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  1. Thank you all. Swin26, I'm glad you got to see Come From Away and loved it, and also hope storms did not complicate your visit. As my blog attests, I'm quite obsessed with the show and found that each of the casts has it's strengths. I've always wanted to see the show in Canada but never found a convenient opportunity to do so. Then I realized I will be visiting my family just south of Montreal this summer and it is only a couple of hours out of the way to go around by Toronto. My number 5 will be early August. Packing is well under way and I'm now checked in for my flight tomorrow. Roy
  2. I wonder if part of the reason Esprit is different is that it's easier to account for the comings and goings of 62 people on a port day rather than 900 or so. Roy
  3. Wishing you a wonderful time on the Elegant Explorer. Rou
  4. I was hoping those problems would be gone after the wet dock 18 months ago. Roy
  5. One little note. The ship in the middle is about to become one of Prinsendam's (Amera's) sister. Roy
  6. I will be flying to Fort Lauderdale Good Friday to board the Nieuw Statendam on Easter Sunday. Two weeks later the Nieuw Statendam will have her first visit to her home country and I will be on board. Sadly, that will be a bittersweet moment for me as I will both enjoy the moment but also the sadness of disembarking. Come along with me on this journey. It will be typical of my cruise reports and I’ll have menus and When and Where posted as well as likely additional photos on my companion blog: http://getawaysfrom21044.wordpress.com. While I do fly I don’t like it. Cunard’s next transatlantic is some time after my arrival in Amsterdam so I’ll be extending my time with them for a few days before returning home. I have 2 days in Amsterdam and another 2 in Kiel before boarding Queen Victoria for a short 3-day cruise to Southampton (port:Skagen). Next is a 5-day getaway on QM2 (2nd call to Zebrugge plus St. Peter Port) before my transatlantic starts (May 17-24). When on a multi-line itinerary I tend to report the entire journey on a neutral forum but this time that will be on the Cunard forum as the Nieuw Statendam will be a sister to Cunard’s newest vessel. That thread is: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2655034-qvqm2-kiel-to-new-york-with-a-holland-america-prelude/ Luggage Forward already has one of my bags at their Florida office. Roy
  7. Awesome. Actually I hope you do get to experience a little bit of Antarctic storm from the comfort of the Zaandam, but I especially hope you get a nice day for a visit from the Palmer Station staff. That's always a special highlight. Roy
  8. I'll add a question here. What is entrance like at West End theaters. Is carrying something like an umbrella a problem? Roy
  9. Thank you all but especially Andi Land for covering the Bon Voyage threads. Bon Voyage as well to our Oasis of the Seas refugees. Roy
  10. Bon Voyage and I'll be waving from the Neiuw Statendam at several ports. Roy
  11. Bon Voyage Dot. See you at the Meet and Greet (Organized by Dot). Roy
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