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  1. Has anyone ever had a balcony on the Magic on the Lido deck? Was it noisy or otherwise undesirable?
  2. Wow, that's like Calculus, lol. Thanks for sharing this option!
  3. Mine is a big mess. I selected the option of a 100% FCC after my July cruise was cancelled. I got $300 in FCC and over $1000 refunded. (???) They said its because I asked for it to be done that way. I didn't. The FCC form doesn't even give you that option. So now I have to wait until who knows when for the refund to go back to my card and then turn around and call Carnival and give the money right back to them. Its stupid. And, I had to pay a new deposit for each cabin! I know this is a minor annoyance; people are dealing with bigger issues today. But I just thought that the whole process would be easier.
  4. Did anyone have to re-pay the deposit when booking with a FCC? That doesn't make any sense---if I have a credit why not just make it easy and just use the credit??
  5. Do you get a Personal Vacation Planner when you call 1-800-Carnival? I am trying to re-book with my FCC from my recently cancelled cruise. Although they are really nice, and patient, they seem to be confused and not really able to easily help. I have always heard everyone sing praises of using a PVP, so is this how you reach them??
  6. I had to call them and ask. You're right; it's not posted. My understanding of what I got from speaking with them is that sailings through September allow you to cancel for a FCC up to 30 days prior to sail date. They may have extended this past September at this point, since I last spoke to them right before the latest round of cancellations.
  7. But doesn't it seem like the reduced capacity policy is speculation? I saw where they were "throwing it out there." But unlike the firmly stated policy surrounding cancellations, extra cleaning, etc, they have never come right out and said they are doing this. That's what I am trying to find. Otherwise, how can we "socially distance" on a ship?
  8. I think so, but I dont think that the treat of the virus will be gone.
  9. Good point. And I guess it's a crap shoot for them. They may have to refund "some" money, not all, some will rebook, and if the order is rescinded before 100 days then they will already have passengers ready to go.
  10. Can someone tell me where it's stated that CCL will reduce capacity? I was wondering if they planned to do that, but I can't find firm information on it.
  11. Yeah, it certainly does not look good!
  12. Not actually. I am conflicted as to what to do, thus my decision to have others who may be in the same situation weigh in. I think that perhaps, although you're right to assert that there will be no cure/vaccine by August, we may be substantially down in number of infections by then. That plus price and all of the other things I mentioned earlier is why I am considering this. Everything that I am seeing on this thread is aiding me in my choice, although I still have not firmly made one. I do wonder how warmy a ship full of people from the country with the most infections will be recieved, so there's that aspect of this I'm considering too. I don't want to essentially be on a cruise to nowhere.
  13. We've done a ton of southern cruises in March during spring break. The weather and water were perfect. Nice and warm, and since you're not in the rainy season (summer) less chance of that.
  14. Yes, thank you so much! I saw that. It is really good info. But unless I missed it it didn't specifically say if just pulling up to a foreign port satisfies the DHS requirements for a cruise not to be considered "to nowhere." I would be super annoyed if the cruise line just pulls into port, lets no one off, and says "we went to a foreign port." I know it's not their fault for having to do that right now, but it's not ideal for me.
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