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  1. A belated Bon Voyage to C-Sea who just posted to the Future bookings and is continuing on to the next 2 cruises continuing to New Orleans. Sept.17(OCS190917-11) Vancouver to L.A.-C-Sea (Cheri/David) Have a wonderful LONG voyage. Roy
  2. I'm glad you alerted me. Message extracted from my spam folder. Roy
  3. Does anyone know what the procedure for getting off a HAL ship at one port and reboarding at a different port a few days later? Roy
  4. How many of the old tmers remember Chocolinis? They were the last "treat" issued before the chocolates stopped. When the Symphony's embarkation in New York was cancelled in the wake of Sandy I was unexpectedly home for Halloween 2012. All I had in the house was some Chocolinis and I hoped I wouldn't be arrested for child abuse for giving them out. Roy
  5. That's correct; I'll treat them like river and Esprit cruises. I am subscribed to the Endeavour forum but so far there's been only 1 roll call with 3 posts as of a few days ago. Roy
  6. rafinmd


    Quick correction here. The second outlet is European, not UK. Roy
  7. I hadn't really thought much about that and possibly my biases come into play here. I'm really not a fan of roll calls for Explorer Combinations. Much of what goes on in a roll will consist of "What do we in 'name the port'. To get a complete picture somebody on a single voyage might need to track roll calls for their cruise, the explorer combination that starts with the voyage before theirs and the explorer combination that continues after they disembark. Someone on an explorer combination might have 2 other explorer combinations overlapping theirs as well as the 2 single voyages to keep track of. I just strongly favor having the discussion in the roll calls for the natural voyages. An exception is the world cruise where I still favor having port discussions in the segment roll call but there's also a good reason to have a full WC roll call to cover special WC events and perks and things like packing and dealing with being away from home for months. I think I would add an explorer combination if specifically asked but won't go looking for them. ROy
  8. I thought they might also be available in Rio (former Portugese Colony) but was unable to find them there. Roy
  9. A couple of additional comments. On my thread I essentially list every roll call that exists. Cruise Critic emails me a weekly digest of the roll call forums (about Monday or Tuesday) that lists every new thread and I update the sticky each time the digest includes a new roll call. My master list includes every future voyage for the Symphony and Serenity. It's a fair amount of work each time Crystal extends the schedule but it pays off in the end as nearly all those cruises will eventually have roll calls. When I post the list I'll eliminate a long series of cruises with no roll calls as each post is already quite long. There are very few roll calls for the yachts and river boats so it is pretty useless to list all the cruises. If the voyage name is blue and underlined that's a link to the roll call; if the voyage name is in black either there is no roll cal or it was created within the past week (quite unlikely). I am pretty adamant that I don't include names of people not on Future Bookings in my bon voyage threads. I could theoretically go into the roll call but intentionally do not. The roll calls are in an area where people need to log into Cruise Critic to see the roll calls; anybody can see posts in this forum. I have heard of people who didn't want their travel plans announced in public so I do not out them. I think the only exception I have made was for Andy Geller who was quite a public figure at the time and had already outed his travel plans. Roy
  10. I like cruisetimetables but there's a hitch. There are 2 sections, one for port of call and another for embarkation port. You may need to check both areas to get a complete picture. Roy
  11. Captain Diego was still on the Empress 8/18-24; I think he may have rotated off 8/24. Roy
  12. Another great one was/is Dale Gonyea. Oops, I see he has already been mentioned. Roy
  13. Thanks Kathi, Lou & Dave, and fellow addicts. Have a great weekend everybody. Roy
  14. Getting very close to disappearing behind the Amsterdam. Roy
  15. I wonder if the 2 R-class ships will go bow to bow this time. Roy
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