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  1. Download the app, it has info on your cruise and you can do your paperwork on it.! Has shore excursions, dining etc. it’s somewhat new so have patience.
  2. Very common on HGTV, it’s when there is a bathroom between two bedrooms.
  3. We did Alaska on the Solstice and can only answer one of your questions. I would definitely look into booking an aft cabin with a Veranda. Often wildlife can be seen and may be on the wrong side if port or starboard and consequently may move if you go back that way.
  4. Disagree completely, in all our sailings we have seen many military uniforms, not so much now with the relaxed dress codes. Years ago with formal dress codes very common.
  5. I would too but a problem can occur if you run into someone from a non allied nation. Also, be aware of where the ship is flagged.
  6. Another thing that I've read is the lack of shade. I realize its a sundeck but sometimes couples with different wants or needs like to be together. Wife likes the Sun so no problem, I'm a previous Melanoma patient and obviously stay in the shade. I guess in August, I'll be taking up room in the Solarium.
  7. I agree, really appreciate going into the casino without dealing with the smoke and the S class ships were the first ships we were ever on that you could actually bypass the casino without going to another floor. We are 7 Stars with Caesars/Harrahs and because of that we have access to casino hosts etc, sort of like Zenith on Celebrity. One thing I have found in speaking to them and observations is that in Casinos the high limit areas are almost always smoking because high rollers tend to be heavy smokers. This may add to the reluctance to eliminate smoking in casinos.
  8. It was actually the Carnival Paradise which still is sailing. The no smoking ship lasted from launch in 98 to 2003.
  9. Seems Celebrity needs to do some training with their staff. I don't care what their rules are, I'll prepare for whatever they call for but they should not tell people to wear things that they did not pack for based on their written rules. Perfect example over the last couple of years is cruises over 10 days or so having 3 Evening Chic nights even though the web site clearly states the maximum number of EC nights is two. Celebrity continues to be consistently inconsistent.
  10. That non smoking ship was actually a Carnival ship, Celebrity never had one. I have to beg to differ a bit with Cruisestitch in that those who broke the rules were thrown off the ship at the next port. They were so strict that even the possession of smoking materials would get you thrown off. Cruisestitch is correct about the crew signing pledges and the no smoking pledge went as far as the workers who actually built the ship. The no smoking experiment was discontinued for a number of reasons. Among them were going to the same itineraries and lack of revenue in the bars and casino. I was on the board at the time and there were some interesting threads at the time. This was in the 90s.
  11. She can speak to the Mairtre’d and they will provide and discuss the next nights menu with them. Seen this done many times.
  12. None yet but Celebrity does a real good job. Agree with you about NCL.
  13. I would be very surprised if they changed the dress code in Blu. Going back many years, one reason that many people booked AQ was so they did not have to dress up in the dining room. That is probably not so much an issue since the two dress codes are basically the same but who knows. By the way dress code changes are usually made pretty quick on the US web site but they are horrible on the UK site. They took five years when they changed the dress code from the previous three dress codes to the two. As far as wearing long sleeve shirts, that is definitely a ship going rogue.
  14. Priority embarkation is only a separate line when checking in....
  15. She did it last summer almost every week but apparently has not done so this year so far.
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