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  1. I was on the Crown..9/10 and 9/22 and had no issue with internet. A friend had a problem Updating Apps...that’s all that I heard.
  2. “Live from......World Cruise” caught my attention. I have one planned in 2021 with two couples, and hope to find as much information as possible ahead of time. I had no idea that I would be so moved by your story. Your loss is great because you had a great connection. That’s a beautiful thing. May she Rest In Peace and may you find peace again in your life.
  3. At least Princess has a laundry room. I love being able to press some things myself. Other cruise lines do not have a self serve laundry area. Makes it nice.
  4. I have only played in a sanctioned game on Holland.
  5. True. Once on a Princess cruise, they pulled a line chef who was certified to teach. One of the best Zumba classes ever. The instructor had an injury and Princess came to bat!
  6. i keep seeing you post and, being from Pittsburgh, I have to know the Steeler connection. Beyond that, I am on the Island Princess in 2011. Help?
  7. Well said! When I realized that RCL didn’t apply my onboard credit for the stock because I got $ from the TA.... sold RCL....love Princess. Love your tax free benefit for using the product! Alice
  8. One problem was that those who benefitted by a kind bartender didn’t keep it to themselves. Post it here and EVERYONE knows.....and good bye perk! Princess did not lose money... but there were probably bartenders repermanded.
  9. I am booked on the 2/11, too. I don’t care if there is a group of TA’s onboard, as long as I am. I would rather be on the Silhouette than in a hotel or chasing another cruise. Let’s keep each other informed on here..if you hear anything. Thanks, Alice
  10. Any word on any further cancellations? I am booked on the 2/11 and 2/14 cruises and would be interested in any information. Thanks, Alice
  11. Your script is so pretty, but extremely difficult to read. Old eyes?
  12. Loved the Caribbean Princess. My balcony had two, adjustable chairs and two foot stools. The Food was amazing...Horizon Court and dining room. I didn’t have much in the Piazza,but it looked very good. I did have Tapas at Vines with a glass of wine one evening. Delicious. We did Crown Grill and loved it. a friend had Tea Service for three of us on her aft balcony. You can order afternoon tea as Elite. It was so good. Don’t order extra if you do this...way too much. the staff on this ship is top notch. Enjoy
  13. Just played on the Caribbean Princess....1 small court with no back space, but we had fun. Played on Royal and Regal...very nice sports court and 2 nets. We played a 7 or 9 point game and took turns. If you think this this is boring, why are you reading the post? Give it a try, Pickelball players are most welcoming and happy to teach the game. Honestly.....it is really fun. Alice
  14. Just on Caribbean Princess and Nicola Furlan was Maitre d
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