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  1. But how much of that is from cruise passengers? I love being a cruise passenger, but if we’re mayor of a tourist spot I‘d heavily focus on overnight guests, at the possible expense of cruisers.
  2. Maybe they know the truth. That getting a real ID allows the government to control your mind through 5G cell phone towers*. Or they don’t have, or can’t find the necessary paperwork for a real ID. * information provided for entertainment purposes only; the poster does not necessarily endorse the notion that Real ID, 5G, etc. are part of any government plot, nor a means for Colonel Sanders to take over the world.
  3. We’re going to see more of this from ports around the world. Also, if > 1300 passengers is a “mega” ship, what’s a ship with > 5,000?
  4. Come on man... we are on the tenth page of yet another diamond lounge thread. Is it really so bad if people take a few posts to offer helpful tips on how to buy booze cheap. Now we just need some advice on how to sneak it on the ship. Hmmm, no, that’s not booze, it’s my giant bottle of hand Sanitizer. 🙂 I’m kidding.
  5. Doesn’t it say right there “repositioning “.
  6. Arrrr. One of me favorite movies is Pirates of the Catibbean 🙂
  7. I never realized “a handle” was an official metric unit of measurement 🙂
  8. To get from the city to the port you have to cross a very long bridge. On the ship side of the bridge, there is nothing but the cruise terminal. However, there are shops and food inside the terminals. Not sure what it’s like now, but in ye olden days there was even a duty free / liquor store AFTER main security 🙂 Once cruises start up again be sure to read trip reports to see what terminal RCL is leaving from and what is inside the terminal.
  9. Apologies in advance for being anal, but I can’t let numbers go without checking.... roughly 3,000 deaths / 30,000,000 population = 1 / 10,000 have died = 0.01%
  10. there’s no real need for the passport card. But it provides a backup id that is 100% accepted for about $5 /year. I’m happy with mine.
  11. Me neither. Pretty sure it’s somebody’s job to keep riff-raff like me outta that place. Meanwhile, carry on folks. I don’t think you realize how amusing these diamond/platinums/suite threads are to us steerage class passengers.
  12. Id say the Dock of the Bay, but some guy is sitting there. On a more serious note, ship docks aren’t usually in convenient places to get to. And even if allowed, it going to cost a lot of money for port fees, security, cleaning, etc.
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