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  1. Have you heard about all the fires in Australia. It is really bad. Hope someone can give us more info .
  2. I usually purchase local currency from my bank in the Us but wondering if for Australia and New Zealand is that necessary or better to purchase on the ship or in the airport? I know most places accept cards but always like to have some local currency.
  3. I am beginning to think it is best not to try to do much. We originally had a flight at 7:35 but Regent changed us even though we had the deviation . They said that Air New Zealand which we were flying had changed the type of plane they were flying and there was not enough room even when we had our seat assignments. We are now on United through San Francisco and leaving at 3:30. I actually had a private tour booked but now have to cancel.
  4. Does Regent offer a tour in Auckland prior to going to board flight back to US? We arrive in Auckland at 6 am and our flight back to US is at 3:30. Trying to decide whether to book a private tour or see if Regent offers anything. I called and they said to check on board at that time will be to late to book a private tour.
  5. Thank you Jason . I appreciate your interest in my concerns and I thank you for the timely reply. What a class act. No wonder so many including myself love Regent. I will email with my questions and hopefully you can give me correct replies.
  6. I am not usually one to complain but it seems to me some of the customer service areas of Regent seem to be slipping. We have cruised many times on Regent and everything in the past went very smoothly. I love Regent but on our last cruise in June the food on the Voyager was lacking that wow factor not bad but not up to par. We are scheduled on the Explorer for May of 2019 and although we were not sure of what shore excursions were offered until around 12 hours prior to designated time to book and now almost a week later one of the excursions is still not available and no one can respond with an answer as to when they might be available. They do not have the name of the hotel that we are staying in Barcelona and I called and finally received a name but then my TA called and got a different name. Not sure what is going on but very disturbing to me. I am wondering if others are coming across any of the same or other issues. Maybe Regent will read the forums and gain some Insight into how clients are feeling.
  7. We are on the Explorer next May and overnight in Bordeaux but I just found out today from Regent that we are docked in the city center until 5 p.m. On the first day and the the ship relocates to the Bassens Port which is around 30 minutes from the city center. We are so disappointed as before we stayed docked in the city center overnight so you were able to walk into town in the evening and have dinner and then return to the ship. Also we arrive in the city center at 10 am and the first excursions are not offered until 1:30 pm. This is very unusual. Have any of you who have been to Bordeaux and docked at the Bassens Port hired a driver for the evening to go into town? Are cabs reliable in Bordeaux? From others I have heard they are questionable?
  8. Yes BA still flies direct from Austin to London and we have flown it many times as you can get anywhere from Heathrow. I just detest Heathrow and changing flights there. But it is nice that we can get there non stop. Yes we have also connected through Houston and Dallas. In fact we flew out of Dallas in June for our Regent Med cruise that we took our daughter on. We flew American and had not flown them in a while in business class and it was very nice. Actually better than the BA we have from Austin to London. I will check prior to booking and thanks for all the suggestions. I am looking for the shortest flights with fewest connections and least amount of layover times.
  9. We are looking to book the Regent cruise in Dec of 2020 from Cape Town to Cape Town. We live in Austin Texas and have cruised on Regent many times and love the cruise line. We have always paid the fees and picked our own flights and have through our TA always been able to get the flights and airlines we wanted. Flying from Austin can be a tricky thing and a lot of stops and long lay overs. Those of you who have been to Cape Town what do you think are the best airlines to fly. I also saw a thread that talked about the Africa cruise for this year that the excursions were all booked with no openings. That really concerns me as we have never encountered this problem. We can also fly out of Houston which might make it a little easier. We booked the Jan 2020 cruise from Sydney to Auckland and we booked flights through Regent flying from Houston. Always been lucky choosing airlines and flights. Thanks a lot to my TA. Kandy and Ron
  10. Wanting to book a Regent cruise to Africia in 2020 but still not sure what is the best airlines to fly to Cape Town from Texas. It is such a long flight. Emeritus air has a very long lay over in Dubai . Any suggestions Kandy
  11. I can't remember do they put names or just cabin numbers on the vouchers? We usually cruise on Regent and only been on Norwegian 2 other times. On Regent we go turn in our vouchers prior to the excursion for a ticket and the ticket is what we give to the tour operator. Is that the same on NCL as I don't remember what we have done in the past,
  12. I booked and paying for 2 suites. One for my husband and I and one for our grandson and a friend. At the private island in the Caribbean my husband and I aren't using the $50 for anything and I am wondering if anyone has booked an excursion using their $50 and give it to someone in another suite. We could book it and give it to my grandsons friend. Kandy and Ron
  13. On the Explorer on May 20 next year and we are there overnight just like the last time but that has been many years ago and I thought maybe it had changed. I will call Regent or have my TA check into it. Glad to here at times they are still right downtown. Hoping that is the case on this cruise. Thank you guys for the response. Kandy and Ron
  14. The last time we were in Bordeaux on Regent we were docked right downtown and walked to town for dinner one night. We are sailing there again and a lot of the excursions mention La Verdon. Are they docking in a different location? Kandy and Ron
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