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  1. I found a GREAT guide there with 8 pass van but only took 6, very knowledgeable on EVERYTHING , ate lunch there on beach. If you get a chance, someone makes LOCAL beer there, brown ale, very smooth, they put labels to honor our boys ,on bottles. About 20 ounce bottle souvenier when beer is gone, I think 7 E for the bottle, you won’t be sorry with the beer, bring some back for me, I did but wish i’d Brought more
  2. No cell phone, actually free. The big screens are located by elevators, dining , showroom etc, convenient on the Crown, don’t know about other ships. I can tell you that we had troubles which were fixed right away on medallion but next to photos there were several people helping you along a lot of times during day and evening. Still were getting bugs out.
  3. We shard the one, easy on-off instant kinda on Crown 3 weeks ago
  4. Off crown 28 days o]ct. 8th, food great, cabin great, everything fine, there are those that look for the smallest things to complain , internet great, don’t use bars can’t comment there, shows were mostly ok, we did eat at Buffett a lot,diningroom no complaint, you can always see menus for each before the meal and decide what you want to eat
  5. Off crown few weeks ago, thought I did not like this gadget , it was handy but the BIG advantage was I could locate my wife anytime on the boards near elevators, right down to the seat in Buffett, this eliminates trying to meet up at certain times, no more Where are you, coffee shop or room
  6. just off that cruise, you will be tired after 6 ports in 6 days , then sea day then TAKE THE PORT, you can rest at home. I would take Dublin, look for private tour to get away from city
  7. JUST OFF British Isles cruise on Crown Princess, still great ship, food was good all over. PORTS were great, it is port intensive first 6 days-long days . Did lots independent tours, only one thing, ship could not get close to bordroux so HAD to take THEIR BUS there for drop off, $119 each-ripoff, NO OTHER WAY TO GET INTO TOWN. No one will come to pick you up from that port
  8. WOW, I did not think of that-TAKE the cruise, 14 day for sure. I would do it again
  9. we did 2 week there, yes do it but bring lots of money, expensive up there
  10. when special dine was STARTED at $5 each, was described to cover TIP, maybe before your time, evolved into a cHARGE for the dinner
  11. we were just there couple weeks ago, causeway not worth it for us who see a lot of this stuff in & around Oregon bit the coast is great. Some tours don't allow enough time for the coast as it is windy and slippery when wet. LONG drive out there.
  12. yes, included in charge, always has been, that is why they charged $5 in beginning when started this special dine stuff. which is outrageous to begin with
  13. I am sure Princess does not want me to tell you this BUT I did not want to spend an hour or more trying to get into the system BEFORE we cruised for 28 days a week ago getting off, had a cabin change during this. JUST went to counter w/board passes filled out and they just went over to where they kept CARDS area & pulled out our Medallions, name & cruise on them. Had problems onboard several times BUT so did the others who PRE signed up for them. PLENTY of help in separate area for getting phones, iPads etc set up, we were on Crown-28 day B.I and T/A
  14. just off Crown yesterday, B/B with cabin change out of Southampton NO problems at all except some things did not at FIRST BOARD did not pair, others had same. There are lots of people helping in area OUTSIDE internet area.
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