing a running commentary as you sail into the areas with the best scenery. Often there is wildlife that you might miss only being on one side of the ship and may not be there on return trip. Also, suggest you look at Starboard cabin areas as all of the outdoor smoking areas are port side.
  13. Suites do not get free access to Persian Gardens....
  14. I posted this on a couple other boards but HBO is running a show called THE LAST CRUISE which is a documentary on the Princess ship that was stuck in Asia at the beginning of the pandemic. It’s quite interesting.
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