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  1. Hi everyone! We're looking at excursions to do, however none are jumping out at us that are booked directly with Carnival. I don't feel comfortable finding excursions on our own. We have been to Belize twice now, maybe 3 times; the first time we got off and walked around, the 2nd time we got off, tried finding someone that was recommended, but never could find them, and the vendors at the port were very pushy and I felt uncomfortable so we got back on the ship. Has anyone booked excursions on their own in Belize? Do you feel safe going outside of the ships excursions? Any recommendations?
  2. In doing a little research, NCL is not carrying Truly Hard Seltzer like Carnival is (yet at least). No big deal, but it's been my favorite drink here of late so I was hoping someone could chime in and answer.
  3. That makes sense, but if I make a reservation for 4, I am paying for 4, when it's only 3 people. Do you think they'll charge me for 4 people if I wait to get on the ship?
  4. We love Teppanyaki and Cagney's. I would probably say Teppanyaki is my favorite, but Cagney's is my husband's favorite. Come to find out though, you can only make a reservation for 2 or 4 people prior to sailing. I called them yesterday about our June cruise, and if you have 3 people, you have to wait until you're on the ship to make a reservation (and hope they're not sold out). This is something I don't understand. Makes no sense to me.
  5. I have been on NCL sky out of Miami before......and to answer your questions..... 1. Are the extra charge dining venues worth it? the rate can come with a dining package. is this every night? ---the extra charges are definitely worth it, especially for Teppanyaki 2. is it worth upgrading to the premium plus drink package when its open bar for everyone? ---we did not upgrade to the premium (at the time we went it was actually included in our booking, which was before they changed it from "UBP down to SDP" or whatever they call it now) 3. I've searched about flights thru NCL only to find conflicting information, do the flights leave the same day as embarkation? --- we have not chosen to use flights with NCL, we've always booked our own and in researching we've heard it can be a pain to deal with (not sure why though) I will say that although NCL charges gratuities on for the drink package and/or dining package (depending on what you get), for the price you pay, it is still cheaper (in our opinion since we do drink) doing this instead of paying for drinks on your own and the dinners. Hope this helps!
  6. Hi everyone! My husband and I just returned from an 8 day cruise out of San Juan on NCL Dawn. I hadn't heard this until the 2nd to last day, but that was her last sailing in San Juan before it was being moved. Not sure where she was being moved to though. It'll take me a little bit to get the review up and go through my pictures, however I do not have many pictures of around the boat, as we did not go to any shows, but we did go to 3 specialty restaurants and had the "3SD" and "PBP" marked on our card. If anyone has any questions or wants to know anything feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer.
  7. We've placed a bid for a mini-suite (upgrade from balcony) at $200/pp, and we sail on Sunday. We have yet to hear if we are approved/accepted or not. It still says our offer is pending. Not sure how we'll reprint our e-docs, as we're flying in to PR a day ahead of time. Hopefully the app will show our upgrade and stuff, and we can get new luggage tags at the port with the luggage people.
  8. @SailBreakaway We have the sky booked for this June and when we booked the advertisement was "free open bar" but I cannot seem to find that stated anywhere in my reservation. Wondering if I should call them. I do see where I got a message to upgrade for $99/pp to the Ultimate Beverage Package which is premium alcohol, spirits, wine, etc. so maybe we already have the beverage package just not the "unlimited" version (since we obviously haven't paid)?
  9. Yes I have read that some people the font comes up in cursive if they're reading it on their phones or iPads. I know on my phone, when I'm reading the reviews, and the OP uses a special font (not sure if it's a specific one or any font than the default) that it comes up in cursive. I can read cursive but does sometimes blend close together, lol! Can't wait to read the rest @CozGurl
  10. @Stinger-pr Thanks so much for all the information. We'll be down there a day ahead of the cruise for our NCL Dawn sailing March 24th (flying in on the 23rd), hope it's not too crazy with the spring breakers, lol!!
  11. Thank you for your review! Enjoying it, reliving ABC and looking forward to our cruise on Dawn in March!
  12. This is a great review! Can't wait for the rest! Moreso looking toward our cruise now in March!
  13. I have gone in the gym and mimicked my beachbody workouts unless I did it in my stateroom instead with my resistance band. I've never paid for any other stuff. Hope this helps!
  14. One thing I'd probably say is to not get plastered drunk! I will just leave it at that. This was in 2005 when I was barely 21 with my family and then-fiance (now husband). Nowadays I see security guards outside peoples rooms when people get too drunk and just shake my head. Oh to be young and dumb!
  15. Hi there! My nephew has severe food allergies so I know exactly what you're talking about in needing to feel most comfortable in taking a cruise while still being able to feed your child. My sister is also what we thought had Gluten allergy, but come to find out has Celiac Disease (she is very careful of what she orders and speaks to the chef as well and she also brings her own snacks). In your post above, the only thing that is true is "All food must be prepackaged and non-perishable." My sister was able to bring on frozen foods, snacks, drinks (mainly pre-packaged and non-perishable foods) for my nephews foods." There are no microwaves except in the galley/kitchen. When my son was smaller and was a very picky eater, I had taken black beans with me, but they could not hold the can, so I had to take it back with me to the room to keep in the mini-fridge. If you want to PM/DM me, feel free. I had to climb the ladder with Carnival on what could be brought on the ship and the cooler size. I cannot PM/DM you for some reason so I don't know if it's me or CruiseCritic. If you cannot, you can just email icare at carnival dot com to get specifics. A very nice lady names Sonia Iglesias was helping me back then. Here is my review regarding a food allergy friendly review:
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