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  1. HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE! 🌺 Dear Rich and Roy as always the contributions both of you make Daily is so appreciated! The World Tourism day and River day absolutely see the future sooner than later and to my dear friend who is deaf she is a remarkable women and a scholar too!! I think of my sister Joy with the hummingbird quote BUT only about the hummingbirds she has LOL! Sorry but drink of the day I can skip! I am not into all kinds of liquor mixed into a potent concoction. Now the wine I am more a white wine drinker but this one sounds interesting!! 🌺Ann have a great relaxing day on the river kayaking! Will Bindi go with you today? Stay safe enjoy !! 🌺Joy very happy for both you and Allen settling in to your new home!! I remember the pictures of all that snow of your place you sent me last year! So happy you made the move to be away from the snow👍 Now we made a big move for us yesterday!! For the first time we ventured out to our favorite Italian restaurant yesterday with Shawn and our few friends! We all decided to go and it was outside dining beautiful scenery with our masks and social distancing!! It worked out great and our friend took this picture of us!! We all decided to do our barbecue today! Take care all! Have a nice day and be safe! Denise😊
  2. Dear Jacqui!!!! I have had these flowers before in a pot of ours this past summer had no idea it was dahlias!! Same color as yours! Love one! Denise😊
  3. GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! Happy Saturday to all!! 🌺To Rich and Roy thank you for all the contributions you give to us daily!! I see a lot of NEW DAILYITES ALSO! 🎉WELCOME!! 🌺🌺Dear sisters Ann and Joy!! Our remodel is doing good! Finally in a routine! Today we are going over to Shawn’s to have a barbecue and to enjoy time with our bubble of friends! 🌺Remember when we went to our place in Maui to fix air conditioner and our side iron fence? Got out of dodge in time due to them closing down again Hawaii? Got a notice from United Oct 15th flights from SFO to CDG will happen and 15 minute Covid test you can pay for and have certificate to take over to show and no quarantine!! We won’t be back there anytime soon but 🌺🌺🌺🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹 I miss the MIA TIAS AND THE GREAT ALOHA SPIRIT!! Was thinking of that when I saw the drink of the day! LOL!! To all have a great weekend and stay safe! 🌺VictOriann, David and I so loved your video of those precious pups all wanting to get in that tub! Shawn sent us this pic last night as she walked Paisley in Balboa Park near her home!! Paisley loves squirrels 🐿 ! Check out this little guy in the tree! Denise😊
  4. Hi Jacqui! As I said in The Daily here we go again! LOL. Please cancel Volendam 10 day Sea of Cortez 1/2022. 🌺Please add Volendam 18 Day Circle Hawaii out of my home town San Diego 12/5-21-12/23-21. 7th time is a charm hopefully! Have a good day Denise😊
  5. Father such good news to hear!!!! I am happy for you!!! A toast to your good health! Denise😊
  6. 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 🎉🎉🎂🎂🥂🍾!!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fatcat04🍰 This is definitely a day to celebrate to one of our family CC members! Have a wonderful day and enjoy that special dinner👍 🌺Good morning Rich, Roy, my sisters Joy and Ann!! Well sorry last night I was alittle upset with another cruise but I am over it again! 7 must be the magic number! I am ok and thanks to all who responded !! 🌺Now I will need to let Jacqui know AGAIN another cancellation, BUT add my new one👍 The wine Syrah just not a fan of reds too much! Now Bluebird of happiness love it! Dinner tonight will barbecue steak !! ❤️Thank you all for such a supportive great group of wonderful friends! Happy Thursday all! Denise😊
  7. Hi my friend! Thank you erewhon! I was able to keep the same Cabin on this cruise so I am Happy! I just hope we sail fingers crossed 🤞! Have a great Thursday! Denise😊
  8. Hi Bill! it is frustrating BUT for what ever reason my email said it was due to the canceled 1/21 grand South America/ Anartica cruise and it was being rescheduled again on The Volendam when we were to cruise Sea of Cortez! I am sorry for us but also for the people who now have to wait another year! LOL last cruise was our 2018 South America cruise on the Maasdam! So now 6 cancelled cruises now again a rebooking and we have a Oceania cruise 17 day in 2022! That comes to 3-4 years waiting 😞 Safe cruising Bill Denise😊
  9. 🌺Hi everyone!! AGAIN! 😞😞😞😞 Came back from doing groceries and I got an email from??????? You got it! HOLLAND AMERICA!! Okay so 6 cruises we are up to in cancellations. This time the Volendam was cancelled 1/22. I can see the reasoning they have had to cancel the Grand Voyage South America/Antartica for 2021 and are going to go 1/22 on the Volendam. I feel for the people who were cancelled and now having to wait a year. But for me we were able to get on Volendam’s 18 day circle Hawaii with same Neptune cabin 7006 for Dec.5-23rd 2021!! I pray it happens! It works out great for us. Will have Thanksgiving with our family than set up lights and our artificial tree leave Dec 5th and have the lights go on automatically 👍👍👍 will be back for 🎄 Christmas! Just sucked to be on the phone for over an hour! My PCC was on leave for surgery so getting someone to help took for ever! Okay I feel better talking to all of you! I hope none of you have cruises that are being cancelled. Stay safe all and enjoy life! Denise😊
  10. 🌺Good morning Rich and Roy!! First I am not a checker player and second National Pot Pie Day?? Nope! Got so sick when I was small with a Swanson frozen chicken pie! The rest is history 😞 I really enjoy the map Rich!! I wouldn’t mind being anywhere on that map on one of our HAL Ships!! I SO MISS CRUISING!! David and I have been watching our vacations and looking at our photos, that is how much we miss cruising! Mojitos are one of our drinks we would always start off with down at the SeaView Bar After SAILAWAY!! We so enjoyed that! 🌺Roy, Rain or Shine I still love those pictures of both sunrise and sunsets👍 Thank you for posting them! I hope our care list shrinks down and more CELEBRATIONS 🎉 in the future!! 🌺Good morning Ann and Bindi!!! You have a great day and THANK YOU for doing the wine spectators descriptions!! I saw the wine choice yesterday at Costco!! It was 17.99! I bought one to try! I believe I read dear sister liked it so I got one to try👍 We’re doing good here with the kitchen renovation! Early mornings are quiet until they come LOL! 🌺TO ALL DAILYITES!! Have a wonderful day ! Be positive, smile, and most of all cherish your family and friends!! Take Care Denise😊
  11. 🌺Good morning Joy!!LOL on the head stone!! Doing well with Reno. We redid our kitchen in 2010 but I just wanted change. Now wish I didn’t! LOL. All is good! We went to Costco yesterday! We are all stocked up on wine👍👍👍 Have a good day!! Virtual hugs to you. Denise😊
  12. Oh Jacqui thank you!!! Yup your right about the plastic! They have a zipper on it for them to go in and out! I have been reading your thread and I am so sorry about the Dentist and your 3 hour visit your shingles OMG and the storm!! So sorry about your beautiful gardens of peace and tranquility!! Wish I could of done a house visit to help!! We only have some red wines and need to stock up! I do have Prosecco in fridge 👍
  13. Oh Ann love you!! I am alittle stressed! Stupid I know but having My house opened up so early in the morning sucks!!! I know on the wine Ann!! 3 to 4 times the price!! Little Paisley is back at work with Shawn! Took her there today! Come home and too much racket!! Want night time to come to have cocktails outside and no one working in our kitchen! geeze 😞 Denise
  14. I am late to the boards John but YES!!!!! Denise😊
  15. 🌺Roy, I so miss your writings!!!As you know I follow you in all your journeys! I remember so well your last cruise! I miss them😞 Thank you for all the years you contributed to CC with your writings! I appreciate you! Remember you are the one who helped David and I expand to other cruise lines to be able to continue on cruises instead of just one journey! Thank you for that ! Denise😊 PS I am late because we are remodeling again our kitchen! So I am not able to get on the board as I want! Take care Roy! Denise😊
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