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  1. Been on this board for 25 yrs, wouldn’t put names in because I know the rules.
  2. Saw Dr Fauci on video from Mid January in which he said the virus would not be coming here. Apparently some of our politicians were listening to him but are blamed for not taking action.
  3. Hank: Usually get an email on anything like this, nothing.
  4. Apples and Oranges, there’s treatment for Noro not corona
  5. Perspective, according to the CDC about 35 million people in the US get norovirus, 5000 of them on cruise ships.
  6. Cruise lines do not choose to be foreign entities. US laws going back to the early 1900s makes it practically impossible for ships to be flagged in the US or owned by US companies. Why do you think there is only one ship, an NCL ship in Hawaii that is flagged in the US. What scares me more than cruise ships is that similar laws around the same time also put the same prohibitions on cargo. Just a point to bring up, I don't believe we should bail out the cruise lines but perhaps like our pharmaceuticals, perhaps this should be revisited on the other side of this mess.
  7. The tier benefits are free now, we were talking about the program in the 90s. Now you can get both your cash savings and certain perks since they are free.
  8. Just so there is no confusion, you both should have separate CC numbers...
  9. Yes, it is the same private island used by Royal Caribbean, been there a couple of times with Celebrity.
  10. Actually, if you remember you could not join on your first cruise, had to take the first cruise and then join on the second.
  11. Yes, it was $35 for a family when we joined. There was a lawsuit later which gave coupons to those people who paid to join, the coupons were for about $25 per person but there were so many restrictions they were virtually useless. I mentioned about families joining and this was true, wife, daughter who was 8 and son who was 6 and myself each had our own CC cards. I still have all four of our cards from back in the early 90s, they had our CC numbers with only five digits. I spoke to someone once at Celebrity who apparently wasn't around then and he argued with me that children were never members. I faxed him all four of our cards and he was shocked. I always tell people, keep your sailing cards for when the kids turn 18 which is when they can join now. Computers change and so does info, I know that for a fact as my kids lost a couple of cruises.
  12. Yup, there were no levels and yourare right, you got invited to a party. I do remember Celebrity has always had the special line for members of CC and the one category upgrades. Of course the only cabin categories were inner, outer and suites. No verandas, CC or Aqua. That was about it.
  13. Yes, I was thinking more about whether there is anything that can be learned from that experience in the event someone goes under. I remember on these boards some similar questions were asked back then.
  14. Might be educational if we can research the end of Renaissance Cruises back about 15 years ago or so. Their ships are now Azamara ships but for the lawyers out there it might be interesting. I believe around that time another line went out of business but can’t think of it at this time. I seem to remember that around that time there was a cruise line that ceased operations while their ships were at sea, they just went to a port and let everyone off. My guess if anything happens there would be a consolidation of the lines, seems that's what happened years ago.
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