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  1. I buy the lightest, skinniest coat hangars that I can find in Walmart. Then, I hang the items that I am taking that need hanging on the hangars. I then cover them (2-3 hangers depending on the thickness) with the clear, dry cleaner bags and pack them like that. The result is that your clothes don't wrinkle and you can just hang them up right out of the suitcase. This really works! Learned this trick with my frequent business travel. I may even use wooden clothespins for some shorts and hang them like this. I also take jumbo binder clips for curtains that don't close or bed toppers that are too short (I'm tall) or a myriad of other uses . I throw a couple of fabric softener sheets into the luggage and this leaves a good stink in my bag. Those are then used in the dryer on the ship when I do our clothes.
  2. Yes it is offered in Fort Lauderdale. We've used this service twice and really enjoy the convenience of it. Generally, a form is placed in your mailbox at your cabin door for you to fill out and hand in with your info for flights. Bag is picked up outside your door the nite before departure and boarding passes for your flights are left in your box. If you don't get the form by the third day of your cruise, go to the Ships Services to get one. Between using this service and having Global Entry we are the fastest out of the cruise terminal!
  3. We've done L222, 224, 2i7 mini suites on the last couple of cruises on both Royal and Regal and we are doing L 222 on the Regal in December. We like being higher up and towards the front of the ship. It's quiet, easy to walk to Horizon and to the pool. Never had a noise issue. Port balcony is great for FLL sailaway.
  4. I looked up the reviews on the Marriott website and they are somewhat mixed. I'm a frequent business traveler to the area and what would bother me at this hotel is the location...…..downtown and not in sight of the water. I suspect that Princess got a good deal from the hotel. For one night pre cruise, I would prefer something closer to restaurants, etc. As the above poster noted, the cluster of hotels in the 17th Street area could not be more convenient. The Hilton, the Renaissance, Embassy Suites and others are close to shopping, liquor stores and many restaurant choices if you are without a car. If you want more upscale, Marriott Harbor beach is right on the water and not too far from the port, although much more expensive. Take a look at google maps for the area around 17th Street and you will see how convenient it is.
  5. Do you have to dress up at the buffet on Cunard?? If you cruise with them, are there lots of options for dinner where you don't have to get all dressed up??
  6. What does the Princess transfer cost?
  7. We called uber at San Pedro and they were incredibly quick and hassle free. Quick drive to the airport. Can't remember what we paid but it was well worth it!
  8. We have Global Entry and when we disembark in FLL, we never wait in line. You will be fine either way but this is one thing that you can do to speed up the process. The other thing would be to put the most recognizable ribbons on the handles of your luggage that you can find. When you disembark, your bag will be in a color coded area with all other bags from that section and they are almost all black. You'll be quicker getting your bags to bring through security if you can spot them quickly.
  9. We just did L227 on the Regal in April and it was terrific............no noise at all. I love being able to walk out to the pool and the buffet on the same deck! Have fun!
  10. Amazon sells dual voltage heating pads!
  11. You could bring a converter??
  12. taxifarefinder says 46.22 LGA to Brooklyn terminal and uber x is 49.67 for the same trip
  13. The point in NYC is $$$$. All of my friends/family who live or play in the city use uber or other ride sharing apps to reduce cost
  14. You can watch the SI ferry (and other ferries) from the harbor facing views of the Financial Marriott. SI ferry is also free and a good way to see the harbor if you are in the area. You can walk to it from the Marriott
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