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  1. dritan

    MSC Med Return

    Yes - just got my cancellation notice for my mini North European cruise at the end of August. This is interesting news as there is no mention of Mediterranean cruises in this round up.
  2. dritan

    MSC Med Return

    Yes - just got my cancellation notice for my mini North European cruise at the end of August. This is interesting news as there is no mention of Mediterranean cruises in this round up.
  3. dritan

    MSC Med Return

    At this stage I'm hoping that August is a no. I've now booked a Eurostar based break in France/Belgium as I am assuming the 3 night cruise from Hamburg won't happen. It's just a waiting game now.
  4. We're booked on a short Preziosa cruise from Hamburg to Southampton at the end of August. I think this is getting less and less likely to happen as the Preziosa has been at Ocean Cay for well over a month now. I'm not missing anything am I? No news on the Preziosa?
  5. Timothy was great! We sailed on the Royal back in 2017 in the Med and they were filming a series that summer. My little girl was 6 at the time and totally "star struck" as she'd watched the show. She drew him a picture and on the last evening of the cruise, he came to the cabin with a card and gift for her - really lovely! We follow him on twitter but it seems he has been ill but has been given the all clear. He's no longer with Princess ( perhaps due to the illness) but still retweets Princess related messages and have seen tweets from Scott the engineer on his page.
  6. That little Preziosa cruise is tempting if it happens. Based in the UK ( and if we are allowed in) we don't need to be reliant on flights to get to Hamburg - can get there via Eurostar and train if necessary. Hope there will be movement soon.
  7. Hi all I wondered if anyone has any intel on whether MSC ships currently in the Caribbean are going to be heading Back to Europe any times soon. I have a short Preziosa cruise booked at the end of Aug from Hamburg but she's been shored up in Ocean Cay for some time To be honest, I 'm not too concerned if the cruise is cancelled but I will need to re adjust leave plans with my work. Any thoughts? Ta
  8. I noticed that my deposit for our July Med cruise popped back into my credit card account two days ago. They formally cancelled ( I think ) 1st April, I request a refund over a few days later and it's there now. Based in UK, pretty pleased with this turnaround. I have an outstanding refund due from Costa which was cancelled by them around March and still awaiting refund. I did send them an email last week and got a standard response plus a personalised response a few days later than it was definitely in the system to be processed.
  9. That's reassuring that others have had this weird letter. I'll hold fire as the deposit refund will take some time based on what I see from this board. Thanks to both of you for the support.
  10. Thanks but I'm a little concerned as the letter is implying that I only have a FCC option when I requested a refund.
  11. Actually just checked by credit card statement and we had paid $800 deposit and not $600 so I'm really not understanding this letter. As it now seems that they are taking $400 off us for cancellation fees!
  12. Hi Wonder if you can help folks? When our Carnival Legend cruise was cancelled on 1st April , I went on their website and selected the refund option ( for a $600 deposit). We're based in the UK so are unlikely to use Carnival in the next 2 years. I got a letter via email yesterday which states that "as you know, your cruise fare carries a non-refundable deposit. However, we've extended a future cruise credit in the amount of the deposit received less a $50pp service fee!! At the bottom it lists our 4 names and a penalty assessment column with a $200 against both my kids names and 0$ against mine and my parents. So looks like all they are offering is a $400 future cruise credit and have taken $200! This sounds wrong. Has anyone else had this issue. I've responded to the email but suspect it's a generic mailbox as the email address is gfaxnotify@carnival.com. There doesn't appear to be a phone number I can call on the Carnival website as the Contact Us webpage is blank. Thanks guys!
  13. Hi I asked for the cash back, basically because I'm tied to very specific times for holidays and it was going to end up costing me significantly more than I'd originally paid.
  14. Well at least that's clear now! I suspect we'll take the full refund as we're not going to be sailing outside of Europe anytime in the next few year so options would be very limited for FCC
  15. Fair point - there is still a month until final payment is due so I'm sure it will all have been sorted by then.
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