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  1. Good morning to all!! Such an appropriate day! TO ALL MY COLLEAGUES AND FRIENDS at Scripps La Jolla Torrey Pines Hospital and research center. I have seen your tired-less efforts and your devoted perseverance working and helping!! God bless our physicians and everyone committed to this pandemic. God bless our dear friends who are working long hours to help giving there time . ❤️ Thank you Rich! Denise😊
  2. I won’t tell John’ PROMISE😊 I am happy to see Zaandam finally going through! Thank God Denise😊
  3. From my city of San Diego I say good night and to your beautiful town I say good afternoon on a Monday!! Enjoy your day and family!! I can see the doggie getting bored with the same smells LOL! Denise😊
  4. You take care of your family and you erewhon!!! I want you safe as well as all of us! We will come out the other side all well! Denise😊
  5. Very nice store!! Poway is about an hour from us along the coast. I am glad she is taking precautions! I praise our grocery workers👍 denise😊
  6. Joy I am bringing you magic 🌞 🌞 ☀️ 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 sunshine to your beautiful city! Have a good day at home with DH! Denise😊
  7. Hope the money to fund our small businesses come true from CNN news. We so support our local mom and pop establishments! To be able to pay their staff and rent will be so helpful! Today we will order from our Italian restaurant and enjoy! Thank you Rich for all the info for HAL! Yesterday we drove to Our cruise port and saw Maasdam and Disney wonder in port. Ghost town for sure. Demise😊
  8. Thank you! We were down at 1 today when our Maasdam was in dock! So love her! We did a wonderful South American cruise on her in 2018! we saw a few crew members on the aft today! Denise😊
  9. Oh Roy I am saddened by all of this!!!! I followed your blog from the beginning and when we departed on Rotterdam on March 11 I was enjoy such a short time on her till we we having to disembark on her 3/15. I so care for you as a dear friend on CC and this all saddens me! Please stay well Roy! I want to read more of your adventures as well as all of us cruising again! PS fat thumbs on rafinmd! 🙄 Denise😊
  10. sppunk! OMG best words ever👍👍👍👍👍👍 No wonder you have 31 LIKES😊 Denise
  11. Thanks Ruth for putting this in perspective! I never even looked at the date🙄 You are always solid! Denise😊
  12. Thank you so much! Our Roy aka Ranfin was on Cunard and I bet he is happy to know what is happening with her! Denise😊
  13. Disney Wonder is in port , Maasdam are only in port! So Westerdam isn’t there. really empty downtown but still see a lot of people down by seaport village not doing social distancing!!!!!!!😷 Denise😊
  14. Hi Joy!!Chompers eats bugs! we are taking a drive to the port to see Maasdam and Westerdam ! Just wanting to get out of the house! you will love The Rotterdam! Will also be on her again like I said trying to do our cruise over again in 2022! Denise😊
  15. I also agree with you! Our PCC for 10 years has always worked from home. Denise😊
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