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  1. Your lamb shank looked so good Roy! The Gala Buffet is very impressive IMO! COME FROM AWAY 10th time in Melbourne WOW! Denise😊
  2. Hi Roy, Just like KK it is evening here. I am so sorry to hear about your foot still bothering you. Roy would the MD onboard be able to check your foot out? Just asking. I was hoping by now your foot would be better.You love your walking so much. I sure did enjoy your sunrise pic. 😒Sorry about your laptop!! Now that is the spirit I love to hear with RCI!! May tomorrow be a great day for you Roy. Denise😊
  3. Thank you for our fleet report Rich! National Gum drop day? I will pass. Have a great weekend all! Denise😊
  4. Hi Kathi! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!! I completely Bombed on Trivia😞 How sad. Oh well I’m learning. What a nice gesture for HAL to deliver a red rose and boxed candy. Congrats on your third Linus blanket👍 Denise😊
  5. OMGOODNESS! I meant Vanuatu!!! Thanks Stickman. We were doing French Polynesia at the time. When we were in New Zealand we stayed with a Maori family when we did our 22 mile hike Milford Sound. We got to visit with their local relatives and they take great pride in their culture and they do love BEER! LOL Denise😊
  6. Thank you Roy for doing your blog! I so enjoy reading !! You know I am so glad you chose not to drink the Kava from the bowl👍👍 we were in the same type of ceremony in New Zealand with Chiefs in charge and passing Kava around. We declined why? I was not going to drink from the same bowl with everyone else. I am glad to see Crystal doing such a nice job with celebrating Valentines Day❤️ Denise😊
  7. Happy Valentines Day back at you Roy!! I enjoyed your blog and pictures! I am happy you were able to get some walking in and seeing alittle bit of the town. Denise😊
  8. Happy Valentines Day CCer’s! Have a great day all. Thank you Rich for our fleet report too. Denise😊
  9. Good morning all!! well I guess my get a different name day happened on our Anniversary! Today is our Anniversary. We celebrate for 2 days since when we got married we wanted to get married on Valentines Day at the chapel on base but it was a Sunday and they said no.😞 so we did it the day before👍 Thanks for the fleet report today Rich. Denise👍
  10. Roy, Been so busy trying to get ready for our 3 cruises I am up early and wanted to catch up on your blog! Loved the prayers! Sorry that you were not able to go to Tonga. I so appreciate your photos and your sunset was wonderful.Looked at Scoops and it is only 4am here and Ben and Jerry’s looks good to me right now 👍 Denise😊 PS Hope your feet are getting better too!
  11. Good morning KK!! I also agree with you!! We learned our lesson from our past experiences! We always pre book now. Denise😊
  12. All of our tiles are stored away. We do use a few as coasters. Denise😊
  13. VMAX1700, Thank you for the update👍 Will be on the Rotterdam 3/11-3-27 and see Road Scholar Group. Denise😊
  14. Safe travels and WELCOME HOME!!!! Denise😊
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