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  1. I checked the passport agency’s website today, and you are dead wrong. In fact, it covers the exact situation we are discussing. Please be careful when giving people such advice.
  2. 1) If she loses her passport and has to return on her DL 2) If she gets in legal trouble and questions get raised about the name inconsistency 3) Because the passport agency recommends it
  3. It's extremely unlikely that you will need it, but if you want some extra piece of mind, carry a copy of your marriage licence with you.
  4. Sorry, that was my (poor) attempt at humor. I was taking the thread title as a command.
  5. We tend to be super strict here in New England, but we do allow self-service soda. There’s always hand sanitizer near the machines saying you must use before getting soda/coffee.
  6. Also, you know there is somebody in headquarters arguing that they need to crack down on “freeloaders” to raise profits, and Covid makes for a great excuse.
  7. I know the lines are salivating at the thought of requiring all port excursions to be through them. But if they did that, I assume they would include a “shopping day in port” excursion.
  8. Los Angeles r/t to Puerto Vallarta. That’s where the Love Boat sailed (most) every week and I always dreamed of going.
  9. Does Kentucky have any ports large enough to handle an Oasis (or even voyager) class ship?
  10. Why make things complicated? One more thing for the suite guests to complain about. Eliminate tips. Bury the cost in the base fare however you want and be done with it.
  11. And these are the people building an app to save our lives in an emergency 🙂
  12. Ha ha. I can’t believe some of you are actually booking. A bit optimistic don’t you think. how was that?
  13. Wait, we are supposed to put money IN the plate. I thought they were passing around cash so that if anyone was in need they could take. Oops
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