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  1. Also, the Main Dining Room menu is available in room service for lunch and dinner.
  2. Another tip is to read the offer, they usually have a cut off date so not everyone turns their laundry in the last night.
  3. Your steward will leave towels in your room for use on excursions. When done for the day leave them in your room and they will be replaced. Pool towels are used at the pool and can just be replaced at the pool. My experience with laundry is they offer bag specials only on longer cruises.
  4. Tips for Butler and Steward are included in the tipping structure, no need to tip them extra unless you want to.
  5. There are numerous reports on these boards that the Concierge lunch is not being held on embarkation day since they started the enforcement of check in times.
  6. They are basically renaming the S-1, S-2 and S-3 suites, no physical changes.
  7. The dog is Sam Adams and has been retired since he was born. Wife and I are both retired LEO.
  8. That has not been available due to COVID and the staggered check in times. I
  9. Talk about meat and potatoes, one of the things they kinda push for lunch on embarkation day is their hamburger. One of the best I ever had.
  10. Absolutely, wife can’t stand dressings of any kind.
  11. Celebrity has for years had their own salad and Signature dressing in the MDR. It is one of the items you can also get in Blu.
  12. Never had a problem getting a salad in Blu with pretty much any dressing I like. Also , laughed about the foo foo food comment. I’m a meat and potatoes person as well as wife and neither one of us have ever had a problem. Maybe the person who wrote that didn’t know about the everyday items.
  13. What about blue cheese dressing
  14. It has never been held on embarkation day or the day of the Captains party.
  15. Your correct, when you get invited to the helipad they tell you to wear certain type of footwear, I think nothing open toed.
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