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  1. Keith, When you get the actual figures from NCL (which I can't understand why NCL in Southampton could not give you) can you take into consideration the Port Charges and something called NCF which seems to be an American charge. The pro-rated Free at Sea won't amount to much. Also hidden in my package is the NCL shared transport from port to airport cost for two (which isn't going to happen) . Hope you have something sorted later today - I'll check back in to CC this evening.
  2. Don't know how they will calculate your son's fare … as they say "It's complicated" .
  3. We have taken the OBC not the NCL hotel - though that should not have any affect the refund ….. or will it ?? Keep us up to date, Keith
  4. I'm just going to sit and wait until my TA has more information (hopefully soon ) - in my case it's different we are in a package - Keith is dealing direct. £15 refund pp doesn't relate to anything he has paid. I would go with Keith's original calculation of £90 per adult booking - but who am I to question the math capabilities of NCL ?
  5. Hi, I think you have misinterpreted me as well !!! Keith is very able to sort out NCL -he has been on nearly all NCLs fleet and can talk to them direct as he booked direct ( I have to go through my TA). The question has always been the refund . Keith was originally offered £15pp which was obviously incorrect. My doesn't seem to be 11/12th of my cruise cost (though I'm unsure what that is ). On previous posts he expected £90pp for the adult fare.
  6. Keith is in a better position to find out if his refund is correct as NCL can tell him how the refund is calculated from his basic fare. We seem to be only ones from the UK on this cruise (or on the CC discussion) so hopefully he will tell us his final amount obviously not £15 each. I think he was expecting £90 each for the adults .It's more difficult for me as our fare is in a TA package . Perhaps when Keith has the figure and it's 1/12 of the basic fare adding in port fees excluding FOS and adding NCF (is this an American thing? ) I may have something to go on.
  7. Keith, have you had a response ? When I paid my final account my TA said she had phoned NCL to get the amount of refund. I'm hoping that when my TA receives the final invoice it will show a slightly better refund. Though she says it is accurate and to satisfy me she will recheck with NCL. Taking out Free at Sea £149pp and the grats at £138pp to get the basic cruise price do we then have to deduct this NCF what ever that is ?. Hope it's all resolved soon so we can look forward to the cruise.
  8. I have sent of an e-mail to our TA - asking once again for a breakdown of prices ( I don't hold out much hope as they have stonewalled me in the past) . I doubt NCL would "sell" a £2239 (basic) cruise to a TA for £1770. If I get a response on Monday, maybe Keith and I can compare notes.
  9. We booked the cruise in March - wanted to be away for Christmas - paid £900 deposit . Then found out it was a cruise before dry dock too late.
  10. When we originally phoned NCL the cruise price for a BA balcony was £2239pp add gratuities £2377 pp add free at sea £2526pp. I then booked a package through a TA so don't know how much NCL charged my TA. I still think £147.50 (£295) total is low for a BA balcony. Working on a 1/12 means NCL charged my TA £1770 for a cruise that they were pricing at £2526 - does not figure. OK I know my maths are not brilliant but I can see that Keith's refund is wrong as ours is short, also the ports fees/ "free at sea" promotion have to be taken into consideration. I'm now going to read all the posts since I joined the discussion.
  11. Just to clarify … We are on this cruise and we have had a refund - a total refund of £295 on a BA balcony cabin. We expected £374 based on our perceived price ( we purchased a package with flights/transfers/hotel) and as Keith knows we are not happy. Our BA cabin when quoted by NCL (basic price without gratuities and "free at sea" ) was £2239 pp
  12. When booking a NCL cruise in the UK our cruise price is higher as the dining/drinks package gratuities are included. On a 11 night cruise our "free at sea " cost us £145 pp (approx. 180 dollars per person). On a recent cruise we paid £900 (approx1100 dollars) deposit. If we had cancelled we would have lost the lot !! Regardless of where the booking is made … it should be ..same ship, same date , same rules.
  13. Thanks, so how do we know how much of the DSC is given to the crew .. and how much of it is goes back to NCL as a company ?
  14. A lot of discussion …… can anyone tell me how the DSC is distributed among the crew ? It must add up to a sizeable amount with a full ship .. is there a distinction between room stewards, crew who deliver luggage , "washy washy " ,crew who are cleaning stairways etc ?. Thanks,
  15. Wow !!!! what a horror story .. hope it all worked out well for you.
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