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  1. I enjoyed the Chops breakfast much more than the Diamond lounge. Omelets cooked to perfection and the specialty coffees were much much better than the machines.I would trade breakfast in Chops instead of the diamond lounge any day of the week. The servers were top notch too-helped make our cruise exceptional. Little ship with a big heart!
  2. Thanks for the advise-Wildcard weekend and a cruise...........Truly blessed! #nonamebirdswinagain
  3. The 10 year old suffered from PCS( Post Cruise Syndrome) and it is more common than you think. I actually feel like doing the same thing when debarking and have to go back to reality.😁
  4. What would be the best venue to watch NFL playoff games this weekend the Symphony. Thanks in advance. Go EAGLES
  5. Same thing happened to me-I called and they emailed them to me -I then printed-they were never available with my cruise ticket Funny thing is I could not sign into the Meet and Mingle either
  6. My grandson took his first cruise earlier this month as a diamond -he is 8 and he did NOT get the free internet, pictures or laundry-just the benefits described above.
  7. Fd third this is Cruise Critic so I figure this is the place to be critical. We had a great cruise and I just finished my survey and it was almost all 10s We are neighbors I live in Upper Twp.
  8. Yes this is my first cruise out of Galveston we did it with my nephew from outside Dallas. Galveston is a great town and nice people but we will probably cruise from Florida next time
  9. Am I wrong or were the sundaes at Johnny Rockets much better too? The other day we got a poor excuse of a Sundae Whats a Wagyu burger ?
  10. Thanks for clarification on JRs I should have looked at my receipt. Still a lot of money for fast food-maybe if I was a teen it would be a great deal.😊
  11. Not foggy-and I did notice that cruise parking is a big business there-makes sense-glad to hear that Royal is probably not pushing the self assist fleet wide
  12. We were on the Liberty of the Seas 12/1 sailing. My wife and I took 4 grandchildren (7-15). We are Diamond plus but we have not been on Royal for a couple years. Here are some plus and minuses I saw-Not sure if the minuses are ship specific issue or fleet wide but they definitely influenced our cruise. However we had a memory filled awesome cruise. +++ pluses The passengers (lots from Texas) were some of the friendliest people I ever met. The crew were accommodating and professional. Food was good not great-MDR and Windjammer. - - - minuses MDR waitstaff seemed rushed and resulted in poor service-slow drink service-courses not synced -very inconsistent. From what I saw -this was due to the fact the assistant waiters are no longer teamed with 1 waiter-they float between several tables. Johnny Rockets-charge of $12 per person surprised me and caught me off guard-looks like no more JRs for us. Debarkation in Galveston was very strange-seems to me Royal wanted everyone to self assist. I had a 1 pm flight from Hobby and was told to self assist to assure we arrived on time. We never self assist because we like to relax our travel day-especially with 4 kids. We went to our assigned area deck 4 dining room-it was chaotic and disorganized. Though I never do self assist it seemed like there was alot of people self assisting-It took us an hour in line. So they must not have started calling luggage tags till 9-9:30. -IMO Royal was pushing the self assist to save on their labor-I had 1 pm flights before in other ports and was never advised to take my own luggage off. Is this the norm now? Jamaica-Not a fan as a cruise stop-I feel like we are tolerated not welcomed by the locals because we are their source of income. Nothing against them they are a great people and are blessed with a beautiful island.
  13. We got a Boardwalk Balcony near the theater for $689 1/4/20-that was with diamond discount
  14. When is your sailing? If it's before final payment -cancel aND rebook - If not I would call back and try to get 1/2 your money back or get connecting insides or other categories. IMO the connecting feature is very misleading. if you do not get satisfaction from the customer rep ask to talk to resolutions manager
  15. We are doing Open seating/ My time because the Traditional5:30 is too early for us.
  16. We will be sailing with a group-booked separately on the Liberty of the Seas. Can someone tell me the table capacity. We want to do open seating 6:30. Thanks in advance
  17. I had the best snorkel experience ever at Coco- Last year we were the first off the ship and as we got to the beach the lifeguard said there were manatees close to the beach-we ran to the water and there they were-we swam with them for an hour-just watching and they didn't mind. It was the beach near the snorkel hut. We were very blessed that day!
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