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  1. I’m sad to hear this news!!!😢 I was so happy to hear yesterday Bob’s recovery was doing well and prospects of him being able to return to the ship was possible. What wonderful friends he has and support! God bless Bob, get well soon please! Denise🌺
  2. Good morning all! Thank you for our fleet report. Denise😊
  3. All are fantastic destinations! It would be hard for me to choose!! Bon Voyage and Smooth Sailings to all! Denise😊
  4. Great news to hear today!! I have my fingers crossed he is able to rejoin on Insignia tomorrow! Thank you for the great news on Bob’s recovery. Denise🎉🥂👌
  5. OMGOODNESS! I’m so sorry to hear about BOB! Thank God he had the doctor close by and on the ship. He is in good hands and I know he will be back on board soon. I am happy they were able to place the 2 stints and he is doing well! Please keep us all updated with his recovery! God bless you Bob! Sincerely, Denise😊
  6. I have to agree with KK! Asked my husband about the radar dome and he said that is not an issue that would cause her to be late if she was. Denise😊
  7. Good morning all! Thank you Jacqui for our fleet report today! Denise😊
  8. Finished my coffee this am and got all caught up on such a wonderful write up and pictures! Loved the video.Amsterdam is beautiful and the picture of the windmills and your salmon made my day! Thank you and enjoy ! Denise😊
  9. Sooooo many Bon Voyage’s and Smooth Sailings to say!!!!! Ha all a wonderful cruise and so enjoy Alaska! Denise😊
  10. I was just going to write that😊👍I so agree with all of the above! We have been and are HAL cruisers, and over the past years have 12 cruises under our belt! BUT WE HAVE SEEN A DECLINE. I must say Coffee is awful all these years and so glad Exploration cafe opened up for a better cup! We don’t eat in the MDR since I dislike being in a room like cattle, sorry just my opinion. So over the years PG is where we go. The best iof HAL is itineraries, and the staff. We love the smaller ships HAL has and in 2021 we will try Koningsdam which now I wonder about with the review. Will see. As they say BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER and everyone has opinions good and bad so will see. we are in 9 months doing Rotterdam here in San Diego Panama cruise to FLL and then I really felt guilty doing this BUT WE WILL BE THEN ON OCEANIA DOING A TA TO EUROPE AND AGAIN WHILE IN EUROPE LATER ANOTHER OCEANIA CRUISE. Talk about jumping ship! I’m excited to try another line but also feel bad. Thank you for your honest review! I appreciate it. Denise😊
  11. I can not say enough of our wonderful PCC Risa!! She goes over the top for us always as well as she will give us heads up on specials on our up coming cruises as well as price drops! I never have to search our cruises to see f there are any specials or price drops! I always receive texts voicemails and emails from her ASAP! Good example we were in Maui for a month at our condo and I wanted to book another cruise in 2021 on Koningsdam. Even with the time difference she was on the ball called us within the hour as well as a email to help us with the cruise! Also got explorer4 and PG! She gave us 500.00 on board credit too! I had no idea there was any perks! Had her over 10 years and she always gives us a bottle of Nicholas Fuette Sorry spelling off of champagne! Denise😊
  12. 😢I hear you!!!!!!!! I sure hope you still made it for your long standing reservation you made so far in advance as well as tea at Fortnum! Its amazing I bet there are stories like ours from sooooo many other CCers! Denise😊
  13. OMGOODNESS TIOGACRUISER! I had dinner this evening but I want the pancakes😡 love your pictures of Amsterdam!! Denise😊
  14. I’m so sorry this happened to you!!! Too long of a story to tell you but we had such a similar situation in 2006 flying SFO to LHR on British Airways. That was back when Heathrow shut done due to possible terrorist attack no one coming in or out!! Were going on the Windstar in Athens staying on and doing Europe. Our bags never made it!!! Like you only clothes on our back. Windstar did the same with helping us with clothes on board laundry!! That was September and on Thanksgiving our bags arrived and they were on the tarmac in Heathrow never got on the plane😞 we did get a great compensation from insurance and our credit cards. Im happy HAL is so supportive and I hope everything goes smoothly!! Please enjoy your cruise and all gets straightened out! Denise 😊
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