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  1. Westerdam is just passing the entrance to Tracy Arm. Roy
  2. I suspect he's doing other lectures as well. I can imagine him doing "145 years" , "The Heyday of Ocean Liners", and "The Advent of Cruising", as well. Roy
  3. Pretty well missed this one. Hoping for better weather tomorrow. Roy
  4. Just back from the Doctor. Almost at the berth. Roy
  5. No, but Kazu pointed out that a 2-day plan was only $5 more than a single day. It would be a bargain if you could buy 2 days at a time, but there are limited options when you enroll. The only time you can buy 2 days is the penultimate day of the cruise but you can buy one day at a time as often as necessary. Roy
  6. I can't guarantee this but the wording leads me to believe that 24 hours means a full 24 hour period from sign on to the same time the next day. I would think they would say "1 day" if it ended at midnight. Also, IIRC, you cannot buy a random number of days. I'm pretty sure it's only 24 hours or the remaining length of the cruise. Roy
  7. Crystal Serenity Reykjavik to Copenhagen, North Cape Panorama Caught asleep and late again but I hope some of these people will get a look at this before they board: June 21 (OCY190621-16) Reykjavik to Copenhagen - SusieQft (Karen/John) Jun 21 (OCY190621-16) Reykjavik to Copenhagen – ijkh (Ilene/Andy) Jun 21 ( OCY190621-16) Reykjavik to Copenhagen – perigirinj (Amy/Scott) Jun 21 (OCY190621-16) Reykjavik to Copenhagen - History & Wine (Dwight) Jun 21 (OCY190621-16) Reykjavik to Copenhagen -- PaulMCO /Moggyhill (Paul /Mindy) Jun 21 (OCY190621-16) Reykjavik to Copenhagen – queenofdirt (Mike/Marcia) Have a wonderful cruise! Roy
  8. The harbor is really filling up now with the Solstice arriving. I'll miss tomorrow for a doctor visit. We're getting a thunder storm at the moment. Have a great evening. Roy
  9. Lately any time the camera isn't panning I consider that a victory
  10. A late impulse buy here. I know Royal Caribbean small ship is virtually an oxymoron but they did bring one ship back from a subsidiary when Cuba cruises started. I've been curious about the ship and took a look at what was offered in the scramble for new itineraries. I'm now booked on Empress of the Seas 6-night Western Caribbean August 18-24, and it will be my first time as Diamond Plus. I'm going with low expectations but won't be cooking my own meals or making my own bed. Roy
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