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  1. So you are sailing in an inside cabin on RCI, but you somehow have access to a balcony on a Princess ship? How’s that work?
  2. *pffftttpft* You now owe me for a new monitor, or at least the cleaning fee after I spat out my soda on this one.
  3. For something very different from the suggestions you’ve already got - Virgin. They had some growing pain when they first launched, but are now getting some great reviews.
  4. As an honorary owner of the ship, I would think they would let you on the bridge to steer the ship where you want, at least on sea days. Note: I’ve never actually sailed in he owners suits, so I can’t confirm that this is factual.
  5. Don’t know about the Allure, but here’s a tip for anyone on the Oasis: find my friend Jimmy Orecchiette. Ask around in Bayonne - everybody knows Jimmy. He’ll take all the action you want on NFL games. At a fair vig. Just - and this is important - if you lose, pay up as soon as you get back. You don’t wanna owe Jimmy money. He’s got friends, capiche?
  6. There is stuff to drink in a cruise other than beer???? Who knew. You learn something new everyday on cruise critic.
  7. Thought we could collectively make a list of how mean RCI is to inside cabin customers. I’ll start - No balconies
  8. Anyone know if the Coastal door is magnetic? I really want to sneak a sign on there reading “Don’t come a knockin’ if the Kitchen is a rockin’”
  9. What’s the alternative - you miss your departure window so now you can never leave??? Though I guess they could let you checkout
  10. China has some seriously draconian Covid restrictions - which may or may not be helping with the Covid fight, and may or may not be contributing to RCI’s decision. I was thinking of going to China in 2022, but there’s no way I want to deal with their Covid rules. I wouldn’t be surprised if RCI doesn’t feel the same way.
  11. Things I love - “live” trip reports - stream of consciousness posting - Chihuahuas Things I hate - Non native English posters - especially Dutch/German/Swiss - who apologize for their poor English even though their English is better than a significant portion of native speakers. fastening my seatbelt for what I expect will be a fun thread....
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